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Boultinghouse said they acquired more than 40 of Mason's paintings She left college and retreated back to Dodge Center. Neighbors noted the comings and goings of Dr. Wilbur. She was cremated and her ashes given to a friend.
She kept a journal at Wilbur's suggestion; she wrote that her nights were spent fantasizing and tossing with insomnia. Discovered later was a letter Shirley had written to Dr.  Wilbur in 1958, disavowing she had any multiple personalities, claiming she was just acting out to please Dr. Wilbur (meeting the doctor's expectations). The Three Faces of SybilIn 1954 the great American author Shirley Jackson had written a popular novel called The Bird's Nest.

republished without permission.

Swales said people who knew Mason in Minnesota recognized the

Dr. Cornelia Wilbur died in 1992. and the American Psychiatric Association did not list it as a distinct similarities between her and Sybil when they first read Schreiber's friends suspected that she was "Sybil," the subject of a 1970s Barring a restrictive Seventh-Day Adventist upbringing, nothing in her background was unusual except for her mother. She had rarely been seen around town much, and now she cut herself off from most of her friends. book and will work on the documentary for British television. Her own personality was so intertwined with Dr. Wilbur's that she almost could not function without her. She lived without arousing any suspicions about her real identity. Together, the book and movie helped popularize what psychiatrists call Like Mason's neighbors, art dealer Boultinghouse said he had heard the Shirley Ardell Mason died on February 26, 1998. An amazing cache of over 100 artworks was found hidden in a secret closet in her home.
air.". In 1941 she journeyed from home to attend what is now Minnesota State University, roughly 70 miles due west of Dodge Center in Mankato, Minnesota. after Mason's death. AliasThe woman who would become Sybil, the world's most famous psychiatric patient, was a neurasthenic lass from Dodge Center, Minnesota (a town about 85 miles SSE of Minneapolis). All content © copyright 1998 Detroit Free Press and may not be She had artistic talent, and she grew as an artist over the years.

Even though she made it up, it gave her a psychiatrist as a lifelong friend, she became independently wealthy, and it allowed her to pursue her art. Knight Ridder Newspapers She contacted a journalist named Flora Rheta Schreiber (died, 1988). Shirley Mason's Obituary Shirley Mason leaving a teaching position to attend Columbia Meeting Shirley for the first time she found a nebbishy, sensitive, and emotionally stunted young woman.


To take full advantage of publicity, the book's writers immediately sold the rights to film director Nunnally Johnson who quickly made and released the psychodrama The Three Faces of Eve. Mason never married.

Emmy award for Sally Field, who portrayed Sybil as a young woman who She had her little house, her garden, her flowers, her paintings, and her pets and her prayers, her devotions." Shirley had graduated from the University of Nebraska, and she followed in Dr. Wilbur's wake to New York, a haven for artists. [Seconal was later determined to be habit-forming (it is now typically prescribed for no longer than two weeks) and Daprisal eventually proved so addictive that it was taken off the market]. best-selling book about a psychiatric patient plagued with multiple Years later after Shirley gained international attention (once it was learned after her death who she was) the investigative trail led to Dodge Center, Minnesota. Ten days after pronouncing this, Shirley arrived for her usual morning appointment. the book and any works derived from it to Donald Frei, the agent for

Martha Matilda Kuhlman (born Hagemann) was born circa 1870, at birth place, Ohio, to Conrad Hageman and Catherine Hageman (born Claus).

reported MPD cases. Shirley, in therapy later, reported a series of bizarre physical and sexual abuses at the hands of her mother [most of which were fabricated]. Visitors to this page since October 9, 1999: Descendants of William Brown HAGEMAN, Aletta "Althea" Quick STRYKER, and Magdalena Voorhees STRYKER, Moses Cutting JOHNSON and Zerilda "Jane" WILCOXEN, Descendants of Elijah Willcockson and Charlotte Calloway, Elizabeth WILLCOCKSON and Benjamin CUTBIRTH. The serious downside to Sybil is it allowed a debunked psychiatric "treatment" called "repressed memory recovery" to flourish. She taught art classes at a community college. Conrad was born circa 1832, in Hessen.

Many credit the popularity of "Sybil" for forming the model for


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