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The two men, despite their differences, agreed to come to a mutual understanding through Kaneki. After his meeting with Yoshimura, he became more composed and loyal to the manager while he works on the behind-the-scenes jobs unquestionably. An omake revealed that he gets drunk very easily from fermented blood and becomes extremely talkative. He is an old friend of Uta and Itori. I don't want to kill you or be killed by you. After an unknown period of time, he became a waiter at Anteiku. Yoshimura rescued a young Yomo after he was badly hurt by Hirako and Arima in the 4th ward and took him under his wing. Arima is just very op. This is evident as he is able to take on Kaneki's rampaged attack without flinching. Moments before his departure, he warns Kaneki of the approaching Doves. He harbored immense hatred towards Kishou Arima for killing his sister, Hikari. While hearing Take's response, he listened calmly, without anger but instead put thought into the other man's words. Because of his scavenging habits and long-beaked, avian mask, he has the nickname of "Raven." Yomo and Hirako having a conversation about Arima. Two years after the Owl Suppression Operation, he returns as the manager of the coffee shop :re, alongside Touka Kirishima. When Kaneki first started working at Anteiku, Yomo also trained him to fight. [17] When Arima closed in on them again, he reminisced about the time his sister first showed her baby, Touka, to him. Yomo was a guide of sorts to Kaneki and often kept a watchful eye over him. After Uta asked them what they wanted to do regarding Kaneki, now known as Haise Sasaki, Touka stated she will continue doing what she had decided to do. On the SS level, Ayato revealed he figured out their identities, and after Touka reconciled with her brother, he left with them to save Hinami Fueguchi. Renji's(yomo) rank? Arima was a tall, well-built man with snow white hair and gray eyes. After he had left Arata Kirishima, he thought to himself that he was the weak one and he was just blaming others just to make things better. After the aftermath of the CCG's attack on Anteiku, he reminds Touka to get ready to move and that Kaneki had lost his way and therefore couldn't return to Anteiku. During the confrontation between Kaneki and Amon, Yomo was somewhere watching, and later came forward to Kaneki to calm him down. While working there he was nervous and broke a coffee cup, but Yoshimura took it in stride. He is an old friend of Uta and Itori. This hate caused him to lose his composure when he was up against Arima and attack in a blind fury. He c… When Arima attacked him, Touka tried to take the attack but Yomo pushed her out of the way and took the blow. To this, Uta and Nishiki seem pleased. Regardless of Yomo's thoughts, Touka told him that she believed in Kaneki's return. Her death caused him to become a hot-headed ghoul, engaging in violent fights in order to become strong enough to avenge her. Yomo blocking Arima's attack with bare hands. [8], He did not partake in the battle, instead he took care of Touka, as per Yoshimura's orders. [7] After Kaneki's reunion with the starved Rize, Yomo comforted him saying that through all the battles Kaneki had been through, he had always fought with his own strength rather than Rize's. Arima killed his sister and he harbours a deep hatred towards the ghoul investigator. Renji Yomo (四方 蓮示) Species: Ghoul Birthday: July 9 Height: 182 cm Weight: 72 kg Blood type: A RC type: Ukaku Affiliations: Anteiku Renji Yomo is the right hand of Yoshimura. Ken. Despite having little to no interactions in Tokyo Ghoul, he helps Ayato and Touka in breaking into Cochlea to rescue Hinami. Although he displays a cold demeanor, Yomo does care about his friends and coworkers. A level of trust and perhaps comfortability came easily to them, enough so that Renji shared his secret being the brother of Hikari thus, the uncle of Touka and Ayato, and his long term hatred of Arima, in turn, Take, who does not share much of his own feelings, finally expresses his own thoughts of Arima during the long years as his subordinate. As the right-hand man of Yoshimura, Yomo is a formidable fighter who is tiers above even Touka and his other coworkers., Renji Yomo (四方 蓮 示, Yomo Renji) is Yoshimura's right hand. He then scrutinizes Sasaki's face, and without a word, he leaves the table.


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