star trek online best ship weapons for tactical

It’s cold out there in space; you should take an energy weapon to keep you warm. Its only 4/3 but has a uni LtC and LT slot. Thought my Com. Beam Arrays trade damage output for a very wide firing arc, making them easy to bring to bear on an opponent and well suited to less manoeuvrable ships like cruisers. The Elachi, those fungoid monsters who are best known as the doom that came to the Milky Way, flying gristly vessels replete with a sickly viridescence. I’m far from convinced that multiple cannons are working right at the moment, so am going to hold off on going into the details of the testing I’ve done for now – my expectation is that there will be changes at some point, which would render it all obsolete. Voyager unintentionally revitalized them.

When it first launched there were only a few energy types — but now there’s a large number of them, mixed and new. The proc provided by Herald antiproton weapons is also extremely useful: a 2.5% chance to add 7% bonus energy damage for 20 seconds (stacks up to 3 times). This station allows the tactical officer to control the ship's phasers, torpedoes, and shields. Love the article, but can you include the different effects of energy types or torpedo types? Beam weapons are the most common starship weapons in the Star Trek universe, and are the default weapons of most Federation vessels. Beam weapons can be mounted on all ships. Like most equipment and items in STO, starship weapons are available in different Marks. While this can give multiple beam load-outs slightly more burst potential than cannons, it can also lead to significant weapon power drain (see Weapon Power and Power Drain, below). All types of torpedoes fit this basic function, the major difference between them is reload time and overall individual damage.

The energy type of energy weapons has no effect on the base damage of the weapon. The only ships with more than one Universal bridge officer at Lieutenant Commander or higher are the Birds of Prey. Many of them do interesting things and others look amazing. Their vessels are an amalgam of shifting parts held together by invisible fields that can materialize from empty space and their weapons scream in the dark of space as they tear shred shields and tear apart hulls.
In contrast to energy weapons, projectile weapons launch physical objects – torpedoes or mines – which carry an explosive payload to the target. The mines move into an ‘X’ pattern and take a few seconds to arm themselves, after which they will automatically target and home in on any hostile target that passes nearby. Nothing great unless you want to spend zen, get the winter ship, its t6 and I hit over 20k dps in it with a terrible build so you'll be fine. Cannons have limited broadside potential when combined with Arrays that overlap their firing arc, but this can be a bit tricky, as the angle has to be almost perfect.

Tricobalt devices are affected by Torp: High Yield effect, and (when there are multiple targets in the arc of the tricobalt torp launcher) can be affected slightly by Torp: Spread. A weapon's firing arc is the angle of view, measured in degrees (°), inside which an enemy ship must be located. Likewise, when fighting a faster, more manoeuvrable opponent, it can be hard to keep them in your firing arcs. All weapon types except mine launchers can be mounted in fore bays. The Best STO Ships for Sale at PlayerAuctions However, when you are able to fire multiple torpedoes in a row, photons will deal more sustained damage over time. For example, consider two weapons: Weapon A does 100 damage and fires every 10 seconds, while Weapon B does 500 damage and fires every 50 seconds. They are also the only weapon type with a full 360° firing arc, but pay for this by being the lowest damage energy weapons. Like all projectile weapons, mines do Kinetic damage, and thus are significantly less effective at damaging shields than energy weapons.

Time to work on my Romulan character then. Nonetheless, that 360° arc has its uses. Star Trek Online > General Discussions > Topic Details. Correction to my earlier post. Mines, like torpedoes, come in a variety of types (Quantum, Chroniton, Plasma, Photon, Transphasic, etc). They are capable of damaging shields, but their effectiveness is greatly diminished when not used directly against the hull. Each functions the same basic way: setting five mines of a certain level at a time before a short recharge window.
It seems likely that this mine will behave in a similar fashion to a tricobalt mobile device, with a large area of effect, This is added to the base damage of the weapon, For energy weapons, the total damage is then modified by +2% for every point of, For beam weapons, damage is reduced by around -4% per km beyond 1km, For cannon weapons (turrets count as cannons for the purposes of range), damage is reduced by around -8% per km beyond 2km, At ranges of around 7km and greater, Dual Beam Banks are more effective than Dual Cannons and Dual Heavy Cannons, At extreme ranges of over 9km, Beam Arrays become comparable to Dual Cannons and Dual Heavy Cannons, At ranges of around 6.5km and greater, Beam Arrays become more effective than Cannons. Third in overall DPS are the Cannons. The Standard Issue damage for a beam array is 100. The first ship you get at a promotion is free. It's really a destroyer, but escort-like in some ways. Assuming weapons of the same Mark and equivalent Stat Bonuses: In general, then, players that favor beams – and particularly beam arrays – should try to keep a ship armed with any form of cannon as far away as possible. These mines spread out and take a few seconds to activate, and then pursue any enemy ship which comes into close proximity. another thing you have to have in mind when picking a ship, is that each ship type will have different bridge officer positions and console slots. For a table of the Standard Issue damage of the various weapon types, see below.). These weapons are obtained from the [Herald Lock Box] and the standard versions are pre-equipped on Herald ships (sold in the lobi store as well as dropped from the lock box). Some of the traits/ships might not be available on PS4 and XBox One, but the builds should work there too!

However, if you're a tactical officer (for example), the highest level tactical abilities you can teach your tactical BO's cannot be used in anything other than an escort because of the BO rank restrictions on the ships. The current weapon power level of his ship is 82. The proc on Elachi weapons is a 2.5% chance to give +50 Armor Penetration and 100% shield penetration. Many players who equip Cannons or Dual Beam Banks with forward-fire only equip Turrets in their rear slots to augment their overall forward-firing potential. These beam weapons have a slightly wider firing arc, 90 degrees, and are accordingly a bit easier to keep trained on an enemy while you maneuver. Don’t miss our constantly maintained post for several build types like Support Ships, Science Ships, Cannon Ships, and Beam Ship. Abbreviations: ". You can also use a myriad of weapon combinations, as well as many different science, engineering, and tactical consoles. When looking at weapons in-game, it’s important to realize that some weapon tooltips are dynamic – they display the damage and DPS of a weapon modified by your captain’s stats and current weapon power level – while others are static, and display the base damage and DPS of the weapon.

When an energy weapon is fired, the current damage is further modified by the range to the target: (For more details on the effects of range, see the Weapon Ranges article.). For details on the effects of power levels, see the Ship Power Levels article. Instead of blobs of green, Elachi cannons fire crescents that streak across the darkness of space and slam into enemy shields and hulls, sometimes bypassing shields and armor. You have incorrect information on Tricobalts. The FX of these beams is best described as puking a rainbow at the enemy. RELATED: 10 Best Episodes Of Star Trek: The Original Series, According To IMDb. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

With three plasma launchers mounted in the same bay, each will actually be firing every 9 seconds, and thus the DPS of each launcher will be 89% of normal. (For details of how your captain’s Stat Bonuses are calculated, see the Skills: The Numbers article. Photon Torpedoes, for example, reload quickly and can be fired more often, but tend to do less damage individually. There are several modifiers that affect the damage of your weapons in space combat – the base damage of the weapon, your captain’s level in the appropriate weapon skills, any bonuses to those skills, and (in the case of energy weapons), your current weapon power level and the range to the target. cruiser would be bigger than my Ltc. There are some significant differences between projectile and energy weapons: Torpedoes are fired much like energy weapons, but must fly to their target after being launched. These weapons come from the [Privateer Lock Box] and their standard versions also come pre-equipped on the Miradorn Theta-class heavy raider and the Husnock Warship. For more information on skills and how skill-based stats are calculated, see the Skills: The Numbers article. Star Trek aficionados will enjoy them because they are a reference to Dr. Krieger, a Federation scientist who, while working on a new prototype weapon, died in an explosion and accidentally framed Cmdr. Nuqneh!


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