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How to make sure your soul STAYS in the LIGHT! I never use my personal blogs but I can’t let them go. And Twitter, which I unapologetically use a lot, doesn’t always cut it. THIS IS HOW Spirits can Speak to the Living. Made in Portugal Lenses have Arrived. We encourage all JFJ associates to be vigilant about their health. By Steve Huff It’s been an amazing time for audio and us HiFi enthusiasts over these last few years. Such a great little […]. There are other readings as well, but the image of Agnolo, a fat man struggling in the heat to bury his children under a merciless sun, has never quite left me. ~ Agnolo di Tura, Siena, 1348. But enough. What I do is 100% REAL. on I Speak with the Sprit of Sushant Singh Rajput. The kind of devastation that has no point in history because whatever the year on the calendar, it would be the same for anyone in similar circumstances. I Speak with the Sprit of Sushant Singh Rajput. Today I have a new video for all of you that was done due to thousands […], See & Hear spirit OPEN my Drawer. Write this post about how I want to do this more then not write anything personal and casual for the hell of it for a year or more. The world has grown wicked creepy scary. on Spirit Says CHRISTMAS 2020 will bring War. The CURE to the AUDIOPHILE Disease? Plenty of people read my paid work now, but few read this. Hear what they say in the amazing Astral Doorway Session. HiFi first look. I would have a twinge of nostalgia sometimes over the last 11 years–I last kept a regular blog of my own in 2009 or so–and start something new, only to give it up again. Blogging like this feels like something of a lost art. Today I have a video to share with you that is so worth watching from start to end. Catch up on the latest news, photos, videos, and more on Huffington Post I can’t bring that back and I can’t bring back crime blogging, make it supplant true crime podcasts, most of which I find either tone-deaf or severely lacking in bringing anything new to the table. It ships by end of July 2020 and you can pre-order […], The B&W 706 S2 Speaker Review vs KEF LS50 and Falcon LS3/5a By Steve Huff Since I just did a huge review on the B&W 705 S2, and a mini review of the 707 S2 […], The Naim Nova Review. on The Naim Nova Review. His own voice responds to my questions. Well, not new as in from right […], Spirit says War will happen near Christmas 2020. I write all the time. Are they correct? THE LAST SPIRIT SESSION in my HOME. By Steve Huff Two new videos for you guys today. It’s like a running joke. It was a cruel and horrible thing. THREE TIMES with audible VALIDATION. AirPods Pro vs BudsLive vs Sony vs Master & Dynamic vs Sennheiser! Also, how to find your spirit guides and learn their name. Also, MY PLANS FOR 2021 and Huff Paranormal. I write up to 18, sometimes 20 blog posts a week. I’ve been unsure as to why, the whole time. But I ramble, something I haven’t given myself permission to do in a while. We ask our customers to follow the CDC’s suggested hygiene practices to diminish viral spread. But I don’t know. Clouds are rushing by, white and gray, and the sun isn’t really out but I can see blue sky as well. Hello to all! I’m going to try and just focus on the one site for now, though. The Most Beautiful Camera in the World. Time to experiment. The CURE to the AUDIOPHILE Disease? So I guess even the worst-case scenario imaginings in my mind regarding coronavirus are enough to shake me a bit, to rattle my cage. There may even be opinion pieces written later about how it was all overblown. Made in Portugal Lenses have Arrived. Be Notified when a New Post is Published! The dream ended at my elementary school, with me standing outside my kindergarten classroom, which was in shambles. I have blogs everywhere. Blogging, which I initially enjoyed enough to daydream of doing it for a living, is what I do for a living. on THE LAST SPIRIT SESSION in my HOME. I first created a blog in 2000. I’m typing this on the physical keyboard that comes with the BlackBerry Key2 and thinking the crackberry combined with this easier to use keyboard–and I’m sorry, it is easier once you get used to it–I just might. Also, how to find your spirit guides and learn their name. Are they correct? Why I do not want one. I read a pretty good blog post today that said we should just blog for the hell of it. In the years since I first began a blog in 2000 (my wife, then fiancee, inspired me to start one for reasons not worth going into now), I became a professional writer and editor. The writer’s program doesn’t work as well as Medium intended, I think, and for every intriguing Medium post that is well-written and worth reading there are 20 badly-written, semi-plagiarized piles of automated content farm level bullshit. There was an embarrassment factor in that as well. Even though I say this here, I still get over 400 emails per month requesting this and it is just NOT possible for me to do. I need to present more than just my whack-ass Twitter account to the world. June 2020. One of my sisters was just a mummy in a creaking swing on the back porch. By Steve Huff Yesterday I wrote about the decline of camera sales over the last few years. JBL L82 CLASSIC in for REVIEW! Steps that JFJ is taking to protect our customers and staff: These are terribly uncertain times. But here are the facts as I sit here at 9:23 pm in Central Massachusetts on a warm August night: I have this blog, to which I’ve imported various blog posts written randomly over the last six-seven years, and I have this: Also, how to find your spirit guides and learn their name. It’s an evolving situation and we are on top of it! I am MOVING! I’m mostly just following the brush with this post, which is being written on the kind of day that has always given me the creeps, because it is so like bad dreams I had as a child. Writer, ghostwriter, Deputy Digital Editor, Maxim magazine. Vintage Inspired. Most things will go forward. This situation continued [from May] until September. on Leica made M lenses now CHEAPER. THE BEST Wireless Buds of 2020 TESTED. After 11 years in my home here in Phoenix AZ, Debby and I are making a life change and moving 2000 miles away to […], THE BEST Wireless Buds of 2020 TESTED. Living half a century gives you just enough to talk about it might be worth the trouble. I also frankly think it’s a good URL, which was important back in the early days o’ blogging, but who knows, now. Yesterday I was in my bedroom and after a shower I […], The Best Spirit Recordings ever Captured, and yes, they are all REAL. Welcome once again. AirPods Pro vs BudsLive vs Sony vs Master & Dynamic vs Sennheiser! User Reports – YOUR views on camera gear! By Steve Huff This week Sony officially announced the A7SIII! This is […], Spirts Mention the End. I began with the passage above because this sentence is like a prose earworm in my brain, some days: “And I, Agnolo di Tura, called the Fat, buried my five children with my own hands.” If you read all of Agnolo’s narrative, you’ll see this is how it begins: The mortality in Siena began in May. on The Cowboys and the Leica M9M by Dan Bar. No one wants to know how alone the man must have felt. So many cutting edge products that blur the […], Roon Nucleus Review as a STREAMER vs Innuos Zen Mini MKIII By Steve Huff So as I sit in my music room writing this review/comparison here on July 4th 2020 I am listening to my […], How to make your Sony ZV-1 GO WIDE ANGLE with Active Stabilization. That has its place but sometimes you don’t want to click the “thread” link on Twitter. The thing about doing my own blogging again is it hit me recently that the things I do don’t really have a home online. One where I don’t feel pressed to worry about SEO or whether I’ve got a goddamn image embedded every two paragraphs or so. In fact, I very strongly doubt the world in the grip of the Coronavirus Pandemicwill be anything like the graveyard that was Europe in the wake of the Black Death. I am MOVING! By Steve Huff Hello to all! Many posted YouTube videos on the A7SIII but not me as I was denied a review unit before launch […], The JBL Classic L82 Speaker Review. For now, all my personal blogging on any subject will be here: A Medium-hosted blog. About that I will only say I’m a skeptic but I try to avoid judging others’ beliefs. Father abandoned child, wife husband, one brother another; for this illness seemed to strike through breath and sight. The CURE to the AUDIOPHILE Disease? I’ve transferred years of posts to this site, many of them my crime writing, and I may even update it more often, like I’ve said I’d do for like 10 years and not really done. Spirit says War will happen near Christmas 2020. I’m a singer and a writer of more than men’s lifestyle stuff for Maxim or any other sites. Then again after my sister died from septic shock in 2016. His own voice responds to my questions. Amazing Spirit Energy. It’s all happening. Leica made M lenses now CHEAPER. on HiFi first look. I’ve also said I won’t use social media so much. My job is blogging. So Leica has “re-launched” several of their popular M lenses, and at a lower price. What happened over time was the more I wrote for money, the less I wanted to give it away for free. It has led to a soundbite culture. And the thing is, I feel like I found something in those early days blogging. Under $25! I should probably use this since I’m paying for the URL, huh? I’ve taken too long to do this. It’s all content only appropriate for Maxim, subjects of interest to the mag’s readers. End Game Integrated Potential? Subscribe below! I’ve been thinking a lot about Agnolo di Tura, called The Fat. Will I use it? When shopping, avoid eye contact with Brad. New photos and video! Email to Customers About the Coronavirus From That Weird Junk Shop Run By the Guy Your Dad Knows From High School (Plague Diary, 2), Cleaning common areas as well as the freight elevator where our cashier Brad spanks the spigot every day at 1:30. This is the newest video I have uploaded and it tells you how to always keep your soul in the light and […], What I do is 100% REAL. . By Steve Huff My video overview and review of the 907x Ever since this camera was teased as a concept camera long ago […], I bought a Canon EOS R6 and Moved to the Woods! I wrote about a ton of subjects, from personal stuff to the paranormal, just whatever hit me as interesting. Asking associates to stay home if they, or a family member get sick. Especially since I turn 50 soon. August 8, 2020 Comments Off on How to make sure your soul STAYS in the LIGHT! on What I do is 100% REAL. I can be disorganized and forgetful, easily overwhelmed. His own voice responds to my questions. That plus writing the occasional book means it’s not a bad living, either.


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