medicine bow peak elevation
During the recovery process, several additional access routes were established, which are still in use today. The highest peak in the range is Clark Peak (12,951 feet (3,947 m)), located in Rawah Wilderness and is along the southern end of the range in Northern Colorado.Much of the range is located within the Medicine Bow National Forest in Wyoming. This is a popular hike so the parking can get full. The West Lake Marie parking area was still packed, but the Tipple parking area was mostly cleared out. The north-south Albany/Carbon county line passes just west of the summit of Medicine Bow peak, so the highest point in Carbon County is this spot, where the line intersects the crest of the ridge. After talking to a bunch of locals, snow doesn’t typically last into late in the summer, but coming from Washington state, snow would still be common, even at much lower elevations than 10000-12000ft. The most prominent peak to the north is Elk Mountain. All Rights Reserved. A GPS can help you find the exact spot. The peak offers great 360degree panoramic views extending well past of the Snowy Range area. America the Beautiful National Parks/Forest is valid. On the way back I finally had a chance to see a couple marmots, but they were either too far or too quick to take a picture of. There were quite a bit of patches of snow along the trail which you’ll see below. In the above general route outline, the yellow was roughly the route. The summit lies in extreme western Albany County, but the mountain's lower reaches stretch westward into eastern Carbon County. I arrived back at the parking area around 3:57PM, roughly 2hours to get back. Medicine Bow Peak (12,018 ft (3,663 m)) is the highest peak in the Snowy Range, a part of the Medicine Bow Mountains, about 35 miles (56 km) west of Laramie, Wyoming. The peak is located in a Special Botanical Area.[5]. 3 476 m (prom: 96 m) Rock Creek Knoll. It opens in late June or early July depending on snow depth. 3 575 m (prom: 217 m) Sugarloaf Mountain. (All pictures are clickable for larger views.). Copyright © 1987-2020 by Sunday afternoon hike up to Medicine Bow Peak via Lake Marie in the Medicine Bow National Forest in Wyoming. Ute, and Eastern Shoshone were known to have either inhabited the surrounding lowlands or used nearby canyons and mountain passes as travel routes.[4]. Bow Peak often will block the sun on the moderately steep ascent and will keep the path completely shaded – a real treat on a hot day. On the return trip back to the parking area, the trail was a little easier to see. In 1955, United Airlines Flight 409 crashed into the side of the mountain; there were no survivors.


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