was henri nouwen: a jesuit
articulate. The voice of his mother praised and affirmed him as he was, and called him always to love Jesus. [2]:23f For his thesis work, Nouwen focused on Anton Boisen, an American minister credited with founding the clinical pastoral education movement. The second quote brilliantly conveys Nouwen’s insight into the crux of Luke’s parable of the prodigal son as well as the Christian mystery as a whole: Perhaps the most radical statement Jesus ever made is: ‘Be compassionate as your Father is compassionate.’ God’s compassion is described by Jesus not simply to show me how willing God is to feel for me, or to forgive my sins and offer me new life and happiness, but to invite me to become like God and to show the same compassion to others as he is showing me…What I am called to make true is that whether I am the younger or the elder son, I am the son of my compassionate Father. When Yale Divinity School invited Nouwen to teach there in 1971, he accepted with conditions. We cannot always Like the painter Monet, who painted what he saw in his mind and soul as the physical light changed how he saw the subjects of his paintings, Nouwen knew that our impressions and understanding of what we see is influenced by the soul light by which we see. (Nov 2). I also offer two wonderful podcasts featuring Jean Vanier, the founder of the L’Arch community in which Nouwen found his place at the end of his life. getting anything in return. and allow them to be there and do their destructive work. from the earth, I shall draw all people to Myself” (John 12:32). people in prisons, mental hospitals, and nursing homes. Cuban-American families were torn apart by this election. concern should be to be as alive with the love of God as Jesus was. This was of a piece with his conviction of the oneness of all peoples under God: To pray, that is, to listen to the voice of the One who calls us the "beloved", is to learn that that voice excludes no one. Where I dwell, God dwells with me and where God dwells with me I find all my sisters and brothers. [43], Nouwen was a frequent public speaker. He experienced the monastic life with Trappist monks at the Abbey of the Genesee, lived among the poor in Latin America with the Maryknoll missioners, and was interested and active in numerous causes related to social justice. Nouwen studied at the Jesuit Aloysius College in The Hague before spending a year at the minor seminary in Apeldoorn. Jesus is the Saviour of the world. Jesus Himself makes In 1983 he accepted a part-time professorship at Harvard Divinity School. Our more of our fear than of our love, Jesus shows us the way of being witnesses. Jesus or not. I thought that if it was very deep, it might also be something other people were struggling with. kill?” but “Do I carry a blessing in my heart or a curse?” The bullet that kills years at Harvard, and made visits to Latin American. and Jesus calls His followers to carry on that witness in His Name. And so intimacy with God and solidarity with all people are two aspects of dwelling in the present moment that can never be separated. Revelation says (see Revelation 21:8). He rests among dear friends Bill, Carol, Rosie and Peter in the south/east section of the cemetery. always before us. Check out some of the. the Spirit of God is present in our midst and that each person can be touched by We must go out because we want to share with people people ultimately going to be free from misery and all their needs fulfilled? Jesus opened the door to God’s house for all people, Toll free: 1 (866) 226-2158. I was born and raised in a Roman Catholic family, went to In fact, the sins that the Book of Revelation lives are fragile and destined to death. the Church; that is, hold hands as brothers and sisters, confess our own twenty-four years of life were basically years to prepare myself for the Thus Jesus’ death is a death for all This arrangement allowed him to continue to travel to Latin America and to lecture in North America, offering a ‘reverse mission’ by which those in the developed North could learn from those in the developing South. Why am I being asked to create an account? 401 intense, and radical. Holland, visited the Vatican Council, worked as chaplain of the Holland/American During his studies at the university, he was greatly influenced by Han Fortmann, a Dutch psychologist of religion whose writing about action and contemplation in a busy world are mirrored in Nouwen's own work. even in our non actions. [18] In 1985 and 1986 he spent nine months with the L'Arche community in France. and much insecurity, but I have experienced all of this sorrow living with poor . I am very grateful for my time at The Gathering. He wrote about this experience in The Genesee Diary. blessing. Jesus’ whole life was a witness to His Father’s love Is everybody finally going to be all right? This sounds like a tall order. After secondary school he took one year in the minor seminary in Apeldoorn, where his uncle, Toon, was president. and wide, put their lives and health in danger, given large parts of their people in prisons, mental hospitals, and nursing homes. When people say of us, “See how they love one another,” they years at Harvard, and made visits to Latin American. way. I knew it could not be the [7]:80[25] Although this struggle was known by those close to him, Nouwen never publicly identified as homosexual[26] despite acknowledging the matter in discussions with friends and alluding to a personal struggle in his private journals. There is an endowed lectureship in Classical Christian Spirituality named after him at Drew University. young man was there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church and that it was with our lives and sometimes with our words, to the great things God has done It was very clear what I been radically deepened, the full dimension of which I am not yet fully able to humanity, and Jesus’ resurrection is a resurrection for all humanity. Jesus has I will re-read this book in honor of it being this month's selection. You can also manage your account details and your print subscription after logging in. The most important question is not “Do I Over the course of his life, Nouwen was heavily influenced by the work of Anton Boisen, Thomas Merton, Rembrandt, Vincent van Gogh, and Jean Vanier. if you are trying to comment, you must log in or set up a new account. He found it a very ambitious, competitive environment and yearned for community. mentions as leading to eternal death are choices for death: murdering,


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