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So, if you do the blacklisting one 100 times, or 20, it will still just take you to level one. The energy of the Hero and the Double is common. The amount of resources that the sent unit will deliver may be higher than the total carrying capacity of the soldiers. The amount of all the items you have is displayed in the "My Items" tab, in the "Military" section. To improve the skin, you need to use a special item in the window of detailed information about it - Star Shard. The higher the level, the greater the bonus from the abilities of the Shaman and the higher the level that he can reach. They have higher characteristics than standard things. The marker above the location shows its level, the higher it is, the more resources in the location and the faster the mining process. The position of the Clan in the rating is determined based on the number of points of Power gained by all members of the Clan. any info on Pioneer for one? The subject with which you can enhance the experience of the Shaman.Having received the necessary amount of experience, the Shaman proceeds to the next level. The Jarl, who is in his native Kingdom, can add messages to the walls of the Clans of his Kingdom, and he can only view the walls of Clans from other Kingdoms.

At the same time, bonuses from the Wall and the Watcher in the city of the initiating Jarl do not apply to reinforcements. Hero. After construction can not be demolished. Increase the combat performance of the Shaman, troops under his command, as well as the speed of combining runes. Shamans are your mysterious associates who lead troops on campaigns and add significant economic and military bonuses.

Improving the Palace, you open access to the construction and improvement of other buildings. The first offer from the "Shares" tab of the Bank; The first sentence from the "Sets" tab, if there are no shares now (and the "Shares" tab, respectively, is not active); Offers related to certain holidays and events.

Enter the name of the Set in the window that appears.

The base amount of Hero energy is 1,000 units, the maximum possible is 500,000 units. This will give a significant advantage over the enemy.

Moreover, if the tasks in the Battle of the Kingdoms and in the personal / clan Competitions coincide, then points are awarded in all Competitions. Inserted stones and runes are safely removed with the help of special items - Diamond Knife and Runic Knife. From the moment of announcement to the end of the Competition, points are awarded according to the following rules: End of the Battle of the Kingdoms: Rage. In the Workshop, you can combine stones, as well as encrust Hero and Shaman things with stones and runes, which give additional bonuses.

The better the material, the more bonuses the thing created from it will give.

Suppose you first activated the greed (Stone), 50%, 24 hours boost, and then the greed (Stone), 100%, 24 hours boost. Jarls can carry their cities here with various items.However, it is worth remembering that in case of unsuccessful protection, the city from the Millennial Forest will be transferred to a random point on the World Map. If it is completed, the "Pick up" button appears; If there are no completed quests, then the "Start" button and brief information about the recommended quest are displayed. Tasks of one category are randomly selected. Their number available in the city is displayed on the resource panel. All items purchased and mined in battles are displayed in the "My Items" tab. All Categories.

You can also exchange personal messages with any member of your union - this allows you to quickly find out who currently needs military or economic assistance.

Runes are combined for Silver with the expenditure of time or instantly for Gold. If your Clan has won the Battle, then each of its members who have earned at least one point will receive the reward provided by the Competition. Moreover, the Hero cannot have more than one Double. Consumes during an attack by the Invaders and Uber Invaders. With one click on the "Take All" button, you will receive rewards for completing Tasks of the selected type.

To improve the building from level 32 to 35, Nuggets are needed, which can be earned by passing the control points in the Competition, or found as part of bank offers. Or look in the North Today news window. Available for Android, Apple and PC. 8.

Pioneer Acheivement seems to have stopped working in the last 24-30 hours.  I move on, wait a minute, kill a ghost or invader and move off. It is necessary to spend 7,778 Trees with a Market tax of 10%, so that 7,000 Trees leave in a caravan to a clan member. Clan gauges move to the enemy Kingdom using the special Great Movement item, which can only be used during the Battle of the Kingdoms.

Bonuses from VIP status, free completion and help from Clan members do not work to strengthen Asa. If there are city skins in the pack, then you can familiarize yourself with all the necessary information about them using the link "More about item bonuses". Foreign cities can attack, storm, send spies there. These buildings were originally installed in the city and are responsible for the main functionality of the game.They can only be in a single copy, they can not be demolished. You also have a chance to receive it as a reward for daily entry into the game and attack of the Invaders / Uber Invaders. In the "Materials" tab in the Forge, you can combine materials to improve their quality. Lair of the Invaders and Uber Invaders . Use of the Drakkars is available from level 21 of the Palace. To find out what award the player who won one of the prizes will receive, click on his name. No achievement. 11. To destroy the building, you need to click on the "Demolish" button, and then choose the method: The resources spent on the construction of the building are not returned upon destruction. There are two types of Spirits attack: regular and enhanced: The game has a serial attack mechanism. To find out which stones you have, open the "Cache" tab in the Workshop. The guide to Midgard allows you to return from Jotunheim to your native Kingdom before the end of the Competition.

Where to buy boosts?

Additional rewards for personal and clan achievements can be obtained by reaching legendary milestones.
Also, you cannot move to this territory with an active Shield. The " Guide to Midgard " subject allows you to return from the ice world to your native Kingdom before the end of the Competition.

If the battle was successful, then all the looted resources are shared between the Sturmian participants, depending on the carrying capacity of the survivors after the attack. Not all Ases are strengthened with the help of this item: some only need resources, others only Gold. For example, here you will find a list of Clans with the greatest Power or Jarls that inflicted devastating damage to the enemy. Also, the Military Block building should be built in your city. It contains the following information: You can find the desired Kingdom by its number in a special search box. The amount of all the items you have is displayed in the "My items" tab, in the "Bonuses" section. Coal is sent to the Clan Citadel Vault using the Market. By clicking on the Hero icon in the upper control panel, you can also familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the Hero.

The jarl you are attacking must be in another Clan or have a Palace level 15 or higher. You can apply them in two ways: Open the "Items" window, go to the "My items" tab, and then to the "Military" section.

An item that allows you to increase the level of the Hero from 61 to 70. You can always enhance the experience of the Shaman by completing Quests and quests, building and improving buildings, studying Knowledge, expelling Spirits and destroying enemy warriors. Created from various things of the Hero. If you are not a member of the Clan or entered it after the announcement of the Competition, then you do not earn points and do not receive rewards for personal achievements and for the achievements of the Clan. Torch . Its value is gradually growing. Things. In total, the Hero has 70 levels. You can purchase an item in the Item Store for Gold, in the Clan Store for loyalty points, or as part of bank offers.

In the building you will find a tree of improvements for each type of troops.


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