wows vladivostok captain skills
Also paradoxically, CE can be useful with an aggressive approach too, allowing you to get in closer before opening up with your first devastating salvo. Because I'm using Znamensky the preventative maintenance, high alert and expert marksman get bonuses. And you can disengange easier after tanking a lot so you can heal up and tank again later. Myself being a rather aggressive player in shooters in general i also tend to find myself directly at the frontlines or even overextended. Thoughts on vigilance, though? Ah yeah I didnt even account for CVs. Sinop — Soviet Tier VII battleship.. A high-speed battleship project, armed with 406 mm guns that were developed right before the beginning of World War I. I see that all of my commanders' skills have been reset so I am looking for experienced players' advice on what are generally considered the best skills for each class please, or any unusual or otherwise interesting skill builds that people might have. Marksm. The ruskies dont have hydro as far as I know, and Kreml is damn near Großer Kurfürst sized with a kilometer+ turning circle. My current plan is to use the extra point from leveling up along with expert loader and adrenaline rush to free up the 4 I need for concealment. The longer you stay undetected the less damage you take. Other than those skills depent on the ship you are using. While CVs make concealment more difficult to pull off than ever - it doesn't mean it has no place. Russian battleship captain skills. Watching many streams and videos another conclusion is also that its overall counterproductive and mostly pointless for BBs to stay far away and out of the main battle zones. I have a full secondary spec GK (IFHE and everything), which means no CE. Do not take concealment on the RU BBs because you want to get close with them to make the guns work and with the CV perma spotting meta it makes even less sense. My question is pretty much, why are those 4 skill points considered chosen wisely given all those aspects when there are other options which rather improve the strenghths of an asset? Your damage control comes up very quickly but some people might prefer it being faster. As you can see Adrenaline Rush and Concealment expert are considered usefull skills no matter what you play. As the title states, i need help with my Kremlin, currently i have 122 games and 97k average damage in it. 1st), 17 pts - Basics of Survivability (or Vigilance if you prefer that), 19 pts - Exp. Can heal additional full pen damage. Edit: I'm thinking it might be because the high tier Rasha BBs have such fast turret traverse I'm not sure expert marksman is actually necessary. 180 mm HE benefits less from IFHE because of a more drastic relative reduction in fire chance for not much gain in both absolute and impactful damage output, The only secondary weaponst that may benefit from IFHE are German 105 mm secondaries with 26 mm base penetration, however, they give up a lot of fire chance for the ability to penetrate up to and including 32 mm plating, which is most of the time not worth it. Sure, a CV might spot you, but that's of little consequence compared to the drawbacks of not taking it. Definitely no secondary build. A game about huge boats. So the later you are detected the better otherwise you will just get killed before you reach your destination or the enemy just avoids you. And thus these 2 points are most of the time wasted. Because you can get closer without being spotted, giving you the chance to surprise an enemy ship with a hard hit. Agreed, the only BBs which I'd say truly need EM are the Queen Elizabeth and the Yamato. (Emerald), This is what I run on all IJN BBs (well, at least Kongo+), 1 pt - Prev. An AP shell whose diameter is greater than 14.3 times the thickness of an armor plate will overmatch and pass through it regardless of angle. Except imo the one that reduces the damcon recharge time. Concealment Expert and Superintendant first, along with fire prevention and basically everything that reduces DoT(Damage Over Time, Flooding/Fires) duration and chance. Marksm. Some other ships gain some benefit, but this is not generally considered worth the cost in skill points and the tradeoff in fire starting capabilities. Giving up already? Vor 1 Stunde, Commander_Cornflakes sagte: Best commander skills for each class? Extremely potent HE. Gunboats. mod from Aslain's mod pack. Russian BB will be bow on tanking most of the time so you need to reduce fire times and DCP cooldowns. What have we done to deserve this, Wargaming? Tier 8 - 10 battleship bow/stern, tier 8 - 10 British and French battleships' casemate plating, Most light cruisers (152 mm, 155 mm, 180 mm), German 203 mm (Hindenburg, Roon, Hipper, Yorck), Only battleship calibre HE can penetrate their deck armor. its overall counterproductive and mostly pointless for BBs to stay far away and out of the main battle zones. After you win a brawl and kill the ships in your immediate area, you might want to go dark and heal. It is much more helpful late into high-tier matches when the DDs are gone and there's often no CV at all. Outside of RU BBs at close ranges, most accurate battleship in tier and best reload in tier. BBs can use it too, especially the ones with atrocious turret traverse like some early Brits, and the more static bowtanking BBs like Nelson. Logic behind swapping AR over the enhanced expert marksman is that it will let me use the main battery reload module for a 12% buff to rof (regardless of HP) without affecting turret traverse. The ship maintained a very high level of survivability due to reliable armor and robust torpedo protection. Ist better used for FP oder other skills. I usually dont run concealment on my BBs because you'll be spotted as soon as you fire anyway (and I think other skills are more important given the limited supply of skill points), but given their emphasis on close range combat and decent natural concealment I think I might train it on my russian captain. I think I will take concealment. Arguments, like there is a CV so you are spotted anyways, aren't really good. As the peak of the Russian battleship line, Kremlin is a very durable battleship with noticeably worse-than-for-tier main battery dispersion at long ranges and better-than-for-tier main battery dispersion at close ranges. Returning refreshed after a year away, I am looking for advice please. Tier 8-10 battleship bow/stern, tier 8 - 10 British and French battleships' casemate plating. I have to disagree with some people and say CE is a requirement. If you can't get close to anything (in one piece), then you won't be able to brawl successfully. I can also recommend Situational Awareness for cruisers. (or Priority Target if you like it that much), 3 pts - Any of those 3 - whichever you prefer (I go Exp. Here are some common armor thicknesses and the minimum HE shell diameters needed to penetrate them, according to the HE penetration formula. Not 100% failproof, but it is a good indicator to move from. Despite their stated role as brawlers their secondaries are completely mediocre. Changes to the Inertia Fuse for HE Shells Skill (Update 0.9.2). IFHE All Night Long by LittleWhiteMouse. Without CE you are even easier to spot and as a brawling ship, you want to get close and preferably without the enemy knowing. If you aren't going for a secondary build, then I have to recommend CE. This page has been accessed 51,937 times. Yamato — Japanese Tier X battleship.. There are only some BB where this skills is actually usefull. These also tend to be more open or at least have open expanses with no cover for CLs to use after seeing a BB at 12km. Furst , you probably read or watched this already, but if you are going to play BB very aggressive then consider German line and a specialised "secondary armaments build" - they have the best secondaries. Here are some common armor thicknesses and the minimum HE shell diameters needed to penetrate them (since Update 0.9.2), according to the HE penetration formula. Yoshino — Japanese promo premium Tier X cruiser.. A fast-moving ship armed with 310 mm artillery for her main battery, intended to counter enemy heavy cruisers (Project B-65).


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