redland city council fencing laws
Who gets to choose? She cant stand the sound of the dehumidifier a friend is using in a cabin next to the fence and is constantly telling me to turn it off at night when my friend isn't here. The Fencing Act defines an adequate fence as “a fence that, as to its nature, condition, and state of repair, is reasonably satisfactory for the purpose that it serves or is intended to serve”. Alexa loves going to Nippers at the Gold Coast and taking tap, jazz and ballet lessons at Strictly Dance. It is a shocking abortion of a fence and I am furious. I dont want that, I would NEVER let him loose with a hammer and saw again and I want the fence repaired to look as it did before her demo session. I saw that the council is exempt regarding fences bordering parks, are alleyways in the same position? Do you support a university for the Redlands? can an existing hedge be considered a suitable boundary fence. A timber fence can still be an effective sound barrier but the construction is important. She has objected to the fencing notice - but has given no written reason...we have told her that the other fence is being built next week and that they need to remove the concrete they have poured around the boundary peg - or the builder will do it and we will pass the cost on to them - we also asked if it would be OK if the builder stepped on her land to allow them to place the fence post and she has said that under no circumstances will she allow this. Council has also decided to propose two additional issues for public consideration: • Horses in parks and reserves- Council seeks feedback on whether horses should be allowed in all Council parks and reserves on and off designated trail systems, unless specifically signed otherwise? There was a fence down there years ago, but this now old and rotten but also pretty much grown out by trees and native shrubs. The notice must also say that if your neighbour makes no communication within 21 days, they will be deemed to have agreed to the proposals and will have to share the cost. Mick is also an avid support of community groups and charitable causes at home in the Redlands. Sorry, you need to have JavaScript enabled to use our website. What do you consider to be the priorities for delivery of Government services in the Redlands? Kind regards, This is a shared fence and runs on either side of our baby’s room, built on the boundary. The major causes of death are Chlamydia, car strike, dog attack and habitat loss. We have also put the call out for other qualified Council staff to assist with mowing. What does the law say? “This includes the opportunity for community recreation, sport and tourism uses on the small portion of the site that is zoned for community purposes. What are my rights here? Is this correct? Council will now progress with finalising a heritage management plan, in addition to other studies and assessments for the property. The Cleveland Branch assists in reducing social isolation for Redlands seniors by holding a monthly meeting at the Redlands RSL for more than 100 members. Not feeling too confident though especially as they know that we’re thinking of adding a pool which requires fencing. The land has known-ecological values and features a number of cultural heritage sites, including a scar tree, as well as historic infrastructure associated with the former World War II wireless signal station and Australian Communications and Media Authority facility. Mayor Karen Williams said Council wanted to be sure that the community fully understood the changes. The exhibition will be formally opened at 6pm on Friday 6 February. If the notice and cross notice process has been followed, and you still haven’t settled on a suitable fence, then you can take that to the Disputes Tribunal as well. If you want to build a fence between your property and your neighbour's, you don't need to argue forever about how it should be done or who will pay. “Every effort will be made to minimise disruption to sightseers and locals. We’ll use your contribution to investigate consumer issues and work for positive change. He also lends his knowledge to local residents who want to clean up their own blocks by providing his knowledge and labour free of charge with the aim to revegetate the area with plants that will benefit native wildlife. But you can't upgrade the fence without your neighbour's agreement. My question is, how high can we extend the height of wall to be within our rights, without building consent or approval from the neighbour? Contact the Arbitrators' and Mediators' Institute of New Zealand for help. “It’s already a huge drawcard for the Redlands, and Straddie in particular, and the new viewing platform and new sections of boardwalk will add enormously to the experience. “To support the work of the experts who will be completing gap analysis and further information gathering, Council is inviting the community to also share their knowledge of the land, its history and values. “If you have an idea, let us know about it. Thanks. Since Council took ownership of the property late last year, assessments have also been carried out relating to site safety and security, general land maintenance, including mowing, and weed and fire management. If you can not reach an agreement, or your neighbour refuses to pay half, there is a formal process you can follow. Responsible and Ali that they did not have $5000 to sort it out. That Council support extension of a trial of a Chlamydia vaccine to koalas from the Redlands taken into care, treated and returned to the wild. Building a fence on your side of boundary. Alexa has not let the fame go to her head and sees herself as no different to any other Redland youngster her age. The work will add another viewing platform to the stunning 1.2km cliff-top walk, one of South-East Queensland’s most acclaimed tourist attractions, as well as upgrade sections of path. Not all candidates responded, while the Greens chose to provide a combined response. As we presently believe we have an existing adequate fence are we obliged to pay for a new fence if he cuts our old (probably 50 plus years) hedge down? You may find they readily agree with your plans. I'd like to build a smart iron fence, but my neighbour says it will be too expensive and wants a simple wooden one. Hi, is there any guidance on ways to settle whether a fence needs replacing or not without going through the courts? What can you/your party do to improve services. I am worried that with spring nearby the yucca will grow Wooden fence is now being The studies completed on the land include: Division 10 Councillor Paul Bishop welcomed today’s decision. About 10 years ago we also built a garage on the same boundary line. The Fencing Act sets out your rights and obligations. (26.1 MB) (pdf), Heritage Card No 48 - Willard's Farm, Redland City Council (650 KB) (PDF), Lower Tingalpa and Coolwynpin Creek Catchment (546 KB) (pdf), Maps - Capalaba Environment Report- Source ERM April 2018 (2.18 MB) (pdf), Ecological Assessment and Environmental Management Plan, Opportunities and Constraints Analysis (Planning Assessment). “These are only initial steps and much more needs to be done – by the Government, by the community and by Council.”. This happened recently in the Wakatipu. Also, is there any height minimum when there's a waterway/drain involved? Cr Williams said over seventy two percent of the 61.78 hectare site is already principally zoned conservation within the City Plan, with the remaining 17 hectares of the site zoned for community purpose. Also, any thoughts of the most cost effective material to build our large fence; love the colourbond material however that’s coming in at $30,000, and durafence at $35,000. A sample notice is included in the schedules to the Act, as are some useful descriptions of different types of fences. Do you/your party support a significant Government investment in transport and roads infrastructure? It must describe: It must also explain that your neighbour has 21 days to object to any aspect of the proposal and make any counter proposals. “I worked hard over several years to purchase this land for the Redlands Coast community and Council has an obligation to manage the various heritage values on the site, irrespective of any State listing. What should the "fencing notice" say? Both approaches are charged on a time basis, which you negotiate with the mediator or arbitrator. If you require a Development Permit for Building Work please contact a private building certifier for … If there are no posts, the middle of the fence should be on the boundary line. Deborah. “Council is very keen to support and promote sustainable tourism on Straddie – it’s the key to its economic future and features prominently in our plans for the Redlands’ future,’’ Cr Williams said. He has conducted technique training every Tuesdays and Thursdays as well as video training on Sundays. Do you/your party support initiatives that will grow the Redlands economy and create jobs? He is also a driving force behind the Capalaba Business Improvement District. The latest exhibition at Redland Art Gallery, Cleveland Connections to the waters of Minjerribah draws strong inspirations from a much-loved part of Redland City. We'd suggest making sure you have lots of photos of the current fence. The Centre’s community capacity primarily aims to alleviate disadvantage within the Redlands community by helping others, relieving hardship, empowering and educating. It must say that if your neighbour does not accept liability, you must be told within 21 days the reason why and be given the name and address of whoever your neighbour believes is liable. The council says the land (driveway, path, and fence) are my asset but it is not on my house plans and clearly shows as being council land in their information. She has said I can ring her brother for a quote to re-attach the narrow corrugated iron onto my side of her horrible fence. You can usually build up to 2 metres in height without getting planning consent from the local council. My neighbours have built a swimming pool near the boundary and are required by law to fence it in. We've tried to get in touch but haven't been able to reach you. Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said Council’s funding of the work on the world-class boardwalk, a “must-do” for holidaymaker and day-trippers, showed it was committed to leading the way in sustainable tourism. Keen to follow your advise to request the neighbours to contribute as building a fence of 160 linear metres is just way too costly to do ourselves. We've included a link to the Fencing Act's descriptions of different fence types:, Hi, I have a neighbor with super sonic hearing.


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