viro electric scooter not working

It shows green light so battery is charged so it apparently just quit working when she was riding it for some reason. Thanks. Reviewed in the United States on December 5, 2018. So, it helps to know the model number. With all rechargeable batteries, always make sure you do a full charge before using it – otherwise, they don’t last as long.

Usually the electric scooter companies will guarantee the battery for 30 days to 90 days, depending on the brand.

Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. As you probably know, you can bypass the controller and get more juice out of the scooter but you’ll wear the batteries down pretty fast.

Hello Jessica – that’s no good! You can still see all customer reviews for the product. Puddles or any water can be a big problem for most scooters. Charge the battery for the minimum required duration as specified by the manufacturer (usually 6-8 hours) or until the charge light indicator turns green. I checked all connections and they are fine. I thought the battery may have died so I plugged it back up to charge. Hiya my son has an electric scooter does it need to be turned on while charging? In this article, we’ll go over why your scooter might not be starting and give you a few tricks regarding what to do before taking it into the shop.

I put it on charge all night but the green is on but when i go to ride it it does not work so i mite get a new battery or just get a new one or put a car battery on it. My son loves this scooter! Try giving it a full charge again and see how that goes. The scooter is new…. A wobbly on-off switch is a good indicator of a faulty connection.

Testing the components that are connected to the controller and using the process of elimination is the best method to determine if the controller is not working. Do not overcharge ie. New batteries fully charged. Did you charge the battery 100% before you started using the scooter? It’s common for the throttle cables to come loose or detach. Bad Fuse: Unscrew the cap on the fuse holder.

Hi Jim – definitely sounds like the relay.

If the accu is damaged, why the indicator shows 2/3 (not zero)? Hi my sons electric scooter isn’t charging there’s no lights on the box what can I do. As you have tried charging overnight, that should be sufficient unless the battery is old and dead. Rear sprocket out of alignment: The rear chain sprocket and the sprocket at the end of the motor can get out of alignment. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; Is it normal to be able to rock it slightly back and forth upon standing? . It’s easy to tell if this is slowing down your scooter because you’ll hear the worn bearing while the scooter is running and the tire is spinning (or, you can manually spin the tire after disconnecting the chain).\. – get a new battery!). Let me know how you go! But next morning it still wont turn on and when my electric scooter worked i had to wait 5-10 seconds and when it turn on i heard a wierd electric noise in the little box in front of the battery i dont know what to do please help. Note: these are electric scooters for kids but that doesn’t mean kids should be doing all the maintenance. Hi my electric scooter 800w wont turn on i have left the key over night. This is where it starts to get complicated and you might need to take it in for a service, unless you are handy with electrics or feel confident that you can follow the wiring diagrams. Remove the bad fuse (check this by looking at the wire inside the fuse which should be attached in a  good fuse and will be broken in a bad fuse). However, since you said it has been a while since you last used it, most signs are pointing to the battery. This is unlikely and more likely to be a loose connection (see above).

I just bought my daughter a pulse performance smart start toddler scooter.

I would advise to get someone who knows what they’re doing to fix it – it is definitely fixable but you want to do more than just solder the wires back on. So, I suspect the chain. It could also be a malfunctioning circuit breaker or switch – you can bypass the circuit breaker but you’d need an electric wiring diagram of the e90. Even though it’s saying 2/3 full, the scooter might have had a long shelf life, which reduces the battery life. Good luck! Chain sprocket: The rear chain sprocket and the sprocket on the end of the motor may be out of alignment.

Reviewed in the United States on December 23, 2018. Though… it may be that the battery pack is faulty and as soon as your voltage drops, the controller will switch your scooter off (it’s designed to do this to protect the battery from losing all charge – because that would destroy the battery). Normally the cable stop is designed to prevent this from happening though so you shouldn’t have run into this problem at all!

I have a bikit electric scooter 24 volt with 2 motors on the front tire. Hi.

It will stop doing it over time. Hi Paige – does it work at all? Most electric kids scooters are not designed for off-road adventure! Is there anyway to fix this? can’t find any loose connections. I bought this used and was thinking it could be the wrong batteries or maybe a capacitor? I have the Trikke E2. You may have to open the motor and retwist the wires on. First, though, remember these important tips before assuming there is something wrong with your electric kids scooter: amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; Most electric kids scooters will run only up to a set period or number of miles on a full charge (see your manual for details). However, the batteries sound like they aren’t doing their job.

Also, my sons rather distructive, and it’s well constructed and holding up to him nicely. Double check all the bolts and screws to make sure they are tight. I have it for 1 year now. Is the charge indicator on when you have it plugged in? Any ideas? Can you kick start the scooter? I have some suggestions below for what to look for.

Hi Kelly – sounds like the battery or a loose connection. If I press the button the motors won’t run. Model of my scooter is: E-Scooter HB-ES1000. But if i maintain at , lets say 15km/h, the power will not be cut off. Make sure the 2 wires behind the fuse holder are attached to the back of fuse assembly, battery and control box. Emission free chain driven motor.

Hi Amanda – how old is the scooter? I have an interesting situation. Electric Kick Scooters Where To Buy Contact Parts Troubleshooting. Control Box: Check the Control Box for bad connections (see above).

Fuse Missing: Fuse may be missing in fuse assembly. I’m used to scooters being at an even level with no “give”. If your gas-powered scooter isn’t starting using an electric starter, you’re probably desperate to find a solution which doesn’t involve taking your scooter to the shop or making expensive repairs.. Reviewed in the United States on December 26, 2018. Did you give the battery a full charge before using the scooter? But, it depends on the brand.

Hello Jonathan – is there any noise when this happens? Double check everything to make sure there are no components which are damaged or worn out. Control Box is faulty: If the scooter takes off when the key is in the ‘off’ position then the control box is definitely faulty. Check that the scooter is compatible with local power. Good luck! Fuse Assembly: Check the wiring to ensure the fuses have been correctly replaced and wires are connected properly (sometimes wires can be loosened during riding or when you replace or check a faulty fuse). This is most likely the case if the scooter moves when you turn the key to ‘on’ without engaging the throttle.

It actually sounds like you have a faulty controller – that’s why it’s making your indicator go a bit funny. This is crap. ), Hi my son has an e scooter when on it only moves for the first mark of the throttle if you try to go faster it just stops and has no pwere at all unless he goes really slow,I have plugged in the charger and it lights up red but after a few minutes it turns green indicating a full charge but still no power in the scooter only a slow movement,can you help.

Remember: these are electric kids scooters so avoid water! My son got the E200 for Christmas.

I pretty much panic because I'm planning on giving this to my son on Christmas Eve (tomorrow) because he'll be with his mom on Christmas. If you are not confident about trying these things, then you need to take it to a service center and get someone to take a look. Otherwise, it sounds like a bad connection. Upon looking at the bottom of it I saw the black case holding the battery was broken in a crack like way (see pic I posted) and spiderwebbing/shattering. Use a multimeter to check the continuity of the fuse or circuit breaker. Hi – some electric scooters have brake cables that are connected to the controller which will shut the motor off when you apply the brake. Let me know if you are still having trouble and we’ll help you figure it out. Check the wiring to the throttle too. If it has been left uncharged for more than 6 months, many scooter batteries need to be replaced.

Plug it in and check the power with a multimeter (follow the instructions for safety). Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books.

It’s not working but it works when you switch it on? It sounds like you are going to have to get this replaced under warranty.

Be careful around the battery if it’s smoking though as they can explode. The main fuse might be burned out. Aussie power is 240. Rediculous. Give it a full, overnight charge before first use. You usually get around 300 charges in a battery but sometimes their life can be a lot shorter.

Mines is doing the same did you figure out how to do it ? Do not ride through water. Hope that helps! It might just be one cable or it might be something bigger. I have the scooter charged and ready to go, but it seems “wobbly”. You will have to replace this (will be under warranty still as most scooters have a 3 month warranty). Hopefully you are getting the best performance out of your scooter and haven’t encountered any of these problems! They even still have a tag on them. Battery: may be faulty. Check the rear wheel freewheel clutch. I accidentally twisted the handlebars to far around and pulled the red and black wires out of the motor on the front wheel of the scooter. Hi Jamie – the Trikke E2 shouldn’t be wobbly. Alternatively it could be a damaged screw or other component.

Charger is defective.


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