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Bastila wanted to go as well, but he refused to take her. It is here that Avaryss will face what came before, and learn that even a Sith must confront the past.

I would like join you."

When she misjudges a perilous hostage negotiation, a familiar face comes unexpectedly to her rescue. He even almost smirked.

Wait what now? She noticed Revan falling to the floor. But it didn't fall on Revan's deaf ears.

am back with a new story.

Well, these weren't their real names but nicknames.

At this point, Bastila got rid of any thoughts about redeeming Revan. Dark Lord sighed lightly. I'm going to put it a little differently and add some other characters partially or even fully taken from the series Star Wars the Clone Wars.

I cross my arms.

Rated: T - English - Sci-Fi/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 70,281 - Published: Jen grinned and shuffled his feet on the chair.

Revan knew it. Rated: T - English - Sci-Fi/Adventure - Chapters: 32 - Words: 152,380 - Reviews: 31 - Favs: 22 - Follows: 32 - Updated: A series of short stories featuring character from my shared Star Wars fan fiction universe. You may also chose summon other items by pressing the blue button." After seeing quite of few good Self Inserts, I decide take my shot at it. (A humorous look at what really drove Atris to Fall). The leader of the Republic forces during Mandalorian Wars came back with an enormous armada and started his own war against the very Republic, he swore to protect. I know things, things that could both help or harm people in this galaxy. There are no signs of life upon the bridge" Admiral Karath reported.

"Holy shit, is that Mandalorian armor?" I kept the blaster as I went back in my room, I needed answers, and that foot locker may have them. Bastila was waiting impatiently for Revan's return, but return he did not. "B… But my Lord, why?".

I turned to Carth and Hondo, "Well that was quite something else. I shook my head.

Malak almost smirked but his lack of the jaw didn't allow him to do so.

Well now, time to see what happens next. Before Carth made a big deal out of it. She had her black hair tied up in a ponytail with two strands around her face. "You fight me, you have a problem with Zaalbar. she said, getting good look at all of us. His second weapon – a purple lightsaber – waited patiently, clipped to his belt. Apparently, Malak knew of a Jedi strike team that boarded Revan's ship and decided to use it to his advantage.


"My names Mission Vao, my Wookie friend here is Big Z or Zaalbar. Rated T for violence, language, and adult situations. so you knocked a guy clean off from his feet and send him flying?"

His Sith armada was now in ruins. This takes place during the time of Star Wars: The Old Republic PC videogame created by Bioware and Lucasarts. They were personal Revan's guard. The Mandalorians were superior in every way. I didn't see much point in attacking you. "Oh god damnit, it better not be you Diller."

He saw his opponents preparing to advance on him. A memory. I turn off the computer and lift myself from the chair, heading towards my bed.

He finishes the remaining thugs with his flamethrower, burning them all alive.

But the Council refused. Her eyes were grey as always, but now Revan didn't see in them the flicker of happiness that was there last time he saw her.

"Alright.. Let's go." I grinned and bump my shoulder in Carth's shoulder. I looked at the T visor helmet, I knew what needed be done. They also had color marks on their armor. I open the door, keeping a firm grip on my blaster pistol, I looked around, luckily there was no one around. I mutter, going through the pages. And this would give his apprentice a perfect opportunity for his act of betrayal. "Yep, though that end up starting one big bar fight. I mutter, confused why someone on BioWare would be texting me. They were no one to argue with the will of the Knights.

However Hondo decide they needed get back to what they were doing. None of them noticed a stream of light coming to the bridge from the Leviathan. "This is a bad idea Hondo, I just know we'll gonna regret this."

Young Padawan didn't know what she was going to meet on the other side of the doors, and certainly, she wasn't prepared for this. The three morons couldn't catch what he was talking about, before long, it was too late for them. Weak, very weak. but Hondo's eyes were on a black hair man in light blue and black clothing, he was in the other room where some Twi'lek dancers were dancing front of people. His former best friend and now his apprentice was commanding this ship.

I step out of the apartment, now within the Lower City. "Okay, why in the hell would we let you come along with us?

No one could beat him in combat – he conquered world after world.

The visor from the inside was red, kind of like a predator helmet. As for once in his not that long life he didn't know what to do.

"What the hell?"

A young hero from our world discovers that those things are not so easily denied.

He was a tactical genius.

He knew that she will come for him, but he wasn't prepared to meet her after four years. Young Padawan carefully unclipped Revan's mask from his face and lifted it up.

Am stuck between three choices, a Mandalorian woman OC I plan, a Female Twi'lek OC, and a Canon Character. ".. Hmm, oh god, what happened?" Finally, we meet again.

Dark Lord knew that giving commandership to Malak was dangerous at least, but he ignored this little warning in the Force.

A year has passed since the battle on the Malachor V and the first news of Revan came.

Thanks to years of training in martial arts and going into the gym, am quite proud to say am ripped.

It was because of him. Their enemies turned out to be better than them. Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,437 - Published: Works for 2020's Whumptober involving my SWTOR characters in various situations. And then Malak chose his moment.

said Hondo, Carth nodded, narrowing his eyes where Calo left, he disliked those who kill in cold blood.

Two years after Revan joined the Republic forces, news came to the Capital of the Republic.

Anyway, till next time. The Dark Lord ignited his crimson lightsaber. Of course, he punished his men who didn't fulfill his orders, but he wasn't going to sentence those who did nothing wrong to death. I weakly got off the bed I was laying on, feeling my legs were waking up.

Carth shook his head, probably having his doubts there, I can't pre say I blame him there.

Leave them to me" Revan said to the three soldiers.

"Say, I don't recognize any of you, and I know just about everyone in the Lower City, and am pretty sure I would know any other Mandalorians here besides Canderous Ordo or Bendak Starkiller." I rolled to the ground, grabbing the dead guy's blaster, I pointed at the Twi'lek and I fired. They were his personal guard and the only ones, besides Malak, who saw him without his mask.

Since that fateful day, Kairi has been having visions of the past which are her lost memories. "God damn BioWare!

Young Padawan saw her companions slowly rising up to their feet, but Revan did not. he sends him flying out of the room, hitting a table near us, right where Zaalbar's food was at, he was cover in meat, sauce, and etc.

I write as the game progresses, so it's going to be a long one and lots of your favorite characters will be there. A hint of who they'll become. And thanks to this he was almost sure that he was going to survive what will happen next.

me and Carth watched Hondo go over to Holdan, getting his attention. A/N: Hey everyone! And by the looks of things, challenge is gonna be following you two, challenge I wouldn't mind being apart. "Look who's here. Luckily it wasn't the case, but it was still cool. Two Dark Jedi and three soldiers. Rated T for language, violence, and adult situations. "Really?

I, of course, don't own anything.

I figure the Jedi must have gave him a Corellian smuggler cover. Jedi were desperate. Now or never was her last thought before entering the bridge. He sensed that from Malak's ship.

Without turning around or even moving his hands he caught the man with the Force and slowly choked him. "Bastila!" He was taken aback by this sudden action but was still standing. It's possible to say they were lovers, even if it was forbidden amongst the Jedi. Young Jedi Padawan knew that she saw them earlier, but she couldn't find it in her memory right now. ", Carth couldn't help but comment on her way dealing with the Rodians.

I don't own KOTOR or it's characters, I only own the OCs.



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