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Sometime prior to 1971, Tommy joined the Forelli Crime Family, one of the main three Mafia families in Liberty City and the most powerful one at that time. In Driv3r, un videogioco d'azione con caratteristiche simile alla serie GTA, compaiono dieci nemici nascosti chiamati "Timmy Vermicelli", che possono essere uccisi dal giocatore. Sonny gli affida subito l'incarico di recarsi a Vice City per aiutarlo a concludere un affare riguardante della droga. This could mean that Tommy is still alive and in power during the early 2000s. Sonny e i suoi complici iniziano così a pensare chi dei loro scagnozzi potrebbero mandare nella "città del vizio" per rappresentare la loro mafia, al che pensano a Tommy Vercetti. A gun battle ensues, with Tommy killing both Lance and Sonny, who also confirms Tommy's suspicion that he was set up in Harwood. Portland, Liberty City (Formerly)Vice CityOcean View HotelOcean Heights ApartmentsLinks View ApartmentEl Swanko Casa1102 Washington Street3321 Vice PointHyman CondoSkumole ShackVercetti Estate Nella storia principale Tommy non ha bisogno di uccidere persone innocenti. Weapons Over time, Tommy begins building his own criminal empire and eventually finds the man responsible for the ambush, killing him and taking over his business, thus becoming the leader of his own gang, the Vercetti Crime Family. Tommy later performs contract killings for a 'Mr. Maybe you won't get us killed now, okay?)" He also has a small resemblance to his own voice actor Ray Liotta. He then goes on to explain his next task, his employer wants his wife, Mrs. Dawson, dead. Gender Date of birth Teal' (a reference to the then deceased Leo Teal). Taking part in a drug deal with the Vance Brothers that goes awry, Intimidating two jury members in Giorgio Forelli's fraud trial, Causing a riot to bankrupt a delivery company, Killing Avery Carrington's business rival, Blowing up a building using a RC helicopter, Killing a dealer in order to retrieve his stolen military chips for Juan García Cortez, evading the French military in the process, Watching over a drug deal between Ricardo Diaz and the Cubans, and killing the Haitians who attack them, Killing one of Diaz's dealers and all his associates on Prawn Island, Stealing a speedboat for Diaz and killing its guards, Taking part in a drug deal for Diaz alongside Lance Vance, and killing all the competitors pursuing them, Killing a Haitian gang lieutant and framing the Cubans for the attack, Killing numerous of Diaz' men in order to save Lance, Killing Ricardo Diaz and his guards alongside Lance, and taking over all his criminal businesses, Helping Juan Cortez escape the French military, Vandalazing several shops at the North Point Mall to convince the owners to pay protection money, Intimidating a cafe into paying protection money by killing the DBP Security agents that having been giving them protection, Killing two cops alongside Lance, taking their disguises, planting a bomb in a store, and escaping from the VCPD when the store gets destroyed, Attacking the Haitans' drug factory alongside the Cubans, and stealing a Haitian van full of drugs for Umberto Robina, Ambushing a drug deal between the Haitians and the Sharks and stealing their drugs and money for Umberto, Collecting several packages of drugs for Auntie Pullet, evading the VCPD in the process, Killing numerous Cubans with a sniper rifle, The destruction of the Haitians' drug factory, Buying drugs for Love Fist and killing the dealer when he attempts to escape with the both the money and the drugs, Chasing and almost killing an obsessed stalker of Love Fist, Causing havoc in the streets to prove himself to Mitch Baker, Killing several Sharks in order to retrieve Mitch's bike, Killing Mike Griffin, Dick Tanner, Franco Carter, Marcus Hammond, Nick Kong and Charlie Dilson, Killing a businessman at the airport in order to steal his briefcase and deliver it to Ammut-Nation, Ambushing a deal between the Sharks and the FBI, killing everyone involved and stealing the merchandise, Recovering numerous packages of drugs scattered across the ocean, Killing Candy Suxxx' agent and his guards to convince her to star in his pornographic film, Dropping fliers advertising the film using a plane without authorization, Acquiring incriminating pictures of Alex Shrub, Arrange a huge publicity stunt involving a rooftop spotlight without authorization, Attacking a rival cab for stealing his client, Destroying the leader of the rival cabs after being lured into an ambush, Raiding a ship at the docks, killing the guards and beating a person to obtain information on counterfeit plates from the head of the Vice City Triads, Killing a courier and her guards in order to steal their counterfeit plates, Beating Hilary King in an illegal street race, The robbery of the El Banco Corrupto Grande bank, Killing several gun runners in order to steal their weapons for Phil Cassidy, Killing several members of the Forelli Crime Family attacking his businesses, Killing Lance Vance, Sonny Forelli, and numerous members of the Forelli Family attacking his mansion and attempting to steal his money, He bears somewhat of a resemblance to GTA V's protagonist Michael De Santa, causing many fans to believe that Michael in fa… Tommy is mentioned by Ken in the mission The Meat Business in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, leading Carl Johnson to question, "Who the fuck is Tommy?" Tommy murdered Nick Kong under orders from Mr. Black and for planning to rob a bank. Tommy murdered Marcus Hammond under orders from Mr. Black and for planning to rob a bank. L'unica spiegazione data è che questa decisione abbia avuto a che fare con il rapporto con sua madre visto che occasionalmente, inseguito dalla polizia, Tommy urla "Lo faccio per colpa di mia madre". Questa pagina è stata modificata per l'ultima volta il 22 set 2020 alle 03:47. He has other outfits also, and his appearance can be completely changed through the Player Skin Setup, a new feature of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, allowing players to create custom textures for the default player model and apply them in the game. He is easily angered and quick to resort to violence. Despite his hot temper, Tommy tends to be loyal and trusting, especially toward those whom he feels helped him to achieve his goals. Suo padre aveva un negozio di stampa e da ragazzo Tommy lo ha aiutato nella pulizia dei rulli. This is especially true of Lance Vance. Tommy viene inoltre menzionato sul sito web di Kent Paul sotto l'elenco dei problemi sociali, dicendo: «Vedi, Tom, non ho fatto il tuo nome da nessuna parte. Sonny Forelli, growing restless and impatient, eventually sends some of his men to collect some of his money from Tommy's businesses. His father worked in a printing shop and as a child Tommy used to clean the rollers with him. Thomas Vercetti Meanwhile, Cortez has Tommy steal missile technology chips and kill Gonzalez, who had talked about the deal. Tommy murdered the Haitian gang lord while dressed as a Cuban gang member to start a gang war between the Haitians and, Tommy murdered Pedro Garcia under orders from. Tommy has the appearance of a light-skinned, black haired man in his mid-thirties. Cortez, believing that Ricardo Diaz was responsible for the ambush, asks Tommy to act as protection for Diaz in a deal with the Cubans. Can be killed during Bar Brawl, though his death does not affect the storyline. While working for Ken, Tommy also meets Lance Vance, the other dealer, who seeks revenge for his brother who was killed during the initial drug deal. Tommy murdered Franco Carter under orders from Mr. Black and for planning to rob a bank. He is also mentioned in The Introduction, a prequel of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (set in 1992), and in the game itself during the mission The Meat Business by former friend and lawyer Ken Rosenberg. Non esita a uccidere, anche se molte delle sue vittime a loro volta non hanno cercato di uccidere Tommy o non avevano fatto qualcosa che dava una motivazione a Tommy di ucciderle. Tommy Vercetti è presentato come intelligente ma di temperamento facile all'ira e veloce nella scelta di ricorrere alla violenza. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Blonde' released from prison after loyally doing time for his crime family, as Tommy did after the "Harwood Incident". Dopo il 1986 sembra che Tommy Vercetti abbia continuato a "lavorare" nella malavita di Vice City almeno fino al 1992, anche se il suo rapporto con l'avvocato Ken Rosenberg ha continuato a diventare sempre più teso a causa della dipendenza da cocaina di quest'ultimo. Intanto Tommy continua a lavorare per vari personaggi più o meno importanti a Vice City, come Umberto Robina, Kent Paul e Mr.Black. He does not hesitate to kill, though many of his victims are trying to kill Tommy, or have done something that guaranteed their deaths. Austin Powers: Welcome to My Underground Lair! Tommy meets Sonny in person at his estate to give him the counterfeit cash, but Sonny informs him that Lance has sided with him, betraying Tommy. Non esita a uccidere, anche se molte delle sue vittime a loro volta non hanno cercato di uccidere Tommy o non avevano fatto qualcosa che dava una motivazione a Tommy … Tommy murdered Leo due to his possible links with the ambushed drug deal. He continued to work with the Forelli Family, making his way up the ranks and presumably becoming a made man. Tommy also works for Juan Cortez, an intermediary for the drug deal, who begins to look into the ambush for Tommy. Tommy has a few unique traits as compared to other, Tommy's shirt can be seen in the wardrobe at. He first appears wearing a light blue-green Hawaiian shirt with dark blue palm trees printed on it, a gold pearl necklace around his neck, a gold watch around his left wrist, and a pair of blue jeans and white sneakers. 1951 Tommy ha però anche mostrato un lato più dolce, come visto con i suoi rapporti con Mercedes Cortez e soprattutto Earnest Kelly (il gestore della tipografia), che egli vede come una figura paterna per i suoi ricordi d'infanzia legati al lavoro con il padre in una tipografia.


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