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Element - Darkness. Die Spielstory wurde verfasst von Paul C.R. It is taken from the fragments. This will help the heroes: Zargala, Vedunya, Alyura, Sinesha, Sylor, Crowned, Nazana. Here you need to choose a hero who needs to level up, then select gray or green heroes to be sacrificed. Rarity and rank. Belongs to the Ogrin Tribe, class - Attack, element - Magic. The medals you receive depend on the league: Depending on the level of the bonus, different types of medals will be needed to improve it: Use different types of medals to improve bonuses. Sometimes after development, new characters are added to the already available heroes skills. RAID SHADOW LEGENDS is an Android game with a Plarium release date of 02/26/2019. Thanks to his skills, he can make the battle colorful and sad for the opponent: Roshkar - one of the best fighters in the Arena, belongs to the Holy Order faction, class - Health, element - Magic. 2. Swing characters usually die in the first seconds of the battle, so the main character passes rands 1. For example, to achieve the 2nd rank you need to sacrifice one hero of the 1st rank.For the 3rd rank you need two heroes of the 2nd rank. You can hang on the boss Speed penalty and then it can be disassembled. If the ability deals 3 hits, it does not mean that the character has 3 chances to impose a penalty. At each level is drawn what falls the subject. If an item belongs to one race, then a representative of another faction cannot take it. If the characters put items from one set, then he will receive additional bonuses. These skills are not considered basic and can be fined. A very strong character, due to his 1 skill, inflicts huge damage: Hero is recommended to fully dress on the Attack. Bonuses In the Great Hall, you can open bonuses for such parameters: All bonuses apply to the main parameters of the heroes. You can safely swing it on 5 - 6 stars. With ordinary characters. When the hero reaches 4th rank, the first attribute slot opens, and the rings become available to the hero. Skills: The hero should be dressed in equipment for vampirism, increased health points and attack. Application: This is the hero who does not need to be shaken much, because in the later stages of the game Elaine will be lost. This move is enough to successfully kill the boss. Class - Protection, element - Magic. Here it is important to have the heroes high Resistance, because the spiders usually beat one character, so the Resistance will help to resist the poison obtained. Artifacts: uniquely protection and speed. Raid has been praised for its graphics, but criticized for its microtransactions. 2 strategy. To do this, you need to quickly kill the spiders (by eating them, the Spider is treated, and the spiders replenish the speed scale with each blow). RAID: Shadow Legends ist ein gratis spielbares Mobilspiel mit In-App-Käufen, das von Plarium entwickelt und im Juli 2018 für Android und iOS-Geräte veröffentlicht wurde. It is recommended to wear 3 sets of speed artifacts. Heroes for the passage. There are 400+ champions in the game that are divided into 4 Affinities (Magic, Void, Spirit, Force). For example, it is necessary to increase the rank of the hero, who has 3 stars. The choice of talents depends on the manner of the game: if the player wants to immediately cause a lot of damage, or to prolong the battle. Best suited kit "Theft of life." It is taken from the fragments. An all-in-one site for your your RAID needs. Als ersten Punkt möchten wir in diesem Guide ein paar Basics nennen: Champions Die Champions stellen natürlich das Herzstück in Raid Shadow Legends dar. 4 goal - not to give Spider to restore health and increase the speed scale. This may affect the outcome of the battle. The level can be increased in the Tavern with ordinary characters. chance. After receiving a large amount of experience immediately, they quickly progress. The selected hero will be 4 star. Improving skills can greatly enhance the hero and give you an advantage in battle. He has 4 skills that help in the battles: Thallium - with its skills it is very similar to Ethel, but has some differences in the skills that make the warrior more universal. August 2020 um 19:12 Uhr bearbeitet. It is necessary to dress the character on Health. We are covering from the basics of the gameplay, up to the hidden secrets. Das Magazin vergibt 78 von 100 Punkten. If crit. As soon as the right minion was killed, a block of bonuses should be put on the boss, then he will not be able to close himself with the Shield and the other bonuses. For almost all characters, this is speed. It is recommended to wear sets of critical chance or critical damage. The chances of summoning a hero of a certain rarity depend on the type of shard. He can be left as a hero for the farm, for hiking in the Underground. To open the bonuses of the Great Hall, you need to earn Medals at the Arena. Bonuses for various parameters of the characters of each element are displayed here. Therefore, you must use skills that reduce the speed of the boss. More precisely, from what these skills increase efficiency in the battle. This will help the heroes: Doctor, Gorgorov, Trapper, Snowdrop. For heroes of Support, it is sometimes necessary to take the main parameter in health as a percentage. It is recommended to pump on 6 stars. Therefore, the boss is not easy to kill.Due to constant healing, the boss increases the attack from 1 skill. Thanks to their skills, they take out many dungeons. Class - Protection, element - Darkness. After skill development, the penalty rises to 100%. These characters are better to put the boots on the percentage of attack or defense (depending on the class of the hero). They can be earned by fighting in the Arena. Game Genre: Role Playing. Block bonuses and passive abilities act as usual. On this basis, talents should be distributed. If a powerful champion dies at the Arena, she will be able to resurrect him, his skills will be reset to zero, he will be able to hit at full strength.After the moves, he won’t be able to kill him again. The boss is just a strong fighter with a high attack, so you need to quickly deal with him, or have good protection. Experienced players give recommendations on how to distribute Talents.


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