where are moog parts made
It sounds like in his case, that isn’t a terribly pretty picture right now. 20 CHINA K6698 Control Arm Bushing Suspension.com backs up the Moog products (minus RK control arms and hubs) we sell with a limited lifetime warranty for manufacturer defects, which is not something that all dealers do. For the rear is it the bushings that are failing? […] I believe the Moog hubs are Chinese made. This company is known for its performance-based and well-tested vehicle parts that are ready for use in both domestically or internationally. The US version was not pained at all, and naturally started rusting immediately, came with a re-greaseable ball joint (as things used to be in the 60s), and of course, the cheap, useless polyurehane bushing. I can see their point of view and don’t fault them for it. Unfortunately that’s not really the case. I dug a little deeper, called Moog, talked with our mechanic and after all of that I can’t tell you for sure but it appears that a lot of aftermarket part manufacturers use Moog’s part numbers for their products as well. 9 USA ES3488 Tie Rod End This example really helps illustrate that: We have two ball joints, one made in Germany and the other in China. You will have to buy these separately. Although, sometimes we do receive a part that looks completely different or clearly lacks the Moog features. At first. If the question of “are Moog parts made in the USA” is unrealistic, what can we do? You can call us biased because we sell their brand but we wouldn’t sell the brand if they didn’t demonstrate quality in their product. https://www.suspension.com/blog/where…og-parts-made/ […]. Its portfolio of companies in the anesthesia/respiratory space includes SunMed, Bay Medical and Ventlab. Thanks for your input. Our neighbors to the south manufacture some great parts, and the description you provided for their stabilizer bar links is right on the money. How long will a wheel bearing last after it starts? “Where does Moog make their parts?” Sadly this question isn’t as easy to answer as it used to be. 32 USA K7460 Ball Joint Moog has recently engineered some awesome steering knuckle assemblies that really streamline the wheel bearing replacement process. You missed the point. I am from Europe. Federal Mogul is the manufacturer of several different brands including MOOG, so the “AMG” is just a prefix to help identify the brand. MOOG® has the reputation as “The Problem Solver” that can be traced all the way back to 1937. BALL JOINTS FROM bOAZ, Alabama, TIE ROD ENDS FROM Maryville, Missouri. [7], In 2018, Moog and the University at Buffalo announced a project to use machine learning algorithms to differentiate acceptable from non-conforming areas of metal parts produced using additive manufacturing techniques. The bracket is 1/8 of a inch to thick.Will not Slip in….. Cross referenced everywhere. We sell a lot of Moog products and the majority of the time folks get exactly what they’re looking for. We appreciate and agree with your view on the matter and would like to applaud your understanding! Brothers Alva and Hubert Prater (H.P.) but my investigation at local MOOG distributor resulted in the following country of origin ranked in order of popularity. Hubert Moog, son of co-founder H.P. the cat’s outta the bag; the people have spoken! Look what we found in the warehouse… Same part number, different countries of origin. If you want to restore the factory handling and ride then the RK arms will give you similar results to the original arms. – Suspension.com I have 4 Moog's for my S10 in the shop that I am about to go check. If you have the measurements you can find universal polyurethane grommets here or contact Suspension.com to help you find what you need. I feel that us built parts are far superior to parts made overseas. The tech also vouched for parts coming out of their European division, having found them of good quality and running them on his own vehicle with no problems. Had Moog Ball joints and idler arm (all badly worn) , coil springs (sag badly) in less than a year with 6K miles and I used Mobil synthetic grease, 10 years ago. Lets hope that Moog is seeing these failures and (similar to their decision to upgrade the RK line of control arms) reacting to correct the problems in future iterations of those part numbers. I have Duralast parts on my Chevy truck and haven’t had one problem. Building on the unquestioned quality reputation of its Steering & Suspension components, MOOG launches an extended range of Wheel End Bearings covering all LV and LCV types. And while I won’t argue in either direction, it’s very clear that Moog is now a global brand and the days of USA made only Moog parts are long past. you don’t want to buy any chassis, suspension, etc. Initially we thought it was a mistaken return from a different customer who bought one brand and then went with the Moog part instead. You are totally right that picking out good parts would eventually lead to someone receiving the part at the bottom of the barrel. We want to be able to tell the manufacturer if something is going wrong with one of their parts. In our own warehouse we demonstrated that even the same part, sitting side by side on the shelf, can come from different places. We thought that we’d celebrate this by giving our differentiated Steering & Suspension products distinctive, new packaging. Hope that clears up some of the confusion. Went to put new one in….No Fit! You can find a more detailed description of this particular product in Moog’s product bulletin for the K7460. After a search of our Moog inventory, we found out that Moog makes their parts everywhere from Japan… Founded back in the eve of 19th century, 1899 this company has gained immense popularity from the users of its product. We understand that some people only want US made parts on principal. I bought 4 sets of tie rod ends [that equates to 8 tie rods] before I got the ones that are made in the u.s.a by moog the boots say moog on them, and they have the grease fittings too [some sets of the 4 did not have the grease fittings] the usa made parts, are in my eyes, more likely to have the gusher bearing then the outsourced parts I could be wrong but I like to hear a response from someone that works for moog or at the least another opinion from another consumer. Moog is an American-based designer and manufacturer of motion and fluid controls and control systems for applications in aerospace, defense, industrial and medical devices. While we at Suspension.com provide a limited lifetime warranty on most Moog parts that we sell (the cheaper RK line of control arms are excluded), many other dealers provide little to no warranty whatsoever. If you have any other detailed questions about these parts, our wonderful customer service team will be waiting for your chat or call. Glenn “Fireball” Roberts becomes the first racer to put a MOOG decal on his car. Of all the “where is Moog made” aspects, this is most interesting: you can’t even narrow it down by part type or even part number! | ' : ''}}{{lede.tags.join(', ')}}. In the meantime you can take a look at this article explaining the difference between the Moog control arms. Drew, even that won’t help. It was explained to me by a Federal Mogul employee that there are so many OE part numbers that they can’t make all of them. Then we complain.Like the guy on his 4th set. Definetly want to return these as of now. That’s why we've gone the extra mile to ensure that the MOOG catalogue is still the industry benchmark with best in class isometric drawings, as it has been for years. Let’s just hope the same quality that made Moog the “go to” part in OEM replacement doesn’t suffer. There are a lot of folks that have a similar opinion about Moog, but for the most part Moog does follow the guidelines that you laid out. The fact is we can’t definitely say whether a part number will come from one country or another. Until a pattern emerges. If I can’t count on MOOG to provide a quality part EVERY TIME for the higher price they want…and REGARDLESS of marketing strategies or whatever other excuse they come up with…then I might as well save some money and go for the lesser priced part from another long time manufacturer that will more than likely hold up just as well as anything I get from MOOG! But if you have any questions or concerns give our customer service team a call (1-888-406-2330). Well, just purchased Moog wheel bearing/hub kit for my Dodge. Regardless of where the parts are manufactured, shouldn’t the big question be “are the parts made to the traditional Moog standards we have been using for years?” And in today’s day and time shouldn’t quality be more important than location? He focuses on front end builds, and lifts (particularly Old Man Emu, and OME hybrid lifts.) MOOG uses the time to focus on continued product quality improvements. MOOG is a trusted brand with internationally recognized high quality car parts. They are reputed for third ABS sensor technology and high manufacturing materials. Let us know how that stabilizer link is holding up Owen. 2 Miller Lite Dodge clinch the title. Moog: Your warrantees only mean we have to do the work twice, or pay an auto shop to do the work more than once.


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