rajput caste surnames list

Being originated from Baiswada they are called Bais. The surname is also spelled as Gehlot, Gahlot, Guhila, or Gohil. The Kachhawas belong to the Suryavanshi lineage, which claims descent from the Surya and Sun Dynasty of the ancient Kshatriyas.

Regarding the Janjuas descent from the Pandavas dynasty, the Bali and Bhimwal generals of Raja Dhrupet Dev of Mathura, recorded that the Janjua Raja Dhrupet Dev was the descendant of Emperor Janamejaya of the Pandava dynasty of Prince Arjun. Rani Shaktidev catched them (“Jhel lena” in hindi) in her hands and from then this vansha is named Jhala. The variant spellings are Chauhan, Chohan, and Chohhan. Rajput Caste Surname Gotra List in Hindi (राजपूत गोत्र एवं वंशावली) : हेलो दोस्तो! Dasawat, Lalawat, Ratanawat are their Khanps.MelkaDescendants of Melak son of Sawant Singh, who was son of Rao Barsingh Dev.ShekhawatDescendants of 'Rao Shekha' ji. Established his kingdom at Paithan, now called pathankot.

They restored stability to Gujarat for the latter half of the 13th century, and the Vaghela kings and officials were dedicated patrons of the arts and temple-building. You can also pick one of these names for naming your child. Chouhan Kshatriya Vansha has 25 branches, sub-branches includes Hada, Khinchi, Bhadoria, Songar, Songara, Devra, Rajkumar, Sambharia, Gadharia, Bhurecha, Balecha, Tassera, Chachera, Bhawar, Bankat, Bhople etc. Surnames are taken as the first part of an person's inherited family name, caste, clan name or in some cases patronymic, Descriptions may contain details on the name's etymology, origin, ethnicity and history.

Click here to see other potential spellings of this surname. It is the Katochs who built the famous Kangra fort in Himachal Pradesh. It has a toponymic origin and refers to those who originally belonged to the village of Randa in the Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh. 21.Raghuvanshi Kshatriya:Gothra – Kashyap, Vashishtha.Ved – Yajurved.This vansha is named after Suryavanshi King Raghu who was born in the 54th generation of King Ishwaku. In South India they are also known as Chalukya or Choulukya. Overall, sub-clans of the Kachwaha number around 71. The Rajputs were designated as a Martial Racein the period of the British Raj. One of the Bara Kothris. Alternative spellings of the surname are Devda, Devra, and Devre. A clan is a group of people united by actual or perceived kinship and descent. Pandavs Prince Dhritrashtra, blind by birth and the elder son of Kuru Scion Vichitraveer abdicated the throne in favor of his younger brother Pandu whose sons were the Pandav’s. The alternative spelling of the surname is Bhati. Raja Khetrapal Raja Sukhin Pal Raja Jagat Pal Raja Ram Pal Raja Gopal Raja Arjun Pal Raja Varsh Pal Raja Jatan Pal Raja Vidurath Pal Raja Jagan Pal Raja Kirat Pal Raja Kakho Pal Raja JAS PAL 1313/1353, married and had issue, 9 sons, each of whom was progenitor of a branch of the Pathania family. Rulers at Pathankot Raja Jhetpal Pathania, a yougner brother of Tomara[45] king of Delhi. The surname comes from the Sanskrit word “Meht,” meaning “great,” “large,” or “majestic.”, It was formerly used as a title by Rajput kings, and later developed into a surname. Veer Shishupal, Chandrabramha (Chandravarma), Yashovarman was from this vansha. If yes, then email your suggestions to us at [email protected]. NO ONE IS COMPLETE. Devta – Shiv. It means the “head of the state” or “head of the region” in Hindi. Rajput Last Name Statistics demography. Kaithola was their capital. List of rajput surnames They are sub-clan of Parmar and ruled regions in eastern Rajasthan and western Madhya Pradesh. His successor Vishaldev built temples at Dabhoi and founded Vishalnagar. They were called Dogra therea.SurtanotDescendants of 'Surtan', son of Raja Prithviraj. (1,751) He marched towards north by defeating the kings of Durdul and Malay mountains. This vansha defined itself. This is said to have been started by the legendary king following his victory over the Sakas or Synthians, in 56 BC. The great heroes from history like Maharana Pratap, Chhatrapati Shivaji belongs to Sisodiya Vansha.State – Udaypur.Ranawat, Chundawat, Sangawat, Meghawat, Jagawat, Shaktawat, Kanhawat etc are included.This is just like Chundawat is a son of Chunda, Shaktawat is a son of Shaktisingh. Excluding India Rajput is found in 99 countries. Samtat Vikramaditya has given them the title of Dixit as they belongs to Dikhitana. This is a list of Rajput clans of Uttar Pradesh. Turha Rajputs The Bhains were renowned for their bravery and warrior skills. Join Rajput Business now and let people find you on Google! It is a patrilineal descendant of Prince Mir Shakti Singh, the brother of Maharana Pratap of Mewar dynasty.

Nikumbha, Sagar, Bhagirath etc. Pathanias are said to have descended from the Tomar clan of Rajputs. The Jhalas ruled the eponymously named region of Jhalawar, now part of Rajasthan.


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