subaru flex fuel kit

M-F 9:00am-5:00pm PST, Phone Numbers - Retail / R&D / Q&A We are making great progress on the DIT WRX Flex Fuel release. I will certainly pass it on to the Subaru Expert Group so they are aware of the demand. Easy enough process through MAPerformance. We unfortunately encountered a safety concern towards the end of development however that has been addressed and implemented for internal testing. The octane rating of a fuel indicates it’s ability to resist detonation. I credit my tuner for the work as well but if you want too much torque then get this. Will there be a flex fuel STage 3 map? - Delicious Tuning Mounting Bracket and Hardware You guys would see the largest demand for the flex fuel kit from the people with the 02-07 wrx, hopefully you guys are planning something for us as well as I and many others would love the kit for our cars. Required fields are marked *. Delicious Tuning Inc.

Compared to standard pump fuel, the higher ethanol content in E85 provides a substantially higher effective octane rating.

- Subaru Fuel Pressure Regulator for Fuel Rail Kit STI, Copyright © 2010-2020 SMY Performance Inc. All rights reserved, COBB Tuning Stage 1+ Power Package 2015-2020 WRX, COBB Tuning Subaru Fuel Rails / Line Kit Package 2008-2020 STI, COBB Tuning Lowering Springs 2015-2017 Mustang EcoBoost, COBB Tuning Short Throw Shifter w/ Kartboy Rear & SuperPro Front Bushing Kit STI, COBB Tuning Subaru High Flow Panel Filter 2002-2007 WRX/STI, COBB Tuning Subaru SF Intake Black & SF Airbox 2018 RA & 2020 STI, COBB Tuning Front Mount Intercooler Cold Side Pipes 2008-2014 STI, COBB Tuning Front Mount Intercooler Kit Silver 2015-2020 STI, COBB Tuning Subaru SF Intake 2002-2007 WRX/STI.

After having fuel pressure issues, some users were able to flush the HPFP (high pressure fuel pump) out with low ethanol gasoline and get it to operate normally again, while others had to replace the whole pump assembly before they could safely drive the car again.

We’re still hoping to have Flex Fuel available for release by early October.

Hey Sarah, a Protuner should be able to adapt an E85 and 93 Protune into a Flex Fuel tune without much effort. Will just one protune be required? .hide-if-no-js { I have been waiting so long for this! Can I jump the gun and install a gmc e85 sensor and just pnp with what’s coming out? any closer to Legacy GT (spec.B) support? A: I would suggest going to at least a 1000cc injector before running flex fuel. Our goal is to offer an Off The Shelf Map for that setup. This long awaited, highly anticipated, feature is upon us! Will the flex fuel be compatible with Speed density? Part Number: CBT-316650. Flex Fuel allows seamless flexibility between using standard gasoline and ethanol based fuel which is where the term Flex Fuel is derived. Long story short, while the power potential is very attractive, use of high ethanol content fuel is at your own risk.

:D. We had an unfortunate delay with one of our suppliers on the hardware side. is there a release date on the cobb flex fuel for 2016 wrx yet? A complete plug and play solution enabling users to convert their supported Subaru WRX to a Flex Fuel configuration without losing factory compensations. This flex fuel kit enables user to convert their vehicle to a flex fuel configuration. The demand for flexfuel among 02-07 WRXs is just as, if not greater than any other model WRX or STI.

- Michele Abbate's Race Car runs the Delicious Tuning's Flex Fuel Package to get the most out of her vehicle to compete at the level needed for racing in the professional USTCC series. With DIT Flex Fuel nearing completion, we will be digging into the GD ECUs and will hopefully be able to get an accurate scope on the work required to add these features for the older cars.

Couple this hardware with your COBB Accessport and a Protune and you get the OEM functionality of Flex Fuel with the added performance ethanol has to offer. Luckily, we have a pretty awesome Trade-In Program that offers 50% off a V3! As with other DIT platforms i.e. Please enter your email address below to receive a password reset link. Regular price $ 800.00 GTR Factory Fuel System STG2 Upgrade. The compact fitment offers easy installation into many modern fuel pump modules where standard sized pumps (such as DW100, DW200, and DW300) cannot be fitted. Would love to purchase this flex fuel kit with the FMIC… Thanks for the update.

For most people, those injectors should provide plenty of overhead. Unfortunately we are not able to ship this item outside of the United States. We’ll be offering a complete plug-and-play solution, including a sensor. Features: Subaru Flex Fuel Ethanol Sensor Kit – WRX 2015-2018, Completely Plug and Play Solution

Hopefully around the end of this year. NCAA Football.

Yes ($650.00) Have any Questions? This can be a major drawback, and more than a few folks have run out of E85 when running an WRX that strictly uses E85.

I'm not spambot * COBB's Flex Fuel kit is the easiest to use and most sophisticated kit on the market. If you have any questions, feel like you received this message in error or would like suggestions on other brands please contact us here.

• Impeller Design: Single Scroll Composite Turbine Subaru WRX Flex Fuel + Fuel Upgrade Package. Please select This added resistance allows tuning to be more aggressive through timing and boost, yielding greater horsepower output.

- Delicious Tuning Plug and Play Harness Performance Auto Parts & Car Accessories | Unbeatable Prices Your One Stop Shop For Performance Auto Parts. Yes (with E-Tuning) ($975.00), None

A WRX flex fuel upgrade kit will balance the tune based on the amount of Ethanol detected in the fuel entering the engine. Delicious Tuning - FlexFuel BlueTooth Kit (FFBT) for Ecutek takes all the guess work out of determining what the ethanol /gasoline (petrol) ratio is in your vehicle. Is it next week yet? More Information . If you have any questions, feel like you received this message in error or would like suggestions on other brands please contact us here. Yes (with “Burble” and E-Tuning) ($975.00) Please be aware requires that you have JavaScript enabled and that your browser accepts cookies. The COBB Flex Fuel kit will allow you to overcome any disparities in ethanol content from station to station or season to season.

We are anyone’s ultimate destination for getting just about everything you need to make your ride yours. Please. Is the FF hardware kit for the ’07 STi going to be identical to the 08-16 STi kit since the TGV plugs are the same? • Current Draw (40 psi): 12 amps (13.5v), Your email address will not be published.

You must create a support ticket to acquire your return authorization number prior to returning the product. Our FlexFuel system determines the content ratio between gasoline and ethanol content in the fuel.


We plan to support almost all WRX/STi model vehicles. Unfortunately due to vendor restrictions we are unable to sell this brand within Australia. How will this work with existing custom E85/93 pro tunes?

Only registered users can write reviews. You have probably seen several vehicles badging this capability during your commute. No updates on the Forester or Legacy front a of yet. Only registered users can write reviews. The Subaru Fuel System Package + Flex Fuel Includes: Fuel Rails, Fuel Rail Line Kit, Fuel Rail Line Kit to Flex Fuel, Fuel Pressure Regulator for Fuel Rail Kit, Flex Fuel Ethanol Sensor Kit, Fuel Pressure Sensor Kit, Top Feed 1050x Fuel Injectors, and the AEM High Flow Fuel Pump. Is the dynamic compensation of ethanol fuel feature from the accessport compatible with this unit? VW, BMW, Mazda, the fuel pumps in Subaru DIT vehicles are not designed for ethanol use beyond 10-15%.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. - Continental Flex Fuel Sensor.

- Delicious Tuning Smart Phone Applications (Android or iPhone Compatible) Not Yet Reviewed. We do plan to make Flex Fuel available for the 2006 STi, however it will not be a part of the initial release in January. Looking promising for late this week or early next week, though! The DW65c was the industry’s first compact fitment high flow pump.

- The -6AN style fitment lines are black stainless steel reinforced braided fuel lines, and black hard anodized AN fittings.

As part of our site security measures, you may occasionally receive a captcha which helps us make sure there is no automated robot activity on the site. We do not have any current plans to develop a Flex Fuel solution for the EvoX platform.

Billet Aluminum Converter Case 90s Rap. COBB SUBARU FA20DIT FLEX FUEL ETHANOL SENSOR KIT.

display: none !important;

Hey I was just wondering if you guys are still on track for a summer update. Look no further!

Stop letting gas stations and fuel mixture equations dictate your route and live your life. If you have any questions, feel like you received this message in error or would like suggestions on other brands please contact us here. The Ethanol Sensor Kit measures the ethanol content of fuel being fed into the motor and converts it into data that can be utilized by the car’s ECU. Emissions Notice to Customers in California.


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