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Nevertheless, it did not fail to make Mark and Wade laugh. Tyler calls change. (SKETCH: The Fall of Slender Man)[2], Soon after hitting 80,000 subscribers, Markiplier had the idea to smear peanut butter on his face, so as to have squirrels lick it off. Scene Two: Bob & Dan Ring(Tour Musician). Markiplier entered the forest soon after, looting the art that the Slender Man had chosen to hang around the forest. The trinity in one video! On one occasion, he accidentally bumped his chair onto his girlfriend's painting, causing it to unhook and fall to the floor, breaking the glass cover. Scene Four: Bob & Ethan. r/Markiplier: Hello, everybody, and welcome to r/Markiplier! I'm gonna beat you with my Magic Katana Stick if you don't get to the LIVESTREAM! Scene Three: Bob & Tyler. Yeah I know this looks entirely different from the teaser I showed to you guys, because I'm sad to say that the Markiplier Granny Animated was cancelled because the file for it was lost and I had no interest in doing it again so I decided to animate something else. Despite playing the role of Lori Grimes (and, occasionally, her son Carl) in the group's activities and shenanigans, Bob has never watched a full episode of. Mark hosts round of Whose Line and Quick Change. Magic Touch: Markiplier has demonstrated the ability to cause instantaneous euphoria in the people he touches. As you may notice, the art style is different (a combination of mine and Overcook's) but this is only exclusive for this animation. Read Bob and Wade! Markiplier is currently in the process of staring into your soul. If there's one thing you know about Markiplier, it's that I have many, many mortal sins to my name. This is going to be my first Markiplier animated to include Bob and Wade! While the summer's still young, I'm gonna take a rest and plan for more content because I study in college.If you are planning to react or dub my animation, feel free to do so, but make sure to give me credit, okay? Bob and Wade belittle Mark by making fun of his height (5'10"), often drawing comparisons to their own heights (both 6'4"). Bob (muyskerm)'s former Minecraft skin (prior to Aug 23, 2014). (SKETCH: Markiplier's Magic Touch)[4], After getting out of the hospital, Markiplier claimed to hear the Squirrels calling to him, and he decided to once again smear peanut butter on his face, and run around in his backyard. Read bob and wade are here also Tyler x Mark from the story ABDL Markiplier (DISCONTINUED) by _ShelbyCakes_ with 727 reads. Despite his protests that Christmas was upon them, the Turkey dragged him off, before delivering a Thanksgiving message to onlookers. Bob occasionally uses a high-pitched "Butters" voice for comedic effect, but often reiterates that he is using a voice modulator to achieve the effect, to the disappointment of some of the fan base. Bob's occasionally does impressions of Mark as well. Toggle navigation ACTUALLY HILARIOUS | Human Fall Flat w/ Bob & Wade I've played Human Fall Flat solo before so I thought I knew the game pretty well. Subscribe Today! Subscribe now! However, in episode 12 of season 2, he feels sorrow for Wade's "death". Popping Popcorn with a High-Powered Laser, Markiplier's History Lessons: 4TH OF JULY, Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. impression was that of the popular short story author Edgar Allen Poe, done during the August 2014 livestream. Mark quizzes his Mother on his favorite show. As implied (and demonstrated off-screen) in the. "), to Mark's and Wade's amusement. Press J to jump to the feed. Apart from YouTube work, Bob formerly worked as a truancy officer at a school in Cincinnati, Ohio and at a sushi bar as a bartender alongside Mark before opting to study law at law school, as part of becoming a future lawyer. Markiplier, American YouTube personality. He sometimes wears glasses (now he always does in the later episodes). A close friend of Mark Fischbach and Wade Barnes, Bob is often seen with them in various playthroughs and livestreams. It's time to get swongin' in Minecraft's latest Dungeon Crawler, Minecraft Dungeons! The after-effect is that the victim is then left both mentally incapacitated and in a semi-paralytic state, although a doorbell was enough to rouse the three victims. While Mark and Wade willingly join together to perform various silly acts (eg. Yoloooooooooooo!" Bob has what could be described as a 'contagious' laugh. Both Bob and Wade poke fun at Mark and his unique pronunciation of the word "room" (. Mark stood disgusted at Wade's enjoyment of his touch, before another ring of the doorbell distracted him and roused his three guests from their stupor. 42 times, prior to 1928 (various methods), Once, prior to Nov 9th, 2012 (Run over by a bus), Murderous Pink Mustaches: Markiplier has the ability to fire oversized pink mustaches from his nipples. Plus I wanna try something new. He went to the door in disgust as the rattling became more violent, before hearing Wade calling out his name. In doing so, he received physical pain, but no doubt brought elation to his subjects. Mark conducts a 'You're Welcome' version of Quick Change. Mark turns the King of The Squirrels reference into a full fledge character. Mark, during this time having grown an additional six arms, panicked and shouted out he had done nothing wrong. Actually hes not, wade and bob are over 6 feet xD Mark I think is 5'10" or something (he said in the live stream) ↑ While the video afterwards shows all of them getting up and walking off camera after Bob Muyskens laughing, this wiki treats only the events of the video prior to the break in character to be canon. In the early episodes, he was being "bullied" by Bob and Wade, however, in later episodes, he started calling Wade a dick all the time. Toggle navigation BUNNY BASKETBALL | Super Bunny Man w/ Jack, Bob, Wade Super Bunny Man has some of the most chaotic and hilarious multiplayer we've ever seen in a game. By the way, this took a good 2 weeks of my time!And as always, I will see you in the next animation! Bob currently hosts his own channel, muyskerm, which he had been running since April 6, 2010 as a primarily inactive account. Kung Fu: Markiplier learned kung fu, though was unsure of how it happened. I have played this before and I've never screamed this loud playing this. Does This Magnetic Skincare Routine Really Work? Popping Popcorn with a High-Powered Laser, Markiplier's History Lessons: 4TH OF JULY, Markiplier, American YouTube personality. Tour adapted many improv elements as seen on Whose Line. (SKETCH: The Fall of Slender Man), Shortly after that, he was run over by a bus, and was tragically killed. in their. Markiplier Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Bob and Wade join in the fun! Being good friends with Mark, Bob is seen to get along with him on several occasions. –Markiplier, Los Angeles, California - Are You Ready For Christmas QUIZ. (SKETCH: The Fall of Slender Man)[2], Markiplier and his accomplices then tracked the Slender Man down following his release, at which point he stole the Slender Man's lesson plans. (SKETCH: The Fall of Slender Man)[2], Markiplier and the others followed the Slender Man into the city, and when the Slender Man turned himself in to the police, Mark continued his campaign of harassment and thievery while the Slender Man was in prison. ↑ These events occurred off-screen and prior to the events of "Wade Loves Markiplier". Mark with Matthias, Ryan and Matt attempt a couple of rounds of Whose Line game, Sound FX. Markiplier's 'You're Welcome Tour' 2017-2018 Tour adapted many improv elements as seen on Whose Line. A close friend of Mark Fischbach and Wade Barnes, Bob is often seen with them in various playthroughs and livestreams. Some of his go-to styles are: Him yelling out different inappropriate words or remarks with bravado (e.g.


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