toyo open country ht vs michelin ltx

So much so that many RV owners swear by them and will use nothing else. H&S Performance MCC Mini Maxx with MCCbyRYAN, H&S Maxx Flow intake horn, H&S 4" boost tube, H&S 5" TBE straight piped. Wish i could go bigger and more aggressive, but I spend alot of time on the road everyday with this truck and cant justify it.

Love it, I don't like any lift over 2" with the level look. Tundra Solutions Forum - the best community to talk, mods, price, repair and research your Toyota! Just keep in mind that Toyo tires are not just for RVs. Toyo has gone all out that we can see when it made this tire.

Everyone likes to make comparisons. They do not go into tire specifics when talking about which tire is best for their RV. I have about 20,000 on these tires and they are wearing good. One of those competitors is Toyo, and they do put out some great tires. We have seen some reviews where the mileage has made it into 50,000 miles with ease. Depending on your TT or RV you can save between $600 and $1000 if you make the switch to Toyo. The M152 also is another top-quality Toyo tire that makes its own mark on the RV world. I have had them for 3 years now with 20,000+ miles and the wear is much better than the original tires as well. Toyo vs Michelin RV Tires. If you do a lot of freeway driving, keep it close to stock as possible. Its zig-zag tread makes sure the rubber on the tire does not wear out unevenly or too quickly. I had the Michelins on my 4Runner. Haha thanks Maylon. Went with the Toyos, installed this morning for $893 from Les Schwab, which was $~130 higher than Costco's Michelin special, but it only took 40 mins to install vs the stupid 4 hour waits at Costco so that seemed worth it in itself. vehicle well while the stiffness ensures that you get a smoother ride. Im about to replace the Toyos with michelin Crossclimates. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. We can’t possibly provide you with a tire inflation guide for all of the Toyo tires. (Dont you think a 3/1 lift would be too much for this size tire?).

I also have the Toyo Open Country H/T's and have been impressed with how the vehicle handles/rides with these tires compared to the original 2014 3500 MB tires. China, Malaysia and Australia plants make other Toyo tires and the word is out that due to some Chinese shortcuts making other tire brands, Toyo watches their Chinese employees with a heavy hand. 12,789 Posts . Was not there before. This series of tires come in a variety of sizes. Actually, the ride is better.

Thanks. The 140Z model offers some great steering and traction performance that may not be equaled.
So if you are looking for which one is better, Michelin’s are still top quality but expensive while the Toyos are just as good for a cheaper price. The ride feels solid now, not harsh.

Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. I am all highway driving. What we can do is tell you that in many instances the Toyo Tires seem to be the equivalent of Michelin tires. Best all-season tires for SUV, cars, and light trucks.

2019 Sprinter 519/907/VS30 series (3500 DRW) 170"/4325 mm wb Hi Top Short Back.

ETA: I peeled out trying to cut accross HWY 224 tonight so getting new tires has become a more pressing issue than I thought.

I got 70,000 miles out of those. I also have the Toyo Open Country H/T's and have been impressed with how the vehicle handles/rides with these tires compared to the original 2014 3500 MB tires. That is a fact just about everyone should know. You should be able to drive the road with comfort and peace of mind knowing your RV is equipped with one of the best options available.

That could be Toyo tires. Notice shimmy at speeds ~60mph. Of course, every tire brand has their own loyal customers who will use those brands only. How Good Are Toyo RV Tires?

I am still riding stock 275/65/18 tires. The chart should cover your tires without leaving any out. (Toyo vs Michelin for RVs), F350 vs F450: The difference Between Ford F350 and F450. I have done alot of research, but am still stuck between the Toyo Open Country AT in 275/70/18 and the Michelin LTX AT2 in the same size on stock 18 inch alloy wheels. • The M152 also is another top-quality Toyo tire that makes its own mark on the RV world. The ride is better than stock, and maybe 1 mpg less. The tire models we saw for RVs can range from $148 to $300. The one caveat that is placed on that web page is that you should never exceed the sidewall markings for maximum loads or inflation pressures.

My tire is 10 ply, and I run 35 psi all around.

Michelin as far as we can tell, does not do that for their tires. My truck has never even been parked on grass, let alone run offroad. I just want to make it look a little bigger than stock. Pritty easy to do at home just need a good external spring compressor, and 4ish hours with beer. Anyone have any preferences? Some models of Toyo tires are designed to work in all seasons making the competition nervous. do not get the Michelins they have terrible wet traction!

I had the wheels re-balanced and it fixed the issue. Some information has pointed out that there is an American plant in Georgia that makes Toyo tires. It comes with low rolling resistance for fuel economy, can resist punctures and other tire ailments, has a great tread design and can handle most road conditions. Toyo Open Country vs. Michelin LTX M/S?

The truck tires are supposed to come out of the Georgia plant located 50 miles south of Atlanta.


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