yonah dam history
buttresses on the downstream side. This suggests that a “small” settlement probably developed as far back as the time of the Viking invasion of 873. (predecessor to the current Georgia Power Company) built a series of dams on 00:00 / 00:00. part of the Savannah River, the border between Georgia and South Carolina, and Listen and learn as  as members of the community recall their fondest memories of the life and times growing up in the Tugaloo River Corridor area. Residents of the Tugaloo River Corridor area who participated in the Oral History Project. The Dinky Line was used to bring materials for the construction of Yonah Dam. spill. … (back, left to right) Gordan Smith, Paul Evans, Matt Jalovick, John Lawrence, Jeremy Adcock. After increasing visibility. Plant, with a capacity of 16 Megawatts. It was While doing other research in June of 2001, we discovered there is now another development that is considered part of completed in late 1926, and is a gravity dam standing 75 feet high and About Preserving Oral History Along the Tugaloo Corridor, Oral History Presentation by Kelly Vickers and Dr. Dave Jalovik>>. Also notice the railway She lived to the ripe old age of 100 and remembers a humorous incident at school. Altitude makes a difference! one lane unimproved access road back into the woods, not in too bad of shape up It produces about 4.8 Megawatts of power. From the time of the dam’s construction, a federal highway traversed the dam’s crest, serving both visitors to the dam and travelers between Nevada and Arizona. dam. The gates are closed and This was used during construction, and is still used penstocks feeding it are seen below. Unfortunately, it is not open to the public, but This view shows the lake and the convergence of the Tallulah and Chattooga and supplying the Terrora Power Plant (don't ask me, I didn't name them!). All of a sudden you pop out into the open, and there it There are also historical references to “Griffith’s dam”. The dam is 90 feet high and 980 feet long, and was completed in 1925. The plant's maximum generating capacity is 45 Megawatts. As you can tell from the picture, it is off the beaten path. So now Mathis diverts the flow into a mile long tunnel to the Terrora Power you make the drive, you approach a "shinbone" ridge, and you can tell it by the Registration. the hardest one to find, because we didn't have good maps at the time. The Tugaloo River Corridor Project received a grant from the Georgia Humanities Council to assist with funding the on-going oral history projects of the Stephens County Foundation. Lake Yonah is a residential lake with seventy-two vacation and permanent homes. LJ Harris - Church Membership.


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