queek headtaker vortex guide
You should be playing with Clan Pestilens for … I have created this guide to give the wise the knowledge they need to understand and … Using Queek’s army, win 1 battle. III. Occupy, Loot, Sack, or Raze any settlement. Queek Headtaker You will find Queek Headtaker in Clan Mors so you need to confederate Clan Mors with him on the map. If playing as Clan Pestilens, Confederate Clan Mors while Queek Headtaker is on the map. Legendary Lord: Queek Headtaker Faction effects Queek steals a percentage of xp earned by other lords. This is a very good skill for a faction leader to have since Queek will be strong in the early and mid game when you have 1 or 2 additional lords fighting for your faction. Recruitment: Faction Leader. 1. Warp-Shard Armour (Available at rank 6) I. Queek Headtaker. The Vortex Campaign unleashes a number of stressful surprises on a first-time player, from enemy doomstacks spawning in your own territory to short windows of time to act. II. Decide to ‘Be the Bigger Rat’ or ‘Splat the Rat!’ a.


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