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I hope they have it. But hey, I’m not a NAAGA, so you guys do what you want and I’ll support you. - Discounts Off of Ticket Prices for National NAAGA events

NAJGA consists of members from all over the globe and is made up of individuals, businesses and organizations. Yeah, as a JPFO member I think it’s about time there was an organization like NAAGA! So they won’t vote prudently. I just find it enlightening to know that even though an organization intended for that purpose can be so fraudulently misrepresented by the media (and effectively) that it seems like there is a need to create the exact same thing twice… And kinda funny that the deceptive efforts of that media can be so simply and obviously undermined by, you know, just doing the same thing again… Just keep telling the lie until everyone believes it. Haven’t seen Trump or Republican Party-sponsored groups intimidating people at voting booths. NAAGA offers affordable membership options for Singles, Couples, and Families (up to four family members). If you’re black and have N-word privileges it won’t be too problematic to wear NAAGA hat, but the acronym is probably going to cause some awkwardness when supporters who are not black mention the organization. I agree with this. ©COPYRIGHT 2020, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Membership: Any citizen of the United States who is at least eighteen (18) years old, who may legally own a firearm, and has never been convicted of a crime of violence, that resides in the Hudson Valley may become a member of HVNGC after meeting the requirements of NAAGA and upon receiving an admittance vote from the membership of the gun club. The idea of the Panthers was not originally a bad thing… They covered the topic. 5 K run? NAGA maintains a strong voice in government and so that you don’t have to do it alone. Discounted rate of 35% off on event exhibit booths and on ads in NAJGA event programs & annual journal.

Geared toward gardens, arboretums, conservatories, foundations, non-profit associations, museums, cultural institutions, universities & other educational institutions, organizations can explore educational opportunities and network with the Japanese gardening community through the NAJGA website and at regional and national events. 35% discount off exhibit space in biennial conference. 25% discount off exhibit space in biennial conference. Issues ranging from Gun Safety, training, purchasing a Gun, home defense, social issues, and Firearm Legislation are addressed. Stay abreast to what is going on with animal health, farming, the hunting industry, and legislation affecting game bird producers and hunting preserve operators. This membership level covers (1) person who is at least 18 years of age. But the vast majority of African American voters are – guess what – Democrats. Anyone who wishes to be a member of a chapter shall also pay chapter dues (if required by the chapter). The organization was founded by Philip Smith who serves as the President. Members may NOT engage in alcohol consumption before or during a NAAGA meeting or shooting event. Yet the only mention NRA gets on their website is under “Competitive Shooting”? Too many blacks see guns as something to fear or an object that is only used by gang bangers and thugs. (This is a South Park reference for those prone to overreacting). We welcome the business community to join us in promoting Japanese Gardens. They are not pro-democrat or Obama on FB either. I am neither black or gay, but I would happily support both this organization and pink pistols. The National African American Gun Association started in February of 2015 has already seen considerable and exponential growth Nationwide since its start.The organization is seeking to introduce Guns and Firearms Safety to African Americans for home protection, competitive shooting, and outdoor recreational activities.The organization is seeking to introduce . What does a person get in exchange for paying annual membership dues to the NAAGA? To view this category, sign up by purchasing, Gamebird businesses are well served by a dedicated, Watch your mailbox for the September/October issue, Happy Independence Day from all of us at NAGA! Black community opinion on guns has taken a *massive* positive sea change in the past 20 years and shows no indication of slowing. I think this is a good thing. It’s not about ethnic or racial division, it’s about reaching out to our own communities that are often ignorant about firearms and using our shared background to reach them and educate. The NRA was originally founded because Union troops didn’t have enough shooting skills during the Civil War. Focus on a common commitment to firearms freedom, and diversity will follow as a natural consequence. The organization was founded by Philip Smith who serves as the President. And yet you’d have no problem associating with Republicans and Donald Trump. Seriously though, I hope they do well. Seems fitting. They have members from every State within the USA and continually growing. Really?

We're proud to offer special discounts to those who serve us in the military and law enforcement. As a Business Member explore educational opportunities and network with the Japanese gardening community through the NAJGA website and at regional and national events. 12 Full NAJGA Memberships (Must be employed at the business. Build your business through our member networking services and find new customers and prospects at our annual convention and educational conference. Join us today by selecting one of the levels below that best suits you! 2 Full NAJGA Memberships (Must be employed at the organization. All rights, privileges, and benefits shall be equally available to all members of NAAGA. Ther  National African American Gun Association provides a Network and Hub for all African Americans firearm owners, Gun Clubs, and outdoor enthusiasts. Please get started with your membership below. Cue the inevitable guy who says cue the inevitable …, It’s a wonderful -& Diverse, Country. Surprised it took this long, certainly does say something about the stigma of guns in certain minority cultures.

Now they’ll be armed with firearms credibility and their diversity bona fides, both of which they’ll wield against us politically to restrict our rights. While you’re at it, maybe you could get the Libertarians to nominate a candidate for president who actually has a chance of winning and won’t just split the conservative vote and give the victory to Hillary! I particularly like this from the new-ish group’s site: “True freedom for any person should be judged by the ability to protect him or herself within that Society.”.

You’ll gain few, if any, converts. Your Membership supports NAJGA’s mission and is tax deductible. These will swell the ranks of the Fudds. Members may NOT engage in activities that OVERTLY promote violence toward any members or the public. A welcoming philosophy has helped quickly grow a membership that is 15% white and 60% women ( fastest growing demographic within the organization ). Eh, they’re not my favorite people, but I like Trump and the Repubs more than agitating lairs. I understand their is a plan for a racially integrated AR15 open carry march.

The July/August issue of NAGA, We honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for.

What part of OFWG are they having trouble understanding? Any person who is at least eighteen (18) years old, who subscribes to the mission and objectives of the National African American Gun Association (NAAGA), and who pays the required annual dues shall be eligible to be a member of NAAGA. He founded and started NAG with the primary goal to expose, educate, and motivate as many African American men and women to go out and purchase a Firearm for Self- Defense and to take training on proper gun safety and shooting. Hey, there’s *other* orgs, and eve orgs aligned with the officially oppressed people the bad-guy org is supposed to be against. It would terrify the white liberals and their sellout ass kissing black allies. One free advertised listing on Najga Eblast per year. discount off exhibit space in biennial conference.

More guns in the hands of law abiding people of any color is a good thing.


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