smite ymir tank build

*Note that this is dynamic. Only two of his abilities do damage. At the beginning of time, the Realm of Fire, Muspell, and the Realm of Ice, Niflheim met at the place called Ginnungagap; the void of space. I really enjoy Ymir but, I am having an issue with this build. his base stats are pretty tanky so i usually go all magic power unless i notice the other team stacking one type of damage heavily. The team you're trying to counter is not all 5's what you're laning against early/mid game and who's actually good/fed in the mid/late game. Ymir and Odin were the first Norse gods introduced in the game.

Though, these claims could merely be the boasting of proud Odin and his brothers, who take credit for slaying the first jotunn and fashioning the earth from his body parts. The time between detonating and damage being dealt has been reduced from .3s to .1s. Addressed an issue in which Ymir could remain in crouching position when fired too early.

I feel though I am not as efficient for my laning partner. Yet Ymir, like all giants, was an evil creature and led his Giant brethren against the Gods. From here you can build one more magical damage item if you need the damage. This skin changes Ymir from being an ice giant to a crystal dragon. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Increased Movement Speed from 360 to 365.

I generally build reinforced boots, gloves of thebes, silver fox, and the rest is adhoc. Cancelling the ability decreases the damage. Press J to jump to the feed. Ymir smashes his club, doing damage to all enemies in front of him and Slowing them. Ankh of the Golem -> Reinforced Boots -> Witch Stone -> Qins Blades -> Stone of Gaia -> Breastplate of Valor.

Corrected a bug where some ranks had a 0.1s Pre-Hit delay rather than a 0.3s Pre-Hit delay.

So you're basically stacking MP for your lane of frost which can be dodged quite easily. Dunno why you got downvoted.

Applies Frostbite. The slow applied during his ultimate has been increased from 30% to 40%. Then soul eater. All of Ymir's Basic Attacks against a target afflicted by Frostbite do 100% more damage.

Ymir is my best character. Fixed ranks 2 and 3 being 1s shorter than stated. The original Cacodemon skin was a reward for reaching account level 30 on PC before the game released out of beta.

Made it easier for Ymir to run past his wall after deploying at his feet. Though after 3 items HP stacking is definitely a good idea but if you definitely want to keep your Thebes then I would get it before laning ends so you can stack it but I've tended to walk away from those stacking items on tanks in return for something that gives me results right away without having to build up all those stacks after purchase.

This skin changes Ymir's ice element to its opposite, fire.

Fixed Belly Ache Ymir VGS “attack middle lane” and “attack right lane”. This ability now goes on cooldown only after the wall dies. His mana per level has been increased from 30 to 32. But everyone I see is building AP-tank hybrid with void stone and what not, despite AD Ymir and Bacchus doing consistently higher damage. SMITE Version 6.12.5745.1 (November 12, 2019), SMITE Version 6.9.5607.4 (August 20, 2019), SMITE Version 5.22.5162 (December 3, 2018), SMITE Version 5.1.4571.1 (January 30, 2018), SMITE Version 4.22.4444 (November 20, 2017), SMITE Version 4.18.4334 (September 28, 2017), SMITE Version 3.1.3217 (February 2, 2016), SMITE Version 2.21.3182.1 (January 12, 2016), SMITE Version 2.18.3094 (November 17, 2015), SMITE Version 2.13.2948.1 (September 1, 2015), SMITE Version 2.4.2684.1 (April 15, 2015), SMITE Version 2.1.2598.1 (February 25, 2015), SMITE Version 1.0.2531 (January 19, 2015), SMITE Version 1.0.2529.2 (January 14, 2015), SMITE Beta Version 0.1.2044.1 (March 19, 2014), SMITE Beta Version 0.1.1968 (February 6, 2014), SMITE Beta Version 0.1.1948 (January 29, 2014), SMITE Beta Version 0.1.1868.3 (December 5, 2013), SMITE Beta Version 0.1.1850 (November 20, 2013), SMITE Beta Version 0.1.1831.1 (November 7, 2013), SMITE Beta Version 0.1.1805 (October 23, 2013), SMITE Beta Version 0.1.1774 (October 9, 2013), SMITE Beta Version 0.1.1764.2 (October 2, 2013), SMITE Beta Version 0.1.1738 (September 18, 2013), SMITE Beta Version 0.1.1705 (August 27, 2013), SMITE Beta Version 0.1.1682 (August 14, 2013), SMITE Beta Version 0.1.1666 (August 7, 2013), SMITE Beta Version 0.1.1640 (July 23, 2013), SMITE Beta Version 0.1.1517 (May 15, 2013), SMITE Beta Version 0.1.1349 (February 13, 2013), SMITE Closed Beta Version 0.1.1267.2 (December 27, 2012), SMITE Closed Beta Version 0.1.1215 (December 3, 2012), SMITE Closed Beta Version 0.1.1080 (September 26, 2012), SMITE Closed Beta Version 0.1.1018.0 (August 17, 2012), SMITE Closed Beta Version 0.1.934 (June 21, 2012),
So good stats all around.

Mark is weird on him but that little bit of extra damage earlier on is sweet since you are in their face if your ult isn't up. It goes right up there with AD ra, and tank Ra. If they're all Physical, rush that breastplate and go into hyper freeze mode ASAP. I play a lot of Ymir and have been building him exclusively tank. The other ones being.

Ymir has been a free starter character for every player account created since the start of the game's closed beta. Basic attacks switched from dealing/scaling physical damage to magical. 13 comments. I have been messing around with Ymir a lot lately trying to find the perfect physical build for him. heres how i play and what i build as ymir. Silverfox Girdle seems to outshine it you don't have time to farm it up.

Most people totally ignore his passive frostbite. The camera is now rotatable during this ability. Increased Casting time from 0.31 to 0.45.
as a non tank, do you take a lot of damage during your ult?

What I do is go ad or tank.

As far as it is known, Ymir has long been dead. Improved the accuracy of the wall stopping players. SmiteGuru - Smite's leading source for player profiles, elo rankings, and builds. The actor who voiced this skin, Bill Jenkins, also voided. Then frostbound hammer. Smite's Ares season 6 builds page. That's from his passive, after his abilities are used against you you're temporarily slowed. Decreased cooldown from 14s to 12/11/10/9/8s. Smite is a third-person multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios on PC, XB1, PS4 and Switch. Fixed an issue where he would T-Pose on death. Rush Warlock's sash. Finish the breastplate/boots as you feel you can/need. You need to build for survival first and foremost, so make sure that you're stacking the right resist. Ymir begins to freeze the air around him, causing shards of ice to grow on his back and Slowing enemies. and/or Sovereignty. Try it and tell me what you think.

i find after 15 minutes or so people will no longer target you because the other players on your team (hopefully) are carrying their weight and are targetted first. Ymir was one of the 9 playable gods in the Alpha build of SMITE's first presentation to the public at PAX Prime 2011. This should also fix an issue where the FX were playing to completion even if this ability was interrupted early. Press J to jump to the feed. I play a lot of Ymir and have been building him exclusively tank. I want to try a damage build, but don't know how to build him. For people that play Ymir as damage, what do you prefer? The magical power contribution has been decreased from 200% to 150%. This ability now does 50/90/130/170/210 (+50% of your magical power) magical damage.

From his body dripped other beings that would become the ancestors of Gods, Men, Dwarves, and of course, Giants. I think I have found the perfect harmony of physical damage and sustain with this build I have been using for a couple games. Once you have those 3 items, it's pretty adhoc. Lasts for 6s.

i find after 15 minutes or so people will no longer target you because the other players on your team (hopefully) are carrying their weight and are targetted first. Enemies afflicted by Frost Bite now deal 10% less damage to all targets.

I generally build reinforced boots, gloves of thebes, silver fox, and the rest is adhoc.

This ability no longer deals damage if he dies before detonation. All of Ymir's abilities that affect enemies apply a Debuff to the enemy called Frostbite. (You can also pick up rank 1 sorc boots and rank 1 warlocks sash at level 1 + 2 health pots so that is a bonus). I like this build still against a mixed damage team who are fairly balanced in Attack and Magic. Additional FX modifications have been made to the Digi-Mir 9000 skin. At this point, it's all countering your opponents. Ymir is a really fun god.

Fixed an issue where Ymir's ultimate would create debuff icons for his passive ability with different text. That will give you pretty even Magic/Physical Resistance at the beginning of the game. After ages of warfare, Odin and his brothers slew the Giant-King and forged the world from his remains. Players should no longer get stuck inside of Ymir’s ice wall. A new camera treatment has been added to the Ultimate. This is a great starter Ymir build, you will notice that it will get to the point to where your build will shift dramatically game to game depending on what you need. Stun at all ranks has been increased by .5s.

Both Ymir and this skin were voiced by Charles Campbell. The basic attack damage buff has been increased from 50% to 100% additional damage. My preference is Silverfox Girdle, which is just a massive health boost.

I use it to slow enemies team.

It has inherent tankiness, magical power and mana which will allow you to roam (or lane) longer without having to base.

The amount of time between firing this ability and the damage occurring has been reduced from 0.79s to 0.5s. Mark negates his non true damage a bit plus gives you some hp and passive damage which helps a bit early on for him. Then whatever usually defense items Doesn't make you ultimate hit as hard but it does nice base anyways plus it's easy to escape. Smite is a third-person multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios on PC, XB1, PS4 and Switch. The slow effect on Shards of Ice works every time.

My personal thoughts on Ymir is he is a great initiator and counter ganks. Smite's Xing Tian season 6 builds page.

With the attack speed and mild physical damage late in the game you can be quite the bruiser. Perhaps he only lies dormant in Niflheim, the realm of ice, eager to return and wreak vengeance upon Odin in his kin.

Mine is very similar. The cooldown of this ability has been reduced from 11s to 8s. SmiteGuru - Smite's best source for player profiles, god stats, smite matches, elo rankings, smite guides, and smite builds.

Fixed Nuclear Ymir skin having no textures in Lobby if texture detail is set to Low or Medium. My personal thoughts on Ymir is he is a great initiator and counter ganks. If you've got more magic problems still, Magi's Blessing is a good bet. Applies Frostbite. If you're going against heavy melee, grab Hide of the Nemean Lion (Baka says what?) Ymir can now re-fire this ability to destroy the wall early, he can re-fire this while under the effects of CC or while dead. Physpower Ymir is pretty scary stuff, and very viable.

I tend to go reinforced boots, mark, stone of gaia and then a tend to focus a lot of hp till the last item which is situational. Changed this ability to have a ground target before firing.

His passive kinda makes me want to build him as a physical bruiser, but all his abilities scale off magical damage.

I get ref boots and mana pots. Ymir summons a wall of ice out of the ground that blocks player movement. 50% extra ad is nice. Void Stone will give you Magical resist and a little bit more magical power. Hide of Leviathan is always good giving you Armor, Magical Protection and HP + Mana. Thats the only issue I have right now.


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