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It is the larger damage being done that concerns me. The problem that I have with this film is that it gives the impression that orthodoxy = dysfunction; displaying such dysfunction in a culture that is otherwise not known to the secular world is misguided. Thanks to anyone who will take the time to reply. Shabbos was great but that was it. They say I need to see all 2 seasons, then come back to discuss. I could see a woman without a husband being a money-changer. I spent the end of 2018 exploring this question undercover in several ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods in Jerusalem, thanks to the engaging Israeli television drama “Shtisel.” Both seasons of the hit series, which aired in 2013 and 2015-16, are now available on Netflix with English subtitles. I recognized characters and situations from things we’ve dealt with in our lives and travels. Do not translate text that appears unreliable or low-quality. Thanks for your comment, Shay. From that perspective, the popularity of Shtisel in the US may not be helpful. Our community has a warmth and closeness that exists in Shtisel, although, to the Haredi world’s credit, a positive side of insularity is that there are so many relatives around, someone is nearly always there for you. I loved the show, but the thing that bothered me the most was that they seemed to lie so so much. Most people in my community date for a few months. Great article! Well coming from a very British Protestant (Church of England) I have decided now to find a Jewish dictionary as I’ve had to look up so many words! Allison has been quoted or written about in numerous publications, including The Wall Street Journal, CNN, The Daily Beast, Huffington Post, and Yahoo News. We don’t get engaged on the first, second, or even third date! Aside from her most obvious blunder, that Shtisel are not Chassidic despite the peyos, she fails to realize that this is a drama, not a kiruv film. The show is in Hebrew and the actors look and talk authentic. did anyone else have similar feelings while watching the show, or was it just me because of the awful history of the country i live in? I know many Jews who love this show…NOT ME! Ezras Nashim Debuts Ambulance & Other Orthodox Jews in the News. The fact that you wrote a public comment that I seem to be uncomfortable with more right wing people is extremely hurtful and reputationally damaging. Finally, last month, I took the dive and joined the masses. Rather than focusing on the dating system or the husband’s role in delivery, the viewer is forced to see that the human aspect exists in a way that may surpass the romance and love that many of the viewers experience in their own lives. (I just started the second season.) Some of the rules I think are insane, but my wife follows them and we are raising our kids to be observant, so I’ve made peace with the insanity of some of it. Shtisel (Hebrew: שטיסל ‎) is an Israeli television drama series about a fictional Haredi Jewish family living in Geula, Jerusalem. How silly. While there is extreme poverty in the world of Shtisel, according to the Pew Study, the modern Orthodox community is the most affluent of all the Jewish communities. But for a healthy charedi person to live his life is a beautiful thing and we try to highlight people like this regularly. Conversely, we polled 600 of our readers a few years ago and 50% of the non-observant ones told us that our content had inspired them to either become more religious or consider doing so. That’s why Shtisel was such a pleasure. Most all tell lies, most alter the rules to suit themselves to. I’d really LOVE for jewinthecity to write about the Marvelous Mrs. Meisel! I watch (and read) pretty much zero modern non-fiction because 99% of it garbage, but this was wonderful. Thanks for your comment, Jennifer. The Israeli television drama centered around an orthodox Jewish family living in Jerusalem. You have, unfortunately misunderstood what I’m trying to express. Some of my own problems with my previous MO community was that the tam was missing. I guess I just don’t understand the point of keeping smaller commands but breaking bigger ones? Hanna Rieber as Malka Shtisel (grandmother, season 1), This page was last edited on 2 November 2020, at 00:49. You are confirming my point. The Time I Convinced My Anti-Orthodox Father To Become A Religious Jew, Shavuos During Covid: How We Can Increase Our Unity, Reflections From a Jewish Woman Living Minutes From the Monsey Attack. Everyone told me I HAD to watch it, but committing to being awake enough late at night to read subtitles was not something I was ready to do right away. My Mom thinks my wife is nuts and probably me for marrying her. I truly believe every adult gets to decide their life. 3 granddaughters later, she’s made peace with it. Also, I am not claiming it is a perfect community. It takes a person who intimately knows the neighborhood, to see the subtlety and nuances, that make this show and the storylines of this show outrageous. to name them, it´s the old lady doing money-changing buisness ( i beliebve she´s called erblich) and the “artist” who makes akiva paint for him (i forgot his name). Your email address will not be published. Zvi Arye, the brother of Giti and Akiva is competing for a teaching job at the Kolel, where he studies hard but loses due to his wife constantly taking him away to trap a rat. So I would say that most of the world who knows anything about Orthodox Jews gets their knowledge from TV shows, movies and newspaper headlines. i asked myself, if the show had been made and originaly released in germany, if it would´nt have provoced a shitstorm and accusation of anti-semitism, at least here in germany. So let’s leave it at that. Me: You think their life is basically my life? (And it is mostly set in Geulah – not Meah Shearim – so only the second or third most insular community). The point I’m trying to make is that when the insular flavor gets much more attention – and it does – all the time – many people have no idea that other possibilities exist. Has 1 person decided to change their lifestyle and become Charedi because of this show? But for good drama they give these characters like 10 big problems at once. What that means is they set upon the community of Meah Seharim and film that community with hidden cameras. Every human being on earth is a bit “disfunctional”. I feel they showed normal problems that can happen in any society (though people often hide them to keep up appearances) Their agreement consists of Akiva painting for him, and Fox selling the paintings as if they were his own. On the strictly “artsy” side of this show, I further find it humurous that Netflix nation really has no idea what they are watching. Because we use these pages to show all that one CAN do within the bounds of halacha, all the ways traditional Jewish wisdom can bring sanity to an often scary world. I was at the Shtissel event in the city. It’s a TV show, let’s keep it in perspective. Enjoy it or not. Countless articles have been written by secular Jews and non-Jews describing their love for the characters, the storyline, and their surprising discovery that Haredim (gasp!) Will we hear anything else from them? So if there were a show where there were several types of Orthodox families featured, I think that would be fascinating to see how they cope with different life challenges and where their boundaries are. You know that in all religions, anybody to the right of you is an extremist nut and anybody to the left is a heretic. And the self-portrait didn’t bother me. Why? And on the entertainment side of things, the show is great. I loved Shtisel. Allison Josephs is the founder and director of Jew in the City and its division, Project Makom. I’d also call myself right wing MO, but having sons in Beis Medrash and a son-in-law who’s a fulltime Kollel guy in Israel leaning Chareidi, I guess I have a somewhat different perspective. The room had not 1 Hasidic Jew in it. And made-for-TV is usually worse than that. When I spoke to a Reform friend from high school the other day, my fear was solidified. I actually loved the show just for its entertainment value. This is the exact reason I founded our organization. [3][4] On April 8, 2020 the third season, intended to begin in May 2020, was delayed by the coronavirus pandemic. I really find that confusing. He was/is a user and wants it to be his way all the time. We are as strict about adherence to halacha (Jewish law) as they are in that we use the Torah to guide every aspect of our lives, but our rabbis have less stringent approaches to many areas of Jewish practice from modesty, to kosher, to Shabbos, and more. The enraged Shulem expels Kiva from his home. So much depth in these series that is lacking in ‘fast drama’ so many live nice, ie Homeland (enjoyed for a couple of series). It represents just one segment of Jews and is full of possible but unlikely plot twists. Being pious and God have nothing to do with it. Still, I thought it was a beautiful show and artistic. A minor correction but the characters do not live in Mea Shearim, they live in Geula. Two shekels worth. We can’t wait for the new stuff to start. [5] Production was resumed in June and a trailer was later released in September. We are religious Zionists. Generally, I’m a big fan of Allison Josephs and what she’s accomplished via and highly recommend that website. I respect your views on what you consider to be an ideal for observant Jews. I don’t think most people do. Thanks for your comment, Carrie. But, for my husband and me, we couldn’t fathom out why these families seemed to rely on their extended family’s money as no one seemed to have a ‘proper job! My husband learned in kollel in Israel for two years after we were first married. [10] However, the characters who are more open to a secular lifestyle reflect Geula's moderation in comparison to their neighbors in Mea She'arim, the adjacent community known for religious extremism.[11]. When I heard the main actor go on about this being some sort of bridge builder between the Ultra Orthodox and secular, I then finally saw the danger of this “movement”. Income disparity is one way that Shtisel doesn’t represent other orthodox groups. I do however believe that with knowledge comes power and there is a lot of misinformation about Orthodox Jews and Judaism as abuse and dysfunction which have been practiced by and then covered up by groups of Orthodox Jews have become known as the people and practice itself, when hurting another human being is the exact opposite of what a Jew is supposed to do. Miryam says on June 12, 2019 . I have a problem with abusive behavior, which has come to my attention through Project Makom and from an outreach perspective, showing non-frum people the most stringent practices could dissuade them from considering exploring an observant life. He is passionate about studying Torah and it is clear that he will never hold a secular job and if he has any job at all it will eventually be teaching Torah to others. so when i saw the headline of this article, i thought it would refer to a completely different point which – though basically realy enjoing the show – makes me a bit uncomfortable. It’s to maintain control. i hardly couldn´t stand seeing the “self-portrait” akiva made of the “artist” before adding the red nose – could have been taken from a nazi propaganda poster of the 1930ies/40ies. And Fauda. The brilliance, and danger of this show is the carefulness used in not being disrespectful to the naked eye. I don’t know if we can take this show as the most accurate depiction of this community but I have heard of a concept before that the scarf or turban is the look for the street – not to be too attractive to other men – and then the wig (because the head is shaved) is a way to look beautiful for your husband.


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