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Poultry mites are external parasites. Shamo chicken breed have excellent mother qualities. The breed was first recognized by the APA in 1981. This does not include shipping cost which I would anticipate to be around $10 or $15. Shamo chicken is an Asian breed which is originated from Japan. £10.00 2d 13h. who originated in Japan. There are four varieties of the Shamo that are recognized, they include: The term “Shamo” means “large fowl” or “Japan game bird.” In the varieties listed above, the term is further described by each variety. The Ko Shamo has sparse plumage, therefore lacking good heat insulating feathers, but they can tolerate fairly cold conditions for short lengths of time, when properly housed and fed. / Standard Female: 7 Ibs. Also, a strong supporter of sustainable farming practices. If given enough space to roam and not too closely confined the Ko Shamo will do well as an addition to a backyard flock. It is much easier to incubate Shamo than rely on hens hatching, especially hens with spurs as they tend to break eggs turning them more so than others. In this specific breed of Shamo chickens, there is a range of weights all above seven pounds. In some birds, they are extremely small or missing. Shamo hens lay around 80 eggs a year considered to be poor layers. Each variety of Shamo has a distinct look that sets them apart from other birds. They have a very athletic build with powerful muscles throughout their bodies, which makes them excellent fighters. We would like to purchase O-Shamo Egg as below – Black Breed – 25ea – Red Breed – 25ea – Gold Breed – 25ea – White Breed – 25ea, Please provide your quotation and give us your acknowledgement after receipt of this message. The number of eggs produced each year can vary based on the variety of Shamo. A name can carry multiple meanings. There is no pigmentation marks on their eggs. The Nankin Shamo is a smaller bird with males weighing 937 g and females 750 g. Shamo chicken can reach up to 2½ feet in height. Price is $50 for 8 eggs plus extras, INCLUDES SHIPPING! These chickens can harm their own chicks. The Shamo hen is particularly large and this poses a problem during hatching. The Ko Shamo is not the miniature version of the large fowl. Shamo chicken is a fighting chicken breed. Chicks will begin fighting almost immediately, so males should be separated from the flock as soon as possible. Shamo chicken’s calm temperament towards people makes them easy to tame. The female Shamo is a minimum of four pounds. If the roosters are kept near each other they will always fight to the death. Shamo chicken is a medium to large sized chicken breed. Ko Shamo male and female chickens together, Chicken Feed Explained – When And What To Feed Your Chickens, Raising Quail [for Eggs or Meat – Bobwhite vs Coturnix]. It demands the room when it is present. Shamo chicken produces eggs not on a very large scale. Details about 6x Shamo Chicken hatching eggs See original listing. Color: The beak is yellow and the eyes are pearl with yellow shanks and toes. Shamo Eggs are light brown in color. It is recommended that Shamo chicken owners be on the lookout for mites. Hens make good mothers, but fare poorly as layers. Start by feeding them this and then adjust the weight of feed around how much they consume. Selective breeding of the Shamo has evolved over the years. The phytohemagglutinin in beans can lead to fatalities and the theobromine in chocolate can cause heart problems. The Shamo’s first foray to America came home with G.I.s after WWII, some as eggs in pockets. For this reason, it is not recommended to keep more than one male bird. Copyright © 2020 Chicken Scratch & The Foundry, Shamo Chicken Breed Standard & Appearance, Leghorn Chicken: Eggs, Height, Size and Raising Tips, Swedish Flower Hen: Eggs, Height, Size and Raising Tips, New Hampshire Chicken: Eggs, Height, Size and Raising Tips, Top 5 Largest Chicken Breeds – Also Laying Largest Eggs, Top 4 Chicken Breeds to Raise for Blue Eggs (Up To 300 Per Year), Top 9 Best Laying Chickens That You’ll Get More Eggs, Guinea Fowl: Eggs, Height, Size and Raising Tips, Hard stiff feathers. Game chickens are specifically bred for cockfighting with other chickens. Class: Standard: All Other Standard Breeds Bantam: All Other Combs, Clean Legged. Your chickens also need grit to help with egg production, so make sure there is always some in easy reach for them at all times. In 1941, the Japanese government placed the Shamo under the protection of the law in hopes of avoiding its extinction. The ‘O-Shamo’ and the ‘Chu-Shamo’ are designations of the large fowl for different weight categories. £11.00 5d 11h. The Kingdom of Siam was the original name for the country now known as Thailand, from where Malay/Asil/Aseel type chickens were sent to Japan for breeding purposes. In the United Kingdom, only the Chu Shamo and O Shamo are recognized. Eggs are usually light brown or white, sometimes with speckles. These chickens are mainly used for fighting. The original Shamo breed was crossbred with other chickens that had great endurance and strength. Their eggs typically care medium sized. The eyes are pearl color, but this can vary based on variety. These chickens can harm their own chicks. Its face and throat are featherless, and a pea-combed head sits atop a muscular, upright body. The small sized shamo chicken rooster may weigh 1.81 kg and hen weighs 1.36 kg approximately. The Shamo chicken breed is known to be quite aggressive toward other fowl, it exhibits a calm friendliness toward people. Just like silkie, Iowa blue chicken, Ancona chickens, sumatra chicken Ko Shamo cockerel (note spangled chest feathers) in foreground and hens in background. Buff Columbian: They have standard buff Columbian plumage. In the seventeenth century, the Shamo breed was imported from Thailand. The best way to prevent these parasites is to keep a clean and well-maintained environment for your chickens. Hello, I am Siddartha Reddy . The birds do like humans though, and with the correct care from a young age can be domesticated and tamed down rather easily. Feet are usually yellow. They can be tamed easily with proper care from a young age. There are two groups and 15 breeds of chicken protected by Japanese National Monument legal status of 1941, with the aim of avoiding extinction of these historic birds. Shamo chickens are known as game chickens. The large Shamo cockerel was bred specifically for cockfighting, which is still legal in Japan and other Asian countries. The wattles are very small or missing entirely. The ‘Nankin-Shamo’ is a bantam chicken, while the ‘Ko Shamo’ is an ornamental bantam, which is temperamental and shows the spirit of a fighter. Male roosters can weigh up to two pounds (1 kg) and be over 13 inches tall (33 cms). Eggs are usually light brown or white, sometimes with speckles. One cockerel for around 5 hens is a good ratio. The hens can be very broody, but they make poor brooders due to being so large and clumsy with eggs. They are also a bantam chicken. Love a great deal. As a result of that, one needs to not feed them too high of a protein content while growing. Shamo breeds are classified according to their weight. It is a protected species in Japan. Quite a few of the domestic Japanese breeds have came out of crossing Shamo Chickens, such as the Yokohama and the Phoenix. Remember, the original sole purpose of this breed was to cockfight and they have aggressive genes in their lineage. The breed quickly gained popularity in South America, particularly as a crossbreed for fighting stock, and are found primarily in the South today. Plumage is quite sparse on the whole body, with short, hard feathers which can vary greatly in color from black, brown, red, blue/green, gray, ginger to white, with a small ‘prawn/shrimp shaped’ tail. The breed was first imported to the United States in 1874. The Shamo is a chicken breed from Japan. As time passed, breeders continued to make the Shamo stronger. Chicks will begin fighting almost immediately, so males should be separated from the flock as soon as possible. The most essential item you need to keep chickens is a coop, which should ideally be 0.4 m2 or 4 square feet per chicken. Mixed-breed eggs sell separately for $5 per dozen and we hatch some gorgeous babies from our stock!! They tend to go broody, and make excellent mothers too. The birds do like humans though, and with the correct care from a young age can be domesticated and tamed down rather easily. Asiatic game breeds. separated to prevent them from fighting to the death. You can find the Shamo in and near Japan, and it can also be found in the United States. Chocolate and beans are the two main foods that shouldn’t be eaten by chickens. There are four different varieties of Shamo chicken. Ko Shamo hens are considered to be good mothers and generally get along quite well together. You should feed them growers mash up until 6 weeks where they should be fed chicken pellets which is just feed in pellet form, this has between 15-16% protein. The main reason the bird was bred is to fight. These birds are not great flyers and high protective fencing is only necessary to keep predators at bay. Although it was originally created for cockfighting it has evolved into a beautiful show bird. Shamo chickens are excellent mothers, they tend to go broody. Shamo hens lay more eggs than the other Asiatic game chickens (around 80 light-brown eggs per year, depending on the strain). Shamos ware developed to be fighting birds of unmatched courage and ferocity. There was a Japanese custom to eat the Shamo that lost the fight. The large sized shamo chicken rooster may weigh up to 5.62 kg whereas shamo chicken hen weight up to 3.4 kg. The hens are excellent mothers and lay more eggs than many of the other Asiatic game breeds. Its close feathers often do not cover the entire body. Shamo chicken is considered the best fighting chicken among other fighting chicken breeds. All seven breeds of Shamo chicken are National Monuments in Japan and very much seen as a strong part of the national heritage of Japan. Discover prices you can’t resist. Your chickens also need grit to help with egg production, so make sure there is always some within easy access for them at all times. The male sheep called a Ram. Ko Shamo love to forage outside for grubs and bugs. This chicken breed has been selectively bred to have the strongest traits for over a hundred years. Both the beak and legs have a yellow color. Spangled: They have standard spangled plumage. Their strength and power double up when they are fed. The Malay chicken has the record as being the tallest chicken, but the Shamo comes in second. They also love indulging in table scraps and will eat most vegetable or fruit leftovers. The most common color-varieties for this bird are; black, black-breasted red, dark, spangled, wheaten and white. The Shamo hen is known to go broody. Shamos chickens are the second tallest chicken breed after the Malay chicken. The name “Shamo“(sometimes used as a general designation for gamebirds in Japan) is believed to be a Japanese corruption of the word “Siam”. Their run needs 25 square feet per chicken. The only way to prevent the roosters from fighting is to keep them in separate spaces. 70 eggs per year. Shamo chickens are fighting chicken and their young chicks are also fighting. There are many different kinds of Japanese Game chickens, but currently, the Shamos is best known. The medium sized shamo chicken rooster may weigh up to 3.63 kg and shamo chicken hen may weigh up to 2.72 kg. It has four different varieties; the ‘O-Shamo’, the ‘Chu-Shamo’, the ‘Nankin-Shamo’, and the ‘Ko Shamo’. Thanks for visiting our site, let’s make this world a better place to live. It is a hard feathered breed which is usually used for gaming. As with other chickens, they will eat chicken pellets, grains, chicken mash or grain mix from 8 weeks old and older. It is recommended to observe hens and make their living area more comfortable and less accident prone.


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