sea striker casting spoon
It comes in a variety of sizes and can be matched to the available forage. This resembles an injured bait fish. Gold and silver are going to be the best colors to have. DROP DOWN MENUS SHOW ITEM # and COLOR DESCRIPTIONMy PageCuda TubeCT12G - 1 - 2/0 Hook - Fluorescent GreenCT12R - 1 - 2/0 Hook - Fluorescent RedCT12Y - 1 - 2/0 Hook - Fluorescent YellowCT12P - 1 - 2/0 Hook - Fluorescent PinkMy PageDeluxe Cuda TubeCT14G - 2 - 2/0 Hooks - Fluorescent GreenCT14R - 2 - 2/0 Hooks - Fluorescent RedCT14Y - 2 - 2/0 Hooks - Fluorescent YellowCT14P - 2 - 2/0 Hooks - Fluorescent Pink. Most of the baits in this list of the top 9 saltwater fishing spoons are available in a wide variety of colors and finishes. The spoon is most often fished in shallow water when weeds are present. Jim’s top 9. A spoon bait can also be very effective as a trolling bait. © 2018 Sea Striker Contact UsContact Us These can be used just about year-round and if you’re somewhere where you see a lot of baitfish then you should tie one of these on. Sea Striker Casting Spoon. If you want to be able to catch fish wherever you go then you definitely need to have a shrimp pattern in your tackle box. Here is a description and a link for shopping for each of Capt. Below we’ve compiled a list of all the different types of lures you could be throwing in saltwater. This can range from a shrimp, crab, or some type of baitfish. This imitates a baitfish and can be used in the same way a spoon is fished. Very reflective and it’s good in long casting for surf fishing. Sea Striker SES300-1 Spoon Fishing Lure. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Some of them have black tubing on the hooks that have melted a … Gold models have a gold treble hook, silver lures are equipped with nickel plated trebles. Any of the lures listed above will help you catch fish not only year-round but in spots all over the world. This means there is not much need for multiple tackle boxes or to spend more money on lures that will work just fine in both circumstances. Burn it through the water column to entice a strike or let it sink and then retrieve it again. If you have these you’ll be able to go out and catch fish just about anywhere in the world.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'tacticalhuntr_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_7',105,'0','0'])); This is one of the most popular lures in the freshwater fishing world. Cast it around grass and or around docks and other structures for the best results. They are effective when, Clark spoons are the number one trolling spoons used by, In conclusion, this list of Capt. Jigging a soft plastic might be the most popular way to fish saltwater. However, fish like to stick to a certain spot in the water column, and if you can figure out where it is then find the appropriate crankbait then you’ll have a great day fishing. Hooks are plated for saltwater use. This allows anglers to cover much more water in search of speedy game fish such as king mackerel and Spanish mackerel and false albacore. Color should be used the same way. The great thing about saltwater lures is that they can also be used in freshwater. Yamashita Eging Squid Fishing Snap size SS, WIRE SNAP TRACES SIZE: 30CM/10KG QTY: 6 WIRE TRACE LEADERS FORCE TEN TACKLE 8338, Eagle Claw Lazer St St Ball Bearing Swivel SLBBCS7 Size 7 200lb 2 Pks 4 off, BOXED size 1,2,5,7,10 DFS Rolling Fishing Swivels with INTERLOCK SNAP 100, 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 9 product ratings, 5.0 out of 5 stars based on 4 product ratings, 30 Pack of Jarvis Walker Assorted Brass Barrel Fishing Swivels. However, if you want just the basic colors stick with bone, redhead, and chartreuse. Since it imitates a baitfish you’ll want to throw this in an area where you are seeing a lot of small fish swimming around. It is an excellent trolling lure when these larger bait fish are present. (Simple Guide), The Best Night Vision Scopes For Your Nighttime Hunts (2020 Review). You’ll need to try both of these tactics to see what the fish are looking for. Qty is 11 SES200-NH spoons, I have three packages of 24 spoons. Let it fall and reel in the slack. These are fish that are feeding on the surface as they have trapped baitfish. Then use this crankbait to bring it right through the strike zone and you’ll be catching fish all day. Use it to key in on the location of the fish then you can switch to different lures if you feel the need to do so. He is a passionate outdoors man and enjoys sharing his stories as well as teaching readers. Redfish will eat these up with enthusiasm when they’re not tracking down shrimp and small crabs. Match the size of the spoon to the size of the fish your seeing and then begin casting. Many of them are pretty heavy too. Great for Stripers. Sea Striker Spoons quantity. Per 3. Our Cuda Tube lure is a 12” surgical tube with a single 2/0 heavy saltwater treble hook. This is often done over a flat, sandbar, or near some type of structure such as jetties, rocks, bridges, docks, and any other spots that will hold fish. It is a great search bait when trying to locate fish on expansive shallow flats. If you’re not sure where the fish are then use a spoon to locate them and then match that depth with your crankbait.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'tacticalhuntr_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_6',127,'0','0'])); These are lures that float on the surface. eBay Money Back Guarantee. Anglers casting spoons to mackerel, bluefish, striped bass, and other species will do well with a medium spinning outfit. All sizes available in 10 colors. Again, a medium action outfit that is about 7 foot long works best in most applications. ;1 Ounces - 5/0 Hook w/ Bucktail;1 Ounces - 5/0 Hook w/ Bucktail. Spinning Rods Vs. These spoons are very heavy and dense, which allows them to sing quickly when fishing deep water and in heavy current. You can either do a steady retrieve that is either slow or fast. The shrimp style soft plastic they have is one of the most effective you could purchase. So, if you’re new to the saltwater fishing game, or just looking for a leg up take a look at all the lures we have featured. His lure will help you catch just about any saltwater species. Casting Spoons. All gold spoons have a red lure flipper on the hook ring. In clear water where silvery and light-colored bait fish are present, silver is just a natural finish which closely mimics the local prey. The walk the dog technique is a simple one but does take a little bit of practice to get down. Get the item you ordered or your money back. This post will list the best 8 saltwater fishing spoons. Inside of them they usually have rattles that will help itself become more known to predators. Cast out behind your boat and allow the spoon to be pulled by the speed of the boat. All of these are extremely effective.


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