magi djinn powers
Divine Djinn Variation (神ジン変動, Kami Jin Hendō), or simply known as the Marid type, is considered by far as the strongest type of Djinn that exists, as it is the Marid type Djinn's that are typically known for their capacity to grant wishes and manipulate core aspects of the world around them. Widely considered as one of the strongest creatures that exist in Earth Land, the Djinn has one power that no other mythical creature has: the ability to grant wishes. The user does not take the appearance of the Djinn in terms of personal features (facial features, body hair, etc) but rather the cloths, jewelry or even skin complexion (like gills or skin color). An additional benefit and of this Djinn type is in it's unique ability to use the same mechanics of Molding Magic, giving the user the ability to not only produce an element from their body but also shape it, manipulate it, and reform it in any way they can imagine. The user may be able to summon portions as opposed to the entire entity, such as an arm alone, in order to reduce the energy consumption and space occupation. Phenex is a healing Djinn that Kouen uses to heal his wounds. This is based on the, Their names, excluding Ugo and the Black Djinn, have come from the names of, Only the name of 24th Djinn, Cerberus, isn't directly taken from, The name Ugo could be from the French poet. In this current era, it is believed the Djinn to be generally "ignorant, untruthful, oppressive and treacherous." By putting a concept at their disposal, the user is able to define its fundamental bases and apply it for several ways or change existent concepts like reality or energy to enhance it or decrease its effects in various scales. The user gains incredible power by channeling the essence of their Djinn's power source through their body, thus gaining access to a special kind of power within one's body and access to such abilities, knowledge and individual traits that makes them unique from other diverse variation of uses. The guardian's strength may be driven by the user's force of will or physical movements, or by it's own independent will. When a Djinn Magic user enters this ability, they effectively turn effectively adopt the characteristics of their Djinn, from altering the shape, form, and magic composition, they are made to look and embody the physical body that the Djinn once had before being transformed into a spirit. King Vessels are often guided by a specific Magi, but this isn't always the case. This technique is commonly used to dodge projectiles, move behind enemies, show off speed, get away from a fight, etc. Most importantly, Djinn Fusion can achieved by those who possess full mastery of their own powers or ones with the utmost potential in the use of Djinn Magic. Amon is a powerful Djinn and, through training, Alibaba has managed to wield him to good effect. Episode 11 Djinns are very powerful beings in the Magi universe which are created from Rukh and possess incredible powers. Rōmaji Eg. Depending on its ego, the Djinn can be molded by the host into any shape or form the wizard desires, enabling the direct display of its abilities to protect the them, such as generating weapons, fabricating armor, or producing new magic arts in the process. According to Alibaba, if the eight pointed star is cut down while someone is using Djinn Equip, the metal vessel will break. Concepts are created (named) to describe, explain and capture reality as it is known and understood. Djinn Element Variation (ジン武器のバリエーション, Jin Buki no Bariēshon), or simply known as the Ifrit type, these Djinn's are known for their ability to produce, manipulate, and control an element that they naturally possesses. Only one can be registered per Djinn. Kouen is a three-time Dungeon Capturer and a King Candidate for the Magi, Judar. Users of this variation can embed magical energy to enhance themselves and achieve this power. When running through the air or magic spells, they feed on the Ethernano and contaminate it, causing anyone or anything with magic properties to become lethally poisoned, as well as have their Magic weakened. The Djinn will introduce their name, their realm, and then choose a King's Candidate from among those present. Sinbad is the most popular adventurer on the seven seas; a man famous for his many adventures in foreign lands. Extreme Magic ( Kyokudai Mahō) is a magic that is used by those who have mastered DjinnEquip. In the world of Magi, those who receive djinn's power become a King Vessel. This power can also protect the user against any and/or all ailments that hinders them as well as accelerate their bodies healing process to gain a regenerative healing factor. [1]. His trading company is regarded as top of the line and is definitely one of the best in the world. These are the strongest ones, ranked. Wizards who have spent nearly all of their life training and honing this ability are able trigger a magic-induced transformation that pushes both the wizard and Djinn's powers to a whole new level, unlocking their dormant powers in order to drastically increase their powers to unimaginable new levels. These are the strongest ones, ranked. Join the community. Their primary ability consists of the user creating/summoning their Djinn spirit in the form of a guardian that exists in the physical form, with their appearances varying greatly from humanoid (with various weaponry and skills) to animals or even mythical beings, depending on the Djinn's original appearance, and will protect the user at all costs, and fight on their behalf. Wizards that possesses a Djinn of this category, typically have the power to control the relationship between subjects and objects of knowledge, the fundamental language of power that enables one to use prediction, inference, decision making and in all kinds of environmental interaction that best allows them to control a concept in their possession. While in this form, the user possesses an evolved variation of existing powers, allowing them to concentrate/focus the effects of their powers, allowing them to control their magic which would normally be directed towards their target.


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