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What would you do if you saw an employee stealing money? However, entry-level Regal careers are suitable for teenage candidates. After listing this, the candidates need to provide their address, phone number, and email address. Regal Cinemas also has a variety of corporate careers available for those who have the required education and prior work experience. Copyright text 2018 by Here they are: The most popular Regal Cinemas benefits, and not only among teenagers, are the free movie tickets and the food discounts the company offers to all its employees. -  Designed by Why do you want to work at Regal Cinemas? Among Regal Cinemas there are multi-screen theatres. Not only does the company has its theaters in the mainland but also in American Samoa and District of Columbia. 1000 Remington Boulevard Suite 120 Bolingbrook, Illinois 60440 Phone: 630-410-4800 To further increase the tickets sale, and in order to become more appealing to the younger generations, the company created its own mobile ticket app, which greatly simplifies the way a customer makes a reservation and buys a ticket, and also allows the company to easily advertise its shows. AMC Associate Relief Checklist. The largest number of Regal Cinemas theaters is located in California, New York, and Florida, and it represents a third of the total number of locations. Regal Cinemas is a large and diverse cinema theater chain. When assigned by management, they will assist with the opening and closing duties. They need to appear to be in control. They are also asked to list all technical and software knowledge and skills they might have. Candidates need to provide minimum three professional or personal references. To do this, the candidates need to click the big blue “apply now” button. The online Regal Cinemas application process is not complicated, and it will only take around 30 minutes to complete it. No matter in what part of the Regals movie theater the employee might work, the primary responsibility is to offer exceptional customer service. This is not mandatory, but candidates could consider doing this, since it doesn’t take much time and it would show their interest in Regal Cinemas careers. The Credit can be used to book tickets at any participating Cinemark theatre. The average hourly salary of a Regal Cinema Associate Manager is $12. 2020 ©, Regal, a subsidiary of the Cineworld Group, operates one of the largest and most geographically diverse theatre circuits in the United States, consisting of 7,211 screens in 549 theatres in 42 states along with American Samoa, the District of Columbia, Guam and Saipan as of October 28, 2019. A company's rating is calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in your profile. The minimum hourly wage for these Regal Cinemas careers is $7 and can reach $11. The Regal Cinemas theaters looked much better than other similar venues, and also offered a premium café, which later became known as Café Del Moro. Regal Cinemas careers are focused on the customers, or guests, and the candidates need to show they are friendly and ready to help. Candidates should never interrupt the Regal Cinemas hiring manager and they should also refrain from speaking too much. They can include teachers, coaches, professors, and even Scout Troop leaders, but they cannot include close friends or any family members. The candidates who apply in person might find themselves invited to take the interview on the spot when the theater needs to fill that position urgently, so they should be prepared. Thrive Themes The Regal Cinemas Associate Manager can either be employed full-time employee or part-time. There are some basic tips for applying at regal Cinemas, and candidates should consider them before beginning the Regal Cinema application process. Some of the most frequent theater Regal Cinemas careers include Floor Staff, Usher, Projectionist, Bartender, Associate Manager, and General Manager. To begin the Regal Cinemas application process, the candidates need to create an account on the Regal Cinemas application online system. If yes, please list the name of the employee you are related to, the nature of your relationship and the location where the employee works. LMC Main Number (803) 791-2000 Human Resources (803) 791-2960 The hourly salary may vary from one location to another and it is influenced by work experience and the number of years working for the company. Thus, the customers have opportunity to buy tickets online. Official career site: Regal Cinemas Careers. Some advertisers may pay us for this ad to appear on our website or provide us with a referral fee. After choosing one of the Regal Cinema jobs, the candidates need to click on it in order to read the full job description. Regal Cinemas theaters need more than just entry level employees; they also need qualified ones to keep the operations going at the company’s standards. But what the company is best known for is the many employment opportunities it offers teenagers. Since the Regal Cinemas application process does not allow candidates to give too many details about their professional accomplishments, they can, and are advised to, upload their resume. When a safe vaccine is in place I will go back to the movies.”, “Regal membership on phone app don’t work”, “Standing in line for 30 minutes to get food”. Most Regal careers are focused on great customer service, but the company also offers many other employment options. Companies are selected automatically by the algorithm. The Regal Cinema hiring manager will most surely ask them what they know about the company, so they should read a few things on the subject. The last step of the Regal Cinemas application process requires candidates to answer one simple question: Now that the Regal Cinemas online job application is complete, candidates are asked to also answer the Tax Credit Screening questions. 7/5/2012 to Present. Every job application begins with the search for the right job. Schedule flexibility is another important benefit, mostly for younger employees who need to manage school and work. We are committed to being “The Best Place to Watch a Movie!”. Begin Your Search Now! The minimum hourly pay of a Regal Cinemas Associate Manager starts at $8 and can go as high as $18. It has locations in 44 American states, and in Guam, American Samoa, Gran Cayman, and Saipan. After creating the account needed in order to begin the Regal Cinemas application process, the candidates have the option of uploading their resumes. Regal Cinemas is an American movie theater chain, owned by Regal Entertainment Group. The code is unique to the company and once set it cannot be changed. Here, at the bottom right of the page, there is a link called “JOB OPPORTUNITIES” that will take the candidates to the Regal Cinema official page – Regal Cinema Careers. They will need to list any special skills, honors, achievements, memberships, activities, or positions of leadership they held until now. Currently it comprises 7,341 screens in 573 theaters in 42 states. Regal Cinemas Floor Staff employees can work in the Box Office, Concession Stand, or as an Usher, depending on the needs of the theater. A new page will open where the candidates can begin the search for their ideal Regal Cinema jobs by using several criteria, like the city, state, and postal code. The results will include the title of the Regal Cinema careers, the city, and even the type of job, like seasonal, part-time, or full-time. These include: This is a complex Regal Cinemas career, and the requirements needed in order to be considered for one of these Regal Cinemas jobs show it. The company has been on the entertainment market since 1989. Except in certain theatres where an upcharge may be added, each Credit may be redeemed for one (1) regular 2D movie ticket or the Membership Fee paid for the Credit, whichever is higher. If they want to apply, they have to go at the right bottom of the page and click on the “APPLY ON-LINE” link. Completing the Tax Credit Screening form or not will not impact the chances candidates have to be considered for Regal Entertainment Group Jobs in any way. When we abstract your internet site's code part, we determined that there are 124 characters in meta keywords section. Regal Cinemas was founded in 1989, in Knoxville, Tennessee. 124. There are many Regal Cinemas careers available. Rights Reserved, You Are About to Contact Some Regal Cinemas careers have specific age requirements that may differ from state to state, while other Regal careers do require at least a few years of prior work experience, so 16 years old candidates might not be considered for all of them. This also means that fidgeting should be avoided. The next step of the Regal Cinemas application process requires the candidates to answer a set of questions: After answering these questions, the candidates can complete the rest of the Regal Cinemas jobs and employment form. There is a list of available movies and cartoons offered by Regal Cinemas on its website. Men can wear a shirt and some nice pants, and women can also wear a shirt and skirt or pants. The website features online theater-searcher, customers can look for movie theaters nearby their location by city, state and zip code. | Powered by WordPress. Learn more about how AMC went from a family-owned business to one of the world's premiere entertainment companies. Candidates need to make sure their resume is easy to read, has no mistakes in it, and has a professional look. Learn more about AMC's long, rich history. Answer: The company access code is the code an HR/System Admin creates when they are setting up the UltiPro mobile app. Of course, employees can work extra hours to increase their weekly pay. Regardless of the place, all Regal Cinemas Floor Staff employees need to comply with the following: To have a consistent … The first information they need to provide for the Regal application is the reasons they would like one of the Regal Cinemas jobs and what skills they believe would allow them to excel at their movie theater jobs. However, both men and women need to stay away from flashy colors and materials. NEW! Since 1920, AMC Theatres has been a movie industry leader through constant innovation. Corporate Offices. You put in adequate character number to sum up your site's content to search engines but because search engines allow till 200 characters , by raising your character number , you can raise your potantial and visitors number in the internet media Candidates may list up to three previous employers (any movie theatre jobs are of great use) and those with no prior work history can simply write “none” in the required box.


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