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Mathew was right there to offer direction and assurance along the way. This is the ideal kei truck for those who are looking for something…, Is a Kei Truck right for you or your business? It features…, Is a Kei Truck right for you or your business? We will soon be adding more educated professionals to our team to answer your questions. But that doesn’t mean that it’s “The Best.” Although I think it is, or, at least, I like it most; but I’ll be the first to admit its drawbacks. This Right Hand Drive March…, This manual Suzuki Carry is in great shape with relatively low millage. There seem to be fewer and fewer things that we can rely on. Wednesday: 8:00am – 7:00pm WE HAVE A FLAT $1,000 FEE FOR OUR AUCTION SPECIAL-ORDER SERVICE AND DON’T TRY TO MAKE LOADS OF PROFIT BASED ON THE MARKET. Many manufacturers make their own versions of these trucks as stated above. STERLING NON-TRANSPONDER TRUCK KEYS FOR SALE: WE DO MOBILE KEY CUTTING SERVICE. I worked with Mat and i believe i couldn't have done any better.

WE ARE BASED IN CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA. These mini trucks are great…, The Nissan March is a compact 4-door vehicle, highly popular in Europe and Japan. Super easy to deal with and transparent with all the details involved in bidding and winning auctions, the import process, and everything in between. kei truck; mini truck suzuki carr… Post an Ad "suzuki truck mini" in Classifieds in Canada. This was my first time dealing with importing, Mat was so patient and helpful through this purchase. Not many of these single driver ultra micro trucks…, US eligible!

I had been toying with the Idea of importing a Land Cruiser from Japan for a while and to be honest was quite hesitant about doing so, as the process for a first timer seemed quite daunting.

This 5 speed Sambar features a 4x4 drivetrain and has A/C! 3 way folding sides on box, AC, heat and CD player. 4x4 Mini trucks (Japanese Kei Trucks) ATV UTV Exporter! MENU HOME; VIEW LISTINGS; FAQ; TESTIMONIALS; ABOUT US; CONTACT; This is not our full inventory. This is not the last time I will be dealing with them. The First FIA Intercontinental Drifting Cup! I highly recommend the service these gentlemen provide. Welcome to Fremont mini trucks, we have been specializing in high quality and hard to find Japanese Kei trucks for more than 10 years. Mini trucks have been popular throughout Asia for decades.

48000 KM. $25-30 Mileage: Appr. Place Ads.

Comes certified and e-tested with postal service plans…, This Figaro is beautiful inside and out and it runs as good as it looks. Only 6,200 KMs on it, and it shows. You won’t have confusing paperwork, nor will you be left in the dark. Please feel free to browse around our site and learn a little bit more about us and these amazing little trucks. A Kei truck, or Japanese mini truck, is a tiny but practical pickup truck available in RWD or 4WD version, built to satisfy the Japans class of light vehicles. Rear mounted lights and back rack…, A 5 speed Hijet Climber with A/C, 4x4 drivetrain and low kms!

This gorgeous kei truck has A/C with 4WD, a great combo. So glad this was the first group I tried as I have heard horror stories about the import process. But still, when it comes time for me to look for my next used kei truck, I’m going to look for a nice, fresh, Subaru Sambar. Can be outfitted with a plow, salter,…, Clean 4WD Sambar with A/C, CD and heat. The interior is in terrific shape as is…, This ultra low km Sambar is fully loaded with A/C, 4WD and an automatic transmission! Used 4x4 Japanese Mini Trucks, K-Trucks, Kei Truck, Louisiana at Second Hand Trucks LLC. Mini trucks are amazing go-anywhere machines that are fun, durable, easy to maintain and extremely affordable (starting at $800 for a good condition 25 year old one and up to more than $5000 for those around 10 years old with dump boxes). Our Tow Truck Operators are Well Trained, Knowledgeable & Bonded. New model Honda Acty with the extended front end. Phone: 905-660-3312  or  Toll Free: 1-877-398-8220, Local: 905-660-3312 Noteworthy. Although mini trucks were designed for the Japanese and European economies, they are perfectly well suited in North America and are 100% legal for Canadian roads. Looking for insurance for your mini truck? We've asked dealers for a comprehensive list. Some of the Different Mini Truck Versions. Everything came to pass as he advised. This compact A160 is a real head turner and a very fuel efficient machine…, Clean Acty with lined, 3 way folding box, clean interior, AC, 12V power, clean chassis and well maintained 660cc engine. Import your own great condition, low mileage mini truck for as low as $3,000 today! MiniTrucks. FRSL78 Full-Rise Scissor Lift easily lifts up to 7800 lbs. In a sense, they are all basically alike: tough, simple, long-lasting, cheap to run, highly capable. Capital Automotive Equipment’s FRSL78- 7800 lbs. Go old kei truck. Kei truck do come with extended cabs but typically most are single cab. ... before we place any truck for sale. everything went perfect!!!. Driving a right hand drive vehicle is not difficult to drive. We can arrange, exterior, interior, tray and underbody cleaning prior to shipment. If your looking for a trustworthy company to order vehicles through I highly recommend JCD! As such there is little room for frills and fancy stuff in any of the kei trucks, be it the Daihatsu Hi-Jet, the Suzuki Carry, the Subaru Sambar, or any of the others. Favourite. Highly recommended! This little…, This is Daihatsu's mini truck, the Hijet, comes equipped with an adjustable 4x4 drive-train and with a locking differential. Unique options to these trucks include hydraulic dump beds, high rise bed walls, front ploughs, crawler rear ends (2×2 wheels), hydraulic scissor lifts, rear lift gates, refrigerated beds, boxed beds and rear utility bars. The…, An amazing little kei class 2 door hardtop convertible sports car with a small turbocharged engine. Thursday: 8:00am – 7:00pm Sold 1991 Nissan Figaro – 715 kms $59,999. Absolutely! - BROKEN CARS - USED CARS $300-$8000 CALL OR TXT 416-688-9875, TOYOTA TACOMA? Perfect for local delivery of goods that need to be kept dry, safe and even refrigerated. LOW KMS in a classic Blue/White shade. Opposed to a standard utility vehicle, they have much more payload capacity for their size. Even larger variants include trucks like the Mitsubishi Canter, Nissan Atlas, and Toyota Ranger. My kids, and my wife, love to drive it:). Box Mini Trucks come in standard and refrigeration unit types. Our customers have used them for small construction, landscaping, and general purpose use. They made it easy from point a to b. Toll free: 1-877-398-8220, Price includes all OMVIC and RightDrive administration fee`s as well as 100 point mechanical inspection and…, Very low mileage Sambar, One owner vehicle, Manual transmission. Premier vehicles are just a click away. Customers who want to export a Kei Truck from Japan often ask us: What is the Best Kei Truck? It’s an engineering and mechanical ideal: The Most for the Least / Do More With Less. Features hot and cold air, 770 lb payload, Tight turning radius for confined spaces (app.…, This near new Nissan Figaro has just under 4,300 kms on it! I’ve had a number of kei trucks and other Japanese Kei vehicles and, with the kei trucks, my favorite is the pre-October-1998 Subaru Sambar.

Please feel free to browse around our site and learn a little bit more about us and these amazing little trucks. Vehicle Search Engine: Over 150,000 vehicles at auction weekly, plus thousands more on dealer lots. The things that make you decide on the kei truck you pitch for, the kei truck that is best for you, may be very subjective. Whatever it is your doing, you can do it better and more comfortably in a mini truck. YOUR SANITY IS VALUED. Notify me when new ads are posted. These are great for a variety…, Rare automatic Minicab with AC, selectable 4WD, Low mileage, Clean! Search for MiniTrucks and MiniVans for sale in Canada. Larger versions of kei trucks are commonly referred to as midsize in North America. And yet I found more over steer in our two Honda Actys on dirt and gravel roads at speed. Especially these days, with hard economic times coming, due to government responses to the Corona Virus, a Japanese kei truck is going to be the best vehicle going forward, especially for preppers, for people hoping to stay out of the cities but who need to work, get around, stock up, you name it; for hunters who really do need to bring home the bacon (well, the venison, actually); for people who are forced to downsize and cut back on their contracting, landscaping, or small delivery service, again, a kei truck is the best thing to have right now. There are also a number of different soft top covers that fit on all stock Mini Trucks. Of course, if you can get the chance to test drive your friend’s kei truck, jump at the chance. IF ANOTHER IMPORTER HAS THE SAME UNIT FOR LESS, WE WILL ADJUST OUR FEE TO BEAT IT! Tuesday: 8:00am – 7:00pm Engine Sizes: 550cc or 660cc Cost to fill: Appr. AS CLASSICS CAN NOW BE IMPORTED TO QUEBEC, PEI AND THE USA, WE CAN ACTUALLY SAY WE HAVE DONE THIS BEFORE! We’re all going to have to cut back, but with a kei truck, you don’t have to cut back on capability and capacity. Now, for something to help you decide what may be the best kei truck for you to import from Japan, we have some articles over on our blog here, here, here, and here. Holiday Hours Rugged, economical and lightweight are just a few words to describe top-ranking trucks. Matt put the breaks on that and used his experience and knowledge to weed out the potential problems. He is thorough, clear, and timely. $25-30 Mileage: Appr. Your ideas are respected, and we will find exactly the car that you want most and answer any questions you may have along the way. With more than 10 years of buying and selling, we are the experts in the UTV industry. There’s nothing like the feeling of pulling up to a meet wit a JDM legend suiting your particular taste that you won’t find anywhere else. Let our extensive Japanese car export experience help you secure the JDM vehicle of your dreams! But with their high reliability, high capability, and low running costs, I think that we can rely on our kei trucks. B-PRO AUTO JDM IMPORTS GMC TRUCK KEYS FOR SALE WE DO MOBILE KEY CUTTING SERVICE, SCRAP CAR REMOVAL call 416-688-9875 ROXY Call Or Txt 24/7 Pick Up TORONTO : GTA Area "FREE TOWING" TOP $CASH$ FOR UNWANTED CARS, VANS, TRUCKS, SUVS DEAD OR ALIVE $200 - $4000 Scrap Vehicles, Unwanted Vehicles Cash for Rims & Battery WE SALE NEW TIRE Scrap your car WE ARE PAYING THE HIGHEST PRICES FOR ANY Toyota, Save BIG on ALL Action Trucks Clearance items! TO CANADA. It simply takes a few outings to get use to but for the most part is very simple. Postal Vehicle, RSMC and more. This one comes equipped A/C, an 5…, The Right Hand Drive Subaru Sambar Dias II is a neat little versatile vehicle. Click Here; JDM News; FAQ’s; Contact Us; Welcome to Bonsai Rides Your Canadian Source For RHD & JDM Import Vehicles. Minitrucks are popular amongst small and large business owners and have been popularized by farmers in Japan and Europe. They are supremely versatile and can be converted to anything you are looking for, most commonly, a modified dump truck. I would not hesitate to work with JCD again! With lots of large windows, and the…, This right hand drive JDM import Suzuki Kei Truck is the 10th generation of the Carry series. This unit has a beautiful aftermarket paint job, front air vents (to…, Jumbo cab with low miles, Selectable 4WD, Good condition. Around city streets they are very comfortable for drive and reach be taken on Canadian highways if needed. We stake our reputation on each and every car, and will work tirelessly to meet your needs and get your dream JDM. Search for MiniTrucks and MiniVans for sale in Canada. These 4WD kei trucks feature a 3 sided folding bed and fuel efficient 660cc engine. Other guys will point out that having the engine at the extreme rear (as in the Sambar) is not ideal due to the increased potential for over steer on dodgy road surfaces. Very rare and a total gem! Dee Zee Tool Box -- Specialty Jeep JK Box. We would be happy to import a JDM vehicle for you! We will take care all of the shipping and handlinf to Ontario from Japan. Flawless service, prompt response to communications, on delivery the car was better than expected, very close to new looking. Sunday: Closed.


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