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In Language, Truth and Logic (1936), Ayer presents the verification principle as the only valid basis for philosophy. [5] The album was released on May 10 and debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200, making it his third album to reach the top of the chart. [57] Two weeks ahead of the start of the tour, Logic released the song, "Flexicution" on June 14, 2016, a song that he teased on social media for months which featured Jessica Andrea on the latter end of the song, where she provides backing vocals. Instead, Ayer concludes that ethical concepts are "mere pseudo-concepts": The presence of an ethical symbol in a proposition adds nothing to its factual content. He wants people to know that there is always help available, such as the National Suicide Then we can define the operation of a digital 2-input logic AND gate as being: His father, Jules Ayer, was a Swiss Calvinist financier who worked for the Rothschild family.[7]. Avicenna was born c. 980 in Afshana, a village near Bukhara (in present-day Uzbekistan), the capital of the Samanids, a Persian dynasty in Central Asia and Greater Khorasan. He argued that, in this scenario, one would still have self-consciousness. There is also a حكمت مشرقيه‎ (hikmat-al-mashriqqiyya, in Latin Philosophia Orientalis), mentioned by Roger Bacon, the majority of which is lost in antiquity, which according to Averroes was pantheistic in tone. Ayer was commissioned second lieutenant into the Welsh Guards from Officer Cadet Training Unit on 21 September 1940. [84] He viewed inclination as a permanent force whose effect is dissipated by external forces such as air resistance. [45][46], The Necessary exists 'due-to-Its-Self', and has no quiddity/essence (mahiyya) other than existence (wujud). [5], During the Second World War Ayer was a Special Operations Executive and MI6 agent.[6]. His portrait hangs in the Hall of the Avicenna Faculty of Medicine in the University of Paris. At first, Avicenna entered into the service of a high-born lady; but the emir, hearing of his arrival, called him in as medical attendant, and sent him back with presents to his dwelling. Avicenna created an extensive corpus of works during what is commonly known as the Islamic Golden Age, in which the translations of Greco-Roman, Persian, and Indian texts were studied extensively. Sir Alfred Jules "Freddie" Ayer FBA (/ ɛər /; 29 October 1910 – 27 June 1989), usually cited as A. J. Ayer, was an English philosopher known for his promotion of logical positivism, particularly in his books Language, Truth, and They have one son. [94], Avicenna used steam distillation to produce essential oils such as rose essence, which he used as aromatherapeutic treatments for heart conditions.[98][99]. [26] Logic completed his first European tour in March 2013, and confirmed his fourth mixtape, Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever,[27] would be released on May 7. Avicenna's Neoplatonic scheme of "emanations" became fundamental in the Kalam (school of theological discourse) in the 12th century. Greco-Roman (Mid- and Neo-Platonic, and Aristotelian) texts translated by the Kindi school were commented, redacted and developed substantially by Islamic intellectuals, who also built upon Persian and Indian mathematical systems, astronomy, algebra, trigonometry and medicine. [88] While being the first rapper to become a New York Times' number one best-selling author with his novel, the accompanying soundtrack received negative reviews from critics, peaking at number 56 on the US Billboard 200. Avicenna wrote on Earth sciences such as geology in The Book of Healing. The film's score was produced by RZA, a member of the hip hop group Wu-Tang Clan. There are occasional brief hints and allusions in his longer works however that Avicenna considered philosophy as the only sensible way to distinguish real prophecy from illusion. 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