my adidas oops i meant to say troops
Being a Bytch ( some people make it look so easy) 2. There was a brand of soda out then that I can't remember for the life of me that came in grape and orange. - I'm Not Going Out Like That Lyrics what about weeble wobbles but they don't fall down? You all have my heart beating fast and I am grinning from ear to ear. I'm an 80's kid here are some more memories: Hey!!! then but I guess that hasn't changed much. What about the I dream of Jeannie doll that came with the bottle that opened up to reveal her bedroom? Oh the memories!! After a few months your pile will be noticably smaller. **lol** And, speaking of big earrings, what about the Janet Jackson ("Control") phase --- Big hoops with the key on one side. We sat as a family and going to the bathroom during the service was a NO, NO... heck, I had been there since Sunday School! I had an Holly Hobby oven, dont even act like you dont know who Holly Hobby was. Shock who would show movies. This shit is gonna happen in Texas soon what with all the feral hogs. I just turned 27! Don't talk to me about Dr. Scholl's or Agner shoes. I remember Romper Room. Remember this? Thank you cat woman for mentioning Crazy Cow. It's getting so all these things will be back in style! There was this other light skinned guy that always did the German Smurf. or "dag..." whenever something caught you off guard. One line of casual shoes, the Samba, was extremely popular in the 1980–90s, around the time the shoes were prominently referenced in an influential, and now iconic, early rap song, “My Adidas,” by Run-D.M.C. I remember that I wanted to be on that show so bad. pants with the stirrups? I made my baby at the candy store,he brought me ice cream, he brought me cake, he brought me home with a stomach ache...ok I'm sorry..i just got caught up.....But, how well do I remember the swatch watch with the big colorful guard...the biker shorts with the matching shirt and did i look awful, but thought I was the bomb...Who remembers wearing two pair of socks,different colors to match your shirt..onxy03, i know you do...And yall didn;t mention kickball, I know I am not the only one that played kick ball in the backyard along with O U T out and Red rover send Tamekia right over...and I thought my friends and all were the only ones that knew how to sneak out of church and go to the corner store and get about 5.00 in now and laters...I also remember playing marbles...i couldn't play well but I tried , i was busy doing cheers on the front lawn...uh she think she baby I know I'm bad!!!! Life--you gots to love it. Do you remember when the first remote controls were actually attached to the TV or VCR by a cord? What about twister beads? I don't know why I am JUST getting around to reading this post, but I had to piggy back on what Soror Catwoman of the best parts of my child hood was playing TAG or Hide and Seek on my block. So, I was satisfied. I don't know if it has been mentioned, but was I the only one that was in front of the TV every 2 hours on the hour to watch Michael Jackson's Thriller on MTV? Press J to jump to the feed. Sometimes, there was not much on t.v. Would anyone care to share some favorite childhood memories? Artist: Run-D.M.C.