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Though Vito pleaded with him to finish school and get a legitimate job, Sonny insisted that he wanted to "sell olive oil". If you’d like help, fake a sneeze right now and I will come up to you and pretend we are friends.” This is a long note, but its an example. girls have to learn to view the world like international intelligence agents just to be safe walking down the street. We as kids watched them film the scenes. He has two brothers, Fredo and Michael, an adoptive brother, Tom Hagen, and a sister, Connie. I had no idea there was a runway right there. Steve Anderson’s NYC Roads has a description of the plaza by former attendant Gene Biancheri who worked at it. And It could have been the Toll out of Rockaway by Broad channel. 4. Hell, I may take a ride out there tomorrow and lie down on the same spot James Cann did. When you approached the toll you could pay to head south to Jones Beach, or go north up onto the Meadowbrook Parkway away from the beach. BillRVC is right. smh. I also don’t remember paying the toll returning back onto the Loop Parkway, just going from Lido Blvd north to the toll booths. Take time for yourself and remember to sleep. If she gets slightly confused, you can whisper and let her know you’re trying to help and that she should follow along. If you get lost find a woman with a child. Parkways are usually faster than city streets. 0.00 s. SD. I saw the spot with my own eyes and read an interview with Coppola where he mentioned that scene. That mast [still there] transmitted instructional TV programs to Catholic schools in Nassau County, NY. It was the 1980’s. Look aware. It was absolutely shot at Mitchell Field. When Jones Beach was first built it was the only roadway to Jones Beach, and thus was called The Jones Beach causeway.) Home Trending Popular Gaming Reactions Stickers Celebrities Sound Discover. Locals always referred to it as “The Causeway”. I was indeed filmed at Nassau Community College, I am currently a student there and I am sorry to report that the piece of runway that the scene was shot on no longer exists.

Your body knows. Additionally, despite his well-known violent streak, Sonny is reluctant to kill a policeman; it has long been a hard and fast rule in the American Mafia that law enforcement officials are not to be harmed. You can see the Loop Parkway toll on the aerial, like Biancheri says, it only had a single toll gate. Cool stuff for sure, I so remember the first time I saw that scene and as a 7th grader I had to keep telling myself It’s not real- One afternoon in 1990 some buddies and me were racing around the track when a police helicopter swooped down above us and landed about 100 feet away…while we parked and watching in awe with our mouths open, this Highway Patrol looking officer stepped out of the chopper, walked over to our window and said “Let me guess, you all want to be cops when you get older?”…and then told us to get the hell out of there. I remember my Dad telling me he saw the filming, he was a Nassau County cop at the time at their testing site. Sonny Corleone is lured into a trap by Barzini with the help of his shifty brother in law Carlo. It’s one of the most famous death scenes in movie history. As part of the NCC maintenance staff, he was actually on site during the filming of the scene. Sonny was driving to Manhattan, not Brooklyn. Not positive that it’s still there today, but whenever Google photographed it, the same stretch was there. If you just want it in terms of the route you would logically take, Atlantic Beach Toll does carry some plausibility. Walk with your keys in your hands and keep a key between each finger, 6. Was there for years 69-76. With his father in the hospital, Sonny formed his own crew and took to the streets, showing his hidden genius for urban warfare. It made sense he’d use an abandoned air field and create a weathered toll booth. — The bays are right behind the bus yard. Yep, I’m almost there, I’m sending you the route.” outloud. I too recall reading that the scene was shot at Mitchel Field, the site of the old Army Air Corps base, near Roosevelt Field, where Lindbergh left for his flight to Paris. FYI: I grew up in Long Beach in the 50’s and 60’s and NOBODY EVER referred to the stretch of highway connecting Lido Beach/Point Lookout to the Meadowbrook Parkway/Jones Beach toll booths as the Loop Parkway. In 1935, Sonny married Sandra, a young Italian immigrant, and they had four children, Francesca, Kathryn, Santino, Jr. and Frank. When it was paid off they tore down the toll booth and the road became free. The Loop Parkway and Meadowbrook are on the same side of Jones Beach, the Wantagh on the other. There were other tollbooths beside it, but they were staffed only during the day, for heavier traffic. If you are unsure she needs help, you can pass her a note saying something like “hey, I noticed this man beside you is making you uncomfortable. I mentioned this to my father who grew up in Freeport and lived in Long Beach for 60 years, and he was also unaware that that road was known by anything other than “The Causeway”. Very interesting reading, especially to an old toll collector who worked on those Jones Beach access roads from 1952-1957, summers/weekends. The killing in the book happens at night, in the movie it is during the day. I believe the tolls collected by that booth were to pay for the construction of the Loop roadway and that causeway bridge which I always managed to catch in the up position or about to go up.. This is helpful when you’re in a crowded train and you notice harassment. Unfortunately, Sonny revealed, how he had seen Fanucci's murder and Vito was helpless to protest for fear he would seem a hypocrite. but ,, when sonny gets out of the car looks like the bullets are holding him up and omg James Caan does such a great acting job the end where the guy shoots him and sonny’s body is bouncing and then the shooter kicks him was just unreal what a great movie AWESOME!!!!!! In retaliation, Tattaglia's partner and the Don of the most powerful of the Five Families, Emilio Barzini, enlisted the help of Sonny's brother-in-law, Carlo Rizzi, in setting a trap for the impulsive new Don. If you see someone in an uncomfortable or possibly dangerous situation, walk up to them and say “Betty, oh my god, I haven’t seen you in so long!”. I can settle the debate definitively of where the tollbooth scene was shot (poor choice of words). Three toll gates for traffic heading south, (today there are 6), but no sign of a toll that ever applied to cars northbound. That puts you right on the Belt Pkwy. (tagging mutuals and people i follow to boost and repost this since i have 0 visibility, @rxdia @spideyyeet @allaboardthereadingrailroad @tcttenham @wkemeup @revengingbarnes @emotchalla @fitfootballers @nowthisnews @thelukealvez @peakyblinderswhore @quillvine). Sonny, now enraged and acting as the Corleone family's Don, prepares for an all-out war against the Tattaglias unless they agree to turn over Sollozzo. The Loop Parkway toll, where I worked in the 1950s, when the story took place, looked SIMILAR to the one constructed near Mitchel Field for filming. Clemenza taught Sonny how to shoot and use a garrote wire, but was disappointed when Sonny preferred using a gun to a strangulation wire.

The toll booth was built in the open lot, I went to NCC in the early 70’s. If your gut is telling you to cross the street or change your path, do it.

Sonny was the oldest, most impulsive and violent of Vito's sons and, before Michael's rise to power, the most involved in the Corleone crime family. Puzo describes ‘several’ unmanned booths’, but the Loop parkway only had one. Santino 'Sonny' Corleone, a fictional character from the novel and movie series The Godfather, where he was the eldest child of theCorleone family, known for his temper, compulsive aggression, and rash decisions.

The only pieces of some of the original runways are located within the main parking lot at Nassau and small parts of Hofstra. There was a tiny one car toll gate positioned on the Loop Parkway just before it terminates at the Meadowbrook Parkway not far from Point Lookout. It replaced a much smaller older bridge that had opened in 1927. I grew up in Garden City on the border of Hempstead, we kids had a blast hanging out in Mitchell Field/Roosevelt Field/Coliseum/Flea Market/area. terrifying and so sad that we have to worry about this on a daily basis, (I’m an enby, but, frankly, this is helpful for anyone.

Certainly filmed at Mitchel Field. A split second notice is better than none and will help you. I made this google doc covering 14 different self defense tips and tricks.


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