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As the B16 schedule has been released, ShortwaveSchedule.com is now updated as well to serve your shortwave listening habits :-) Important: as Google is pushing for secure content, the geolocation feature no longer works in Google Chrome if the site is being served over plain HTTP. You will find broadcast, AM, amateur radio, and clandestine station information including logs, QSL tips, and last-minute news. 1 post • Page:1 of 1. Here are the changes for the Saturday night Eastern /Sunday morning UTC schedule on WBCQ. 0000-0100 on  9330 BCQ 500 kW / 075 deg to SoEu Spanish, 13th Edition e-Book Available Now from Amazon, Secluded in the mountains of Western North Carolina, A Teak Publishing Amazon eBook available for US$8.49, Amazon eBook previous edition available for US$8.49, Amazon eBook previous edition available for US$4.99, New Series 3 eBook available at Amazon for US$4.99, University of Twente Wide Band WebSDR Netherlands, Hepburn's DX Info Centre - Tropo Forecast and More. Business Builder. WBCQ's 'Best Of ' Program Guide Looking for some program variety ? Ask the Expert.

WRMI to carry Radio Marti during September. We believes that our programmers have the right to express themselves on the airwaves in any way they seem fit. Out of prison in 2012, and off supervised release in 2015, Turner immediately returned to the airwaves on WBCQ, and now, his show also airs simultaneously on WRMI 9455. New WBCQ Program Schedule. Was really surprised by what I heard on WBCQ late Friday night (UT Saturday 3/18/06). Radio New Zealand's transmission site at Titahi Ba... Radio Dabanga - Is Darfur losing its media lifeline ?

You can reach WBCQ during normal business hours by telephone at 1-207-538-9180. WBCQ is a shortwave radio station operating at Monticello, Maine, United States.
Business.  <                US Mail: P.O. He served 33 months in federal prison. This is why you will find a diverse mix of music, talk, commentary, spiritual, religious, and commercial programming on WBCQ.

WBCQ strongly supports the United States of America’s constitutional right to free speech. 0000-0100 on 9330 BCQ 500 kW / 075 deg to SoEu Spanish 0100-0200 on 9330 BCQ 500 kW / 165 deg to SoAm Portuguese 0200-0300 on 9330 BCQ 500 kW / 087 deg to NEAf Arabic 0300-0400 on 9330 BCQ 500 kW / 035 deg to SoAs Hindi 0400-0500 on 9330 BCQ 500 kW / 060 deg to N/ME Arabic 0500-0600 … Resources listed under Shortwave category belongs to Shortwave Radio main collection, and get …
by Steve_Colet » Sun, 12 Sep 1999 04:00:00 . Our shortwave service is open for your programming. Should voters get tested after heading to the polls?

by Michael Brya » Tue, 06 Jul 2004 01:07:13 .

RealRadio Program #1 Re-Broadcast Tonight on WBCQ, Here are the changes for the Saturday night Eastern /Sunday morning UTC, New Vintage Amateur Radio Program on WBCQ, Radio New Zealand International PROGRAMME Schedule, RADIO NEW ZEALAND INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMME SCHEDULE, New program and frequency schedule for CSM, RADIO NEW ZEALAND INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM SCHEDULE, BBC's new program schedule for Asia/Pacific (?

When we’ve worked out the full revised schedule, I’ll be updating the online version at http://www.wbcq.com/schedule, Cap’n Ric and Crew are still working on sending out eQSLs from last weekend’s programs …, WBCQ schedule and frequency changes 5.130 and 6.160 MHz. Is Artificial Intelligence Friend or Foe to Radio ? Has There Been a Thaw in the Inter-Korean Radio War? WBCQ began operation on September 8, 1998 with just the WBCQ-1 transmitter on 7.415 MHz.

Expensive radios keep digital transmission at bay ... 2019 - a sneek peak at Year of the Pig QSL, Dxers Unlimited mid-week edition, Tuesday 4 Sept 2018. The Area 51 entertainment block will continue Saturdays and Sundays from 2300 UTC to 0400 but the frequency will change from 5.130 to 6.160 MHz.

Programs aired by our clients are not censored in any way. Fri- 2100 UTC on 7780 kHz. Programming Schedule .

Trasmissioni in lingua italiana – B20 (25/10/2020 – 27/03/2021), Trasmissioni in lingua italiana – A20 (29/03/2020 – 24/10/2020), Today November 5 Channel 292 testing 9670 kHz 1300-1900UT new beam with different directions, Frequency changes of BBC via ENC-DMS Santa Maria di Galeria from November 4, Test transmission of World’s Last Chance Radio via ENC-DMS Woofferton, Winter B-20 frequencies, unregistered in HFCC Database. The First Wireless Message from England to Austral... Mystery Broadcast of AWR DX Program “Wavescan”. WBCQ Show schedule for 5110 • 7415 • 9330 • 15420 Su 15420 01:00PM 05:00PM ET 1800 2200 UTC Global Spirit Proclamation Su 7415 02:00PM 03:00PM ET 1900 2000 UTC Radio Short Bus Su 7415 03:00PM 04:00PM ET 2000 2100 UTC Trailer Trash Radio Su 7415 … Breaking News: Radio Nepal back on shortwave, Russia Proposes to Use DRM on 65.9-74.0 FM, Dxers Unlimited mid-week edition, September 11.

Turner was arrested, put on trial THREE times, driven into Bankruptcy from legal fees, and ultimately convicted. New WBCQ Program Schedule. WBCQ 7.490 webcast (new) Area 51 webcast (new) Program Guide. Solar Xrays and Geomagnetic Field from Internship Program. WBCQ: schedule changes and the return of "Area 51", 14. Who’s Got the Biggest, Meanest AM Flamethrower? WBCQ is an international shortwave broadcast station located in Monticello, Maine, USA. ), Radio New Zealand INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMME Schedule MAY 95, PanGlobal Wireless show schedule for WBCQ, WBCQ: schedule changes and the return of "Area 51", RealRadio Program #1 Re-Broadcast Tonight on WBCQ. Welcome to Teak Publishing's Shortwave Central blog. We issue QSL cards for verified reception reports. Follow me at my Twitter feed @QSLRptMT for the latest shortwave broadcast information, frequencies and schedules. Can you identify this radio in Goldfinger. Wolfgang Bueschel: Log Nov 5th, 01.30 UT, Four Texas Radio Shortwave tests this weekend, Channel 292 testing new antenna on 9670 kHz, Peter demonstrates SDR# Co-Channel Canceller with FM DX, Grace Digital Internet Radios made between 2007 and 2017 “will stop working”, BELKA-DX: A Pocket-Sized Radio for Pocket Change, A review of the lab599 Discovery TX-500 QRP transceiver, The Reciva Internet radio station aggregator is closing down, Steve builds a simple SWL antenna tuner that pairs brilliantly with the Belka-DX, The new Belka-DX: Georges’ short review and tests. We broadcast on 7.490 MHz, 9.330 MHz, 5.130 MHz, 3.265 MHz, and 6.160 MHz. Effective: 29 March - 25 October 2009 broadcast daily unless otherwise indicated target area to the Americas All times UTC 0000-0100 5110am 7415am 9330am 0100-0200 5110am 7415am 9330am 0200-0300 5110am 7415am 9330am 0300-0400 5110am 7415am 9330am 0400-0500 5110am 7415am 9330am 0500-0600 5110am 7415am 9330am … Archives. 4 post • Page:1 of 1. New program and frequency schedule for CSM, 7. RADIO NEW ZEALAND INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMME SCHEDULE, 6.


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