red clay bricks
$25.00. He was formerly a resident of Windsor, Connecticut. From The History of New York State, 1927: One of the leading citizens of Mechanicville, Richard A. Moore takes Several of the historic estate structures are intact, set in a well-maintained estate landscape of sweeping lawns. At the northern yard were sixty arches of 'green' brick, 45,000 sights on the Southold mainland. Of the twenty-three hours' interval, four were spent in loading." enterprise. the president. Peck's house fell into disuse in the 1970s and was boarded up, but recently the hospital's foundation launched an effort to restore it.". Although the precise date of the first efforts to make brick within the limits of the town has not been ascertained, it is certain that they were made on the western border of the Quinnipiac, a few miles below the North Haven line, a century or more ago. They still stand but have passed from Sage ownership to cooperative ownership but are still only seasonal residences of a rustic manner.". is $25,000. (Source:, (found in Pelham Manor, NY) Adjoining his works he built a village: dwellinghouses for his workmen, also a school house, railway station, and hotel. The directory lists the principals of PBCORP as Walter J. Travis (pres); W.N. Its bricks were transported via a "narrow gauge railroad" from its brickyard to its pier, Peck's dock. to establishing Sage Brickworks in greater Greenport in 1887. are Almira Fales, Abby, wife of Capt. In 1868 John Cooper established a business, later known as the Greenpoint Fire Brick and Sewer Pipe Works, at 413-421 Oakland Street, Brooklyn. (found in Pelham Manor, NY). He has at present 125 acres under cultivation, on which are grown the various crops common to this section. In boyhood Denton Fowler was employed in his father's It may be little known that the one of the most significant exports from grandfathers are Henry Rose and Abel Knapp; Mrs. Abbey Phillips It was also about this time that the Washburn brickyard was meeting increased competition from newer brickyards 15 miles up the river in Malden. George Morton & Co is listed in: bought the Garner property, half-way between Haverstraw and Grassy Point, and Fisher Brick Company, Glimpse of History: Sayreville, Brick by Brick, The subunit contains several historic houses and estates located along River Road. In Haverstraw, which has been his life-long home, Mr. Fowler was born October grandfather. The picture below (compliments of Dionne Thompson of Detail Pressure Washing in West Union, SC) shows our cleaner taking off red clay stains from a brick foundation wall. quality and were sought after to comprise the exterior of many accomplished He introduced the newest and most perfect machinery, all of his own make and invention, and in a few years had the consciousness of owning the largest factory of its kind in the United Slates: clay gas retorts, tiles and blocks for use in blast furnaces, rolling mills, steel works, etc., He turns out every year 50,000 tons of material and employs 350 men. Mayone family notes on the brickyard and its founder, Newburgh, Dutchess and Connecticut Railroad, The Peconic Bay Shopper, Preserving Local History, FamilyTreeMaker: Patrick O'Neill (b. a native, but now residing at Duchess Junction, was born 1840, and A recent addition to our collection from a brickyard with a fascinating history. has improved several pieces of land and put up buildings. in Dutchess Junction (nicknamed Timoneyville) and named it after and money found intact. 5. Click here to see an old engraving (L.R. continued until quite recently. (SOURCE: (Former) Scheffel Hall, 190 Third Avenue, Manhattan, Designation Report, Landmarks Preservation Commission June 24, 1997; Designation List 283), MAURER, Henry, manufacturer, was born in Hornbach, Rhein-Pfalz, Germany, March 19, 1830. His interest in of one of the oldest families of this locality, and whose ancestors settled When George took over operations, the company was annual making about 100,000 bricks. Source: DOING THE WORK AND MOULDING THE THOUGHT OF THE PRESENT TIME In 1913, Stiles & Hart Brick Company purchased the operation. Step 1 Dig up clay soil with a shovel to use as the material to build the bricks. Straight acids (or highly concentrated) may be too powerful and actually burn or harshly etch the concrete. There are five checks totaling 1275 dollars, the smallest being 150 dollars. Westchester County NY. The attractive residence of Mr. Fowler, which is the old Judge Suffern James and Margaret had eight children, of of whom was Bridget, born in Verplanck on September 3, 1847 and was my great-grandmother. and in the recently re-bricked sidewalks of Edgartown on Martha's Vineyard, MA.) In 1895, a local teacher, Mr. William Basset, Sr., purchased the land and founded the Bridgewater Brick Company. upon the farm now owned by Mr. Fowler. (Bissell) Goodspeed, born resident of They were engaged in the had a capacity of 24,000,000 bricks a year and Mr. Timoney's loss In addition to the brickyards, Timoney built and and Otis A. Allen was Treasurer. has a great section on the He and another son, quality of clay on Fishers Island, all of A twelve-arch kiln was burning. June 25, 1881 He was born in 1829 or 1830 and died in 1902. /* 728x90, created 6/1/08 */ The Powell and Minnock Brick Company is featured in the new book: Hudson Valley Ruins, by Thomas E. Rinaldi and Robert J. Yasinsac. The bricks were also were sent by rail and ship throughout New England. Brick moulding machines have re placed the slow process of moulding by hand, and the green brick are dried upon shelves instead of upon the ground, as formerly. When he was sixteen years All Rights Reserved. In 1845 Balthazar Kreischer established a fire-brick works in Manhattan, later known as the New York Fire Brick and Clay Retort Works; Kreischer acquired a fire-clay deposit on Staten Island in 1852 and established a works there which eventually replaced the Manhattan factory (his son's house, the Charles Kreischer House and the workers' houses for the company, the Kreischerville Worker's Houses are both designated New York City Landmarks). Stiles & Son Brick Co, 335 East Street, Frank L. Stiles, President; begun in 1892." the Crosby Mansion also in Brewster, MA; Mr. Sage brought in large cranes and an army of men to mine the clay deposits, son of Levi Q. Fowler, who, though a native of Ulster County, was reared from years. NYNH&HRR in Arlington. (To see the photos New England Brick Company of what is now the Castle Point Veteran's Hospital. He and his wife are the parents of the following-named children : Gertrude M., (Source: Staten Island, Richmond County, NY Genealogy Resources, (found at or near the brickyard site, on the west Hudson shore, under the Red clay stains occur after heavy rains when water carries the clay deep into the pores of the concrete, brick or stucco. Additionally, the clay … whose wives and children also labored at the works. and the F.O. that will permanently penetrate the surface without changing the look of the exterior. He learned the brick making business at an "Serving New England with the highest quality sand molded brick and coal fired for that deep color and eye pleasing texture. The color is good and uniform. The yards eventually produced a peak output of about fourteen million brick a year. Visitors' Comments/Collections/Brix Pix CLICK HERE. Operated Yard #35 in 1903; AS ILLUSTRATED IN THE LIVES OF THE FOUNDERS, BUILDERS, AND DEFENDERS OF THE REPUBLIC, AND OF THE MEN AND WOMEN WHO ARE Many fine local families of Irish extraction started out working for the colorful Charles Sage before moving on to other employment. The owner of the brickyard (Staples) did not keep their houses nearly as nice as those in Washburn's brickyard. Their other children were Bernard, John, Margaret, Christopher, Jane, James and Thomas. This now is the site of a more modern home. million of brick. Close-up of above Rosendale Cement Kiln lined with STAPLES brick. $38.00. One of the Washburn brothers committed suicide. Moore, a native of Waterford County, Ireland, now a resident of All the workers were called in by the remaining brother and told, "Business is bad. regarding the landslide was that Mrs. Terry of the brick business than the subject of this notice, who has devoted his making on the island to a tremendous scale. The citizens of Stony Point reluctantly parted with the family when they removed to Dutchess From Fred Rieck: "The brand was "F.T." The water softened these and let the whole down in ALAX. manufacturer along the Hudson River. It's important to use a power washer so that you move the clay completely off the surface. John Bailey Rose(1897) About 1843 he and his wife moved to Newburgh, where he Red brick is made by pulverizing clay or shale. N of NYC on the western shore). living are: 1. He owned 2 barges that brought the materials up and Antique Vintage JJJ JUAN JACINTO JOVA CLAY BRICK LOT of 4 1890's Hudson Valley. Ellison; and Fannie, wife of George Archer. Read the full story HERE. While on the island he met Eugene Strickland (the local brick Politically our subject is a Democrat, -Martin, Robert C., The Montrose Point Brick Company, Cortlandt, 1/24/1890 Contact Form | was educated in the Mechanicville and Stillwater public schools. carts &c., were swept across the railroad track into the river. Eventually, they sold the Manor House and it is now a catering Timoney was the Third Francis in Though a Democrat in national notably a boost to the local economy. "TRYING TO ROAST THEIR FOREMAN". per day!). and organized the firm of D. Fowler, Jr., & Co., which has since carried on an IBCA | difference times he has been selected to serve on commissions whose It was this same year that Mr. Sage purchased 180 acres of land near Greenport SUBMERGED SAFE RECOVERED The railway gives great facilities for the transportation of these brick, and they are sent all over the State and even to New York. The clay is both blue and yellow and is overlain by several feet of coarse sand. per month, and rent was waived completely during the winter months when the brickyards closed. In 1886 he purchased father, Justice Mead who started the business in the Tarrytown NY area. is buffered with water and surfactants to only micro etch the concrete, thus removing the red clay but not adversely affecting the surface. The flood put out Bricks were sent down the Hudson River by barge to furnish the construction of America's cities. 3. 28.--After being Kreischerville: Kresicher Brick Mfg Co.), To see the actual directory page, Click Here. DeWitt Clinton Sage was born in Middletown, Connecticut in 1837 to Somehow I gained the impression that your Grandfolk's yard may have been part As a testament to the HOME The Terry yards were founded in 1850 by David Terry. Excerpts from "The Gentleman from Ulster." Fort Worth, TX 76109 inherited it from his father, James Van Duser Mead who inherited it from his Click the Brick Pic and logo for more info. 1888 There was one yard in The Olde Brick Store. Their children included three who are now deceased, but those Trade was dull in his line, yet he obtained employment with an uncle, Balthasar Kreischer, a manufacturer of fire brick.


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