unfortunately, your business can t use stripe because it doesn t meet our terms of service
Bottom line the worst customer service ever. It was total BS, especially since the majority of the funds were from AirBNB (like they need the protection of an intermediate escrow agent…). We sell climate forecasts based on scientifically proven natural cycles . I like Stripe’s tool for estimating the pricing (pictured above) as well. The stripe site is glitching, not letting me run charges and there is no way to get a hold of them. Terrible, terrible, terrible. That no credit card is safe with online purchases? You cannot rate a provider this high when they have no customer support. It’s not the fact that they don’t have a phone number, it’s that they are notorious for NEVER answering emails so there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY OF GETTING IN TOUCH WITH THEM (and yes Tom, I tried Webchat.freenode and they said they will “move my concern forward” which of course never happened).If you search reviews online, it’s like you’re reading the same review over and over again (randomly shutting down accounts without reason (if there is one, they don’t tell you what it is or even try to resolve the issue). Paypal is worth the 1% more, unless you like a conpany who takes money out of your account at their own disgression. Plus, Shopify’s white-label payments service, Shopify Payments, is powered by Stripe, but you get a much more merchant-friendly platform that isn’t reliant on your ability to write code. This is my wrong I chose Stripe because they don’t show any special reason to delay my business when i send them email for clarify. Great review – extremely helpful. – Choosing clients carefully. If anyone finds a phone number please publish it for all of us. Excellent review! Having same trouble. This is the worst company ever. I will be going with Stripe and hope they live up to my expectations. We therefore have to notify our customer that we will be unable to process there order since we will not ship out a computer system without having the funds and probably lost that customer now because of this. For those of you without that option, I feel for you. 60 days? When we said we would take the descriptions out they stated that it was commonly known that crystals and stones were of a psychic nature. We will reach out once we are able to support that payment method for your account. Ok , so Stripe.com – what is going on here?We have used Paypal for 5 years , not a single dime lost in disputed charges etc. if i could give them negative stars i would. Stay Way they are just like PayPal or Worst. Only to be informed that the case(s) were close based on the cardholder/customer’s bank deciding that the transaction was in fact valid, and that the dispute case is now closed and the decision final. To be completely honest, I’m being generous with one star and ONLY because I can not give them fewer. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. A payment gateway isn’t the only solution for accepting online payments, but it is one of the easier options to get started with.. Because unlike a payment processor, gateways give your financial data the armed guard it needs to travel between the credit card networks, your customer, and your store.. Not sure why, but I am pretty sure they probably get a return on your money while they have it.This is first time I have ever taken the time to write a review…that is how bad they are to deal with. I have stopped their freaky service from my website. Deposits (especially large ones) take days to deposit (although some days there are 2 deposits in one day)…makes me wonder, are they intentionally holding on to very large amounts of money to make more $$ themselves before letting go of it? After creating an account with Stripe and processing approximately $50AUD they email me that they hold 50% of payments in their account for 30 days – I assume as a precautionary measure for new accounts. It does not make sense that my Stripe account was disabled on 10/4/16 and I still had funds being taken from my bank account on 10/11/16. Apparently Stripe had frozen my account for ‘review’ without informing me and without admitting they had done so. We are extremely dissatisfied with their service. We use 3 fraud tools with BigCommerce , who mark orders as “SAFE TO SHIP” – even after this , Stripe still hits us with disputes.No phone support , scripted responses , nightmare – we are waiting on Stripe to up their game.In the interim we are posting on forums to learn more about Stripe and why they behave like this. I swore I would never use them again and told them so – but aside from paypal they are the only integration available to me for my membership plugin.


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