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If you need access to VCU Health resources, you should connect to the VCU Health VPN or Connect). After that, they should have access to "Licensed" status regardless of which URL they use to login.Zoom Cloud Recording is enabled for all non-HIPAA accounts. if you are still a student at the school you were enrolled in when you ordered Office 365 ProPlus). Ownership of the Information, Materials and Software of the Website, and of the Kivuto Product. They should check to see if they are listed as "Licensed" and if not, log out and back in again using the SSO option.If users normally access Zoom via the company website at, they should now log in at at least once to perform the license upgrade. To verify your eligibility for a product: Your order history will be displayed in sequence with the most recent order you placed at the top of the list. We cannot and do not guarantee the continuous, uninterrupted or error-free operability of the Website or any Kivuto Product, or that the Website or Kivuto Product content will respond at a certain speed (since this depends on a number of factors outside our control). If Kivuto waives or fails to enforce any term or condition of this Agreement on any one or more occasions, whether by conduct or otherwise, its waiver or failure to enforce will not mean that it must waive or cannot enforce such term or condition on any other occasion, or any other term or condition of this Agreement. Who do I contact with questions about my Backup Media? When ordering a product that is physically delivered, you will need to provide the necessary shipping information (e.g. Note: If you received an email containing a link to finalize your registration, you can click that link and skip straight to step 5. After you order Windows 10 Education, take the following actions to upgrade your operating system. To send a copy of your invoice via email: Note: The Email order receipt button is only visible once the order has been finalized and all product keys / activation codes / license numbers have been retrieved and issued. If you are a student who orders Windows 10 Education through this WebStore, you will not lose access to the software after leaving your school. Please direct all privacy-related inquiries to Kivuto reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to direct its legal defense, and You agree to cooperate with Kivuto in its efforts to do so. If you renew during the next 30 days, your account is reactivated and you regain full Office 365 functionality. Note: You can renew your subscription once it expires, provided you are still a student at the same school. 5. Otherwise, SOM employees should use the VCU Zoom accounts and login with their VCU eID / Google accounts for automatic access. If that text is present, you have a 64-bit OS installed. 6.4. Teachers, parents or legal guardians must provide their own information (Personal Information or otherwise), and parents or legal guardians must consent to the collection, use and disclosure of their child's Personal Information in accordance with the terms of this Policy in order for students to participate in our services or acquire our products. The resulting status is Non-Personally Identifiable Information and is stored in case you need to verify your status again in the future. The VCU Health Service Desk can also lookup your username if you don't know it. Will I lose access to Windows 10 Education when I graduate or leave my school? They simply log in at with their VCU eID and password, and their account will be provisioned. All contests have their own terms and conditions which can be viewed on the contest’s page. Instructions for cloud recording are in the askIT knowledgebase. Kivuto may change any of the terms in this Agreement at any time and changes will become effective upon posting. If Backup Media is available for any product you are ordering, and the option exists in your area, then you will be able to add it to your order from the Shopping Cart page. If you have questions, comments, concerns, or complaints about this Policy or Kivuto’s handling of your Personal Information, you get in touch with us in any of the following ways. On a SOMTech-managed device, you can then connect to the SOM Shares. Alternatively, you can access your voicemail through the web or mobile app. If You do not agree to abide by the terms and conditions of this Agreement, please do not register for or otherwise access or use this Website or the Kivuto Products. 9. SSL sends information to your browser that is used to encrypt your order. Kivuto reserves the right to send you emails relating to your account status. Announcements. You are also responsible for obtaining and using all computer hardware and software required for Your access to and use of the Website or the Kivuto Products and for any charges incurred for Your own access to the Website or the Kivuto Products through an Internet access provider or other Third-Party website. How do I order the Extended Access Guarantee? Use of content used under license by Kivuto may require the permission of Kivuto’s licensor. This 90-day period begins when you install and activate Windows 8.1. We receive some information related to your use of our products and/or services from Third Parties which may include, but is not limited to, your educational institution(s), business organizations or their representatives, and other parties with whom we may exchange information. Kivuto may at any time, with or without notice to You, change the format and content of the Website, restrict the use and accessibility of the Website or the Kivuto Products as well as limit the duration and amount of use made of the Website or the Kivuto Products.


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