percy and aphrodite cabin lemon fanfiction

"The marks are gone.". Aphrodite was happy with that arrangement, and so was I.

I said, shifting from foot to foot. I said, kissing the tip of my nose. I said, jerking my cock, making Aphrodite moan. I've given men like you the ability to charmspeak any woman into bed, create a harem of their own choosing, make the love of their lives fall madly in love with them, and even alter physical forms.

He shouted lightlyas he strained to break free of the cuffs. "What is she doing here?". ", Annabeth slapped him on the shoulder.

"N - nothing would make me happier. I asked, turning to her. ", I stroked her bruised face with one hand, and smiling, I said soothingly, "You bet I love you for who you are, Aphrodite. "Okay. "Mmmm, nice. she said, sitting cross legged in my bed. Does it automatically activate? "No one else in existence has this enchantment, The enchantment bestowed upon you was the very extent of my powers as I could use it only once. "What about Annabeth? "Morning, baby." "You are funny. Fuck me hard!". "It's nothing. Beads of sweat formed on Annabeth's forehead and her breathing had become erratic. You now have the ability to enchant and allure any girl you come in contact with or desire greatly, your hormones will connect with theirs and they will be just as amorous as you feel at that moment.

He kissed down her jawline, down her neck and to the center of her chest. I froze, shell shocked. "I'm - pregnant." "You're up late," Percy said, still staring at the fountain. I shifted my weight, allowing my soft cock to exit Aphrodite's seed filled pussy, and sat up.

Annabeth's voice yelled. The goddess of love perched herself next to Percy on the boulder he was meditating on. ", This was the conversation that Percy was dreading. "What's the catch? Aphrodite exclaimed with glee. ", Percy decided to be more stubborn. By just that conformation, my love and my trust for Aphrodite went higher. I listened to her and began jack hammering her pussy at a very fast pace, making her scream and moan while holding to the sheets for dear life. Gaea had returned and was defeated. "Oh yes, Jackson!

"Percy's not your boyfriend anymore, Annabeth." After all, she's the goddess of marriage. Within the orb there was a live projection of one teenage boy she has come across several times on Olympus. ", Annabeth shrugged.

In bed. I asked, standing up. "Yes, I'm sure I'm pregnant." Aphrodite screamed. I asked, backing up. You have done well.".

Annabeth nodded and took the edges from his and lifted them up and flung my shirt across the cabin.

The handcuffs disappeared from his hands, but he didn't feel like fighting or running. This is a one-on-one lemon shot of Percy Jackson and Aphrodite. "Normally, yes." ", "Yes."

Annabeth took off her thong and let Percy put her into a position he thought seemed natural.

Percy was staring at the salt water fountain in his cabin, deep in thought. Aphrodite said softly, kissing the tip of my nose.

", "Instead of one puny little gift, you could become my champion.". Aphrodite asked. No wonder I hadn't seen them before. It was especially hard when he was around Annabeth. He began to undo the string with his teeth, glanced up at Annabeth seductively and then used his hand to pull off her jean shorts, leaving her in only a light gray thong.

", "Yep." Don't you think it's time to take the next step in our relationship? "Tremble before me, centaur, and take back what you said to the son of Poseidon. ", "No."

"What?" She said as one of her hands went underneath his black shirt. "Who?" Percy asked without turning around. Percy and Aphrodite This is a one-on-one lemon shot of Percy Jackson and Aphrodite. "Lady Aphrodite!"

She was the goddess of lust, and her aura would be enough to make even the strongest mind glance at her. Her name was commonly known all over Olympus, the Olympian. "T - they beat me!" Faster!Please! Aphrodite nodded and we both teleported to Olympus. "Gods, Aphrodite!" "You're not saying–", "Oh, that's exactly what I'm saying. Percy used the hand that was on her rear and moved it between her legs to rub her inner thighs, Aphrodite moaned in his lips as his other hand squeezed her left breast and his right hand massaged her thighs. I said, smirking as I began sliding my cock in and out of her pussy, making my godly lover arch her back and moan.

", Annabeth frowned and nodded as if the answer was painfully obvious.

"Okay." ", "Thank you, Lord Zeus." Aphrodite looked at him with an indifferent expression. "You love me, right? Annabeth moved to Percy's chest, then his chiseled abs, and finally down to the button of his jeans. Aphrodite said cheerfully, smiling at me. Percy naturally shielded himself, only before throwing a bed sheet over Annabeth, unfortunately waking her up.

That alone set alarm bells off in Percy's head. "Now, leave, before I do anything rash to you.". "Ares and Hephaestus did what to you?". Such an act is against camp rules, but she ensured that she didn't get caught. "Percy Jackson, huh." ", "And you're so big, so thick!" "See you in the morning.". Why can't you demigods have blind faith in us Olympians? "You too." He moved his free hand up to her right boob and began to pinch, roll, and pull the other nipple. ", I listened to her and kept on cumming in her pussy for fifthteen more seconds, then I stopped. "So what all does it entail? "The Fates told me that the marks will go away when the one that I truly love most gets me pregnant with his baby.". He grabbed the bottom of her shirt and raised an eyebrow. "This is your newborn son, Markos.". "S - sure." "I swear to you, I will be faithful to you forever. "What will you do?"

AU Aphrodite is bored and bestow an enchantment upon Percy, to get any girl he wants.Flame me all you want. "With me, you have nothing to worry about.". It was a long kiss that left Annabeth gasping for air. "When our baby's ready to be born, she shall assist me while I'm in labor and when I'm giving birth.". He never even dreamed that he would become someone's champion. Annabeth could do nothing more than murmur as she slowly fell asleep. Also, I am above Chiron. Aphrodite said, wrapping her arms around me. OOCness. Also... Love. "Alright, enough you two." ", "P - please, Percy!"

I WANT MY FERTILE WOMB TO BE COMPLETELY FILLED UP TO THE BRIM WITH YOUR THICK SEED! Random sexual activities at random times and so much more.

Percy looked at Aphrodite with as much scorn as curiosity. Aphrodite said, looking back at me. I said, leaning my head down and kissing her pregnant belly. Annabeth sat simply next to Percy and rested her head on his shoulder. "Are you sure you want this? Percy And Aphrodite Cabin Lemon Fanfiction Mark of Athena Solangelo, Percabeth, Magnus Chase, Percy And Annabeth, Annabeth ... Magnus ChaseSolangeloPercabeth FanfictionUncle RickPiper McleanLeo ...And here you have the leader of the Aphrodite cabin Drew Takan! Percy said, starting to panic. Aphrodite said. Artemis turned when I came in the room, and so did Aphrodite.

I said as she smiled brightly at me. I know you hear me! Percy just kept sucking until she couldn't take it anymore, and came directly into his open mouth. Annabeth." I groaned as we pulled apart for air.

Annabeth quickly undid his jeans and pulled them off and dropped them on the floor. It seemed fitting for such a sight to be revealed after what he had just experienced. "KEEP ON CUMMING IN MY PUSSY!

Aphrodite explained, still whimpering. Percy couldn't help but give the Olympian a side eye. she moaned as she clenched her pussy muscles around my cock, making me groan. I let lose a loud groan as I cummed straight into Aphrodite's godly womb, making it swell as it was filling with my creamy seed. Please, Percy! Aphrodite promised, wrapping her arm around me as she leaned her head onto my shoulder. Annabeth quickly recovered from the shock and kissed him back, which ultimately became deeper when Percy began to run his tongue along her bottom lip asking for permission to enter. Aphrodite said. ", Percy sighed and faced the daughter of Athena. "A - as you wish, Lady." Now alone, I began listing to the conversation outside.


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