when do lex and lana sleep together
[9] Eventually, she and Clark Kent became romantically involved in stories prior to the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Relevance. Their business relationship soon recovered when Lana discovered that Desiree had been manipulating Lex with pheromones and Lex retracted the eviction notice. When Lex was shot in the chest, Lana stayed by his side to tend to his wound. "Wham! Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Lana moved in with Lex shortly after he was healed and discovered she was pregnant on Thanksgiving. Lex found Lana in the stables and they talked about her achievements and the first time they met. After kissing Clark and telling him she'll meet him at the barn at 5:00pm, Lana is confronted by Lionel Luthor, who found out Lana's intention to stand Lex up and promised he would kill Clark if she didn't marry Lex. In the Silver Age, she regularly appeared in comic books depicting the adventures of Superman's teenaged self, Superboy, and also appeared as an adult in numerous Superman titles, vying with Lois Lane for his attention. Initially confused by her new feelings for Lex, Lana quickly left Lex. [1] Across decades of Superman comics and adaptations into other media, Lana has most consistently been depicted as Superman's teenage romantic interest growing up in Smallville; as an adult, she is a distant friend of Superman in his civilian identity as Clark Kent. Lana relied on Lex to teach her how to fight when she became concerned for her safety and wanted to be able to defend herself. Despite Clark's attempts to maintain his secret, Lana became suspicious, particularly when she had vivid memories of Clark's face as she was pulled into a tornado. Lana takes it upon herself to reach out to Supergirl. The two of them were in the green room on set at the high school location, in the area where we put the actors. Lex eventually confided in Lana about his research into the Black Ship and they became partners to discover the truth about it. Superman meets with Lana again, with Lana telling him she was left with no choice. When he realized how difficult it was for Pete to deal with his secret, he changed his mind and didn't tell Lana, further frustrating her. She went through with the marriage but regretted it when she was told that she had lost the baby as this was the only happiness she had in her relationship. When Seth proved himself to be a psychotic meteor freak, Lana apologized to Clark but when he got Lana involved with Lex's mental breakdown and she nearly got killed, she decided that knowing Clark was too dangerous and decided to call it quits. Sometime later, Lana opened the Isis Foundation and asked Chloe to keep the foundation a secret from Clark. (But obviously not enough for him to defy his mother’s wishes). Smallville Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Lana is finally becoming a character on the show. But he does need to stop lying to her. When Lois encountered Lana in Africa, she made an effort to conceal her engagement ring. What does the phrase party in your mouth mean? On Earth-Two Lana's father left Smallville and moved to Metropolis as a young man, so Clark did not know Lana in his youth. A week later, Lana collapsed and suffered a miscarriage. Considering that Smallville took place 5 years after Superman: The Animated Series, the former's portrayal could have partly inspired the relationship in the latter. After Clark defeated Brainiac, Lana awoke from her coma. "That is Lana Lang, the love of your life." When Clark saved her life, he let her know that he had been watching over her for the same reason she had been watching him. Also, while under the influence of red kryptonite, Clark showed his true feelings by kissing her, but then he danced with Jessie Brooks and almost kissed her in front of Lana. He met Lana while they were making Ziegfeld Girl (1941) and their relationship developed to the stage where they were briefly engaged to be married. She later tries to help Superman, facing the time-traveling strongman Atlas, by sending the Luthor Squad. But like all creators of myth, he seeks to control that creation because he hasn't learned how disastrous that attempt at control became with Lana and, in some sense, Clark.


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