satisfactory flowchart update 3
This is just a small patch before the Steam release. No one will ever know what this actually did, Removed some unit translation of the Freight Car that caused misalignment during docking, Player health no longer resets to 3 blocks when entering vehicles, loading the game, etc, Fixed inverted normals on all buildable splines, Fixed issue with splitters/mergers slowing down items on the faster conveyor belts, Fixed that building snapping will not override the grid snapping on foundations, ensuring that buildings placed on foundations are always aligned with the grid, Fixed that building clearances are displayed when starting to build via the hotbar, Conveyor Lifts now display nearby clearances properly, Fixed the missing collision behind the ladder of the HUB, Fixed conveyor belts sometimes being unable to be connected to Splitters/Mergers when there is a conveyor pole in front of them, To-Do List no longer gets set to "N/A" when cleared, Fixed Conveyor lifts sending items to the incorrect direction even after they were rotated when in close proximity to multiple buildings, Fixed Conveyor lifts not snapping properly when connected directly to Mergers/Splitters, Fixed Generators still consuming fuel after disconnecting the power cable, Better collision for the workbench on explorer, You now see the reason why you can’t pick up items from the conveyor belts when you inventory is full, Local player (and equipment) now occludes the outlines, The Overclocking target should now take the purity of extractors into consideration, Fixed z-fighting on the factory legs placed with buildings, “Mark all as read” in Codex should now work on tutorial messages as well, Repositioned the Ladder on the Assembler to the correct position, New items in Inventory notifications should not show anymore when moving resources around in the Inventory, Fixed some minor aliasing issues on compass icons, Clients can now open Crash Sites that require power, Crash Sites that require power now say MW instead of MWh, Production time tooltip should now display correctly on Generators, Manufacturers & Extractors, Power Shards can now properly be inserted in Generators, Extractors and Production buildings via shift click, Number of items in a Power Shard slot should now show correctly when filling all of them via ctrl click, The Craft bench can no longer be dismantled when occupied, Fixed that some options were excluded from translations, Overclocking UI now updates for client without having to open and close the menu, Miners no longer have a startup time when loading a saved game, Stackable Poles can no longer be placed inside of each other, Nuclear Power Plants are now usable by client players. And thank you! If you wish to support the calculator, please consider donating to my Patreon campaign. The original post can be viewed on Satisfactory's Discord, Reddit and Steam. There are some edge cases of creatures stuck within Foundations that pop out of them at later times, so you might have to clean house a few times before they are all gone for good. This simplicity means that it is easier for this calculator to support certain features that would be very difficult to add to the Factorio calculator, but which I have wanted to implement for a long time. We also reply and update status on issues that we are aware of and sometimes ask for more information, so keep an eye on issues you report or are interested in. This patch was released on March 11, 2020. Any creature that has been removed once should not respawn again in powered factories. Sink your resources, get coupons and spend them on cool and sometimes useful features! This patch was released on June 8, 2020, and is the first publicly available build of the game that was made available for purchase on Steam. They now respawn within 2-3 in game days if no powered factory building is nearby and they won’t despawn until you have killed them once. This calculator is based on my Factorio calculator, and was created primarily to see what the project would look like if rewritten from scratch, applying lessons learned over the years spent developing the original. Holding right mouse on an item in an inventory still opens the menu, however you no longer need to hold right mouse in order to navigate the menu once it’s open. We are very excited for later! ; The interactive map will help you manage your factories and can act as a save editor. Patch Notes: Early Access - v0.3.5 - Build 124162. It is licensed under the Apache License 2.0, and its source may be found on github, here. News. It can transfer up to 300 m3 of fluid per minute. With it come pipes, fluid resources, the AWESOME Sink & Shop, Hyper Tubes, Dune Desert reworked as a new starting area, rebalancing the entire game, a bunch of optimisations, a whole lot of quality of life features, and so much more. Updated VFX for the Smelter and Coal Generator, Tweaks, optimization and polish for many older resources and parts, Smoke on factory buildings now doesn’t go through objects anymore on VFX quality settings Medium to Ultra (doesn’t work yet on the Nuclear Power Plant and Refinery), Polished some Wall, Doorway and Conveyor meshes, New mesh for Power Poles Mk.1, Mk.2 and Mk.3, Implemented a new proximity ambience system (currently only visual effects for Dune Desert), More advanced lighting and post-processing have been added to the Dune Desert (we will add those to more areas as we continue working on the world), Tweaked the suns rotation around the level to improve lighting, Added lakes to Grass Fields to support gameplay changes, Red Jungle, gameplay and reward adjustments, Bamboo Fields, gameplay and reward adjustments, Tweaked mesh and colours for the Limestone resource node, Tweaked Limestone deposit textures to match the resource node better, Replaced dead tree trunks around the world with new meshes, Updated and optimized the Geyser idle and burst VFX, Quartz resource deposits now have their own mesh and material, Tweaks to the LODs, materials and textures of boulders, pebbles and rubble. The game has been available on a different platform up until this point and we have somewhat learned how to balance addressing feedback and introducing new content from this time. The original post can be viewed on Satisfactory's Discord, Reddit and Steam. It no longer relies just on sound. We will keep on reading the discussions and talking to our community. Object Scanner has updated screen graphics. Patch Notes: Early Access - v0.3.3.3 - Build 117050. Hope you all will have a blast. There is a bug where if you select both the Recycled Plastic and Recycled Rubber alt recipes the website will crash. I am not a coder, I only updated the json file which contains all the recipes. Any issues you still find on Early Access or feedback you have for us you can report via our questions site. This can considerably improve factory performance, depending on the CPU, Disk space optimizations (the Experimental version should take up considerably less space than before), Cleaned out & removed unnecessary foliage variants, Cached savefiles more often, to reduce the amount of disk access to remove hitches when using a mechanical HDD, Fixed so that Static Meshes placed in the world now can have a lower resolution shadow and nice LOD transition at the same time, Optimized collision shapes on Conveyor Belts which reduces the number of uObjects and allows for larger factories before the limit is reached, Fixed performance issues when trying to place Conveyor Belts longer than the allowed limit, Different stackable poles can now be stacked with each other, Buildings can now snap directly to other building clearances. We hope to work on this game for years to come and make something truly special. Due to the rebalance and recipe changes your existing factory buildings will either not produce parts or function below optimal efficiency. Welcome to Satisfactory - Calculator! The Split Stack menu no longer takes all mouse input. If you go to, there's a production planner that you can customize very easily. However, due to the way the code works it only displays single outputs, so for all the dual output recipes, it will only show the main output. Jump Pads now affect creatures and physics objects like vehicles. You can always follow our updates and progress through our different channels; Website, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and Discord. Head lift has to be applied in order to transport fluids vertically, which can be increased using Pipeline Pumps. The code was originally created by KirkMcdonald on Github, and I forked it from frslm, who forked it from him. This patch was released on March 11, 2020. This means your factory will most likely not have any power on start-up. This page was last edited on 9 June 2020, at 17:31. Good work. 41. We use Discord, our own up-vote forum, in-game bug reports, surveys etc. The production planner will help you find what you need to build the factory you want. The game is out now on Steam! We’ve reached the point in development where we feel ready to open the game up to the public. Satisfactory Calculator for Update 3 by Legorin. This patch was released on June 8, 2020, and is the first publicly available build of the game that was made available for purchase on Steam.


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