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However, we dated for 5 years and married at 23 years of age. To AnonymousMarch 10, 2020 at 6:38 PM "Birth rates are at record lows because abortion rates are skyrocketing" God Bless You!Many girls like me are pressured to have abortions. This is not true among the young adults I know. They aren't even courting yet. He’s only 19! They were able to celebrate Travis' 19th birthday and attend church with his family. katie bates wedding Right from Charlie Chaplin to Albert Einstein, each of them put their best foot forward. Wow...thats only like 20 minutes from me where he lives lol. }); In the latest episode of the show (July 23), the Bates family decided to throw Valentine's party that had all the family members come together. It defeats the purpose entirely. You seem like a fine young man with your head on your shoulders and your foundation in life built on Christ. Over the weekend, Katie traveled to New Jersey with Gil and Kelly to spend time with her boyfriend, Travis. I completely agree! :). Travis Clark and Katie Bates have been seeing each other for eight months and it looks like things are getting serious between the two. We would love to help you find everything you need to start your new life together. Unless otherwise stated, photos courtesy of: UPtv, thebatesfamily.com, chadanderin.com, lawsonbates.com, brandonandmichaela.com, Zach and Whitney Bates, Alyssa and John Webster, Tori and Bobby Smith, Josie and Kelton Balka, Carlin and Evan Stewart, Trace Bates, Copyright © 2012-2016 Bates Family Blog. I hear he sings beautifully. is a wild exaggeration. My husband and I dated at 14 & 17 and married at 19 & 22 been married for 18 yrs and now 37 and 40 ! Actually, she could be his mom. eventAction: 'render' So, that’s what we did. These two are too young. I'm not saying everyone has to go to a 4 year university. If you think people should be 30 before starting their families, that's you but don't discourage this family. I think a couple is mature enough to marry if they can support themselves financially without the help of mommy and daddy. Launched in 2009, their wedding blog and website celebrate, inspire and facilitate the most special events in life—weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, engagements—all the things that make your heart fill with love. ga('ads.send', { My sister married at 19 and still is married to her sweetheart. But everyone needs some sort of training whether it be a university degree and a technical certificate. Travis is very handsome in his dark suit and white shirt, as is Gil. This is common knowledge. eventCategory: event.slot.getSlotElementId(), My husband and I dated as 16-17 year olds, and we got married as 21-22 year olds. That's what causes the divorces, the immaturity of younger couples, not the smaller income. }); Find and purchase a gift from the US Gift Registry. When a couple gets married they are becoming their own family unit separate from their parents and siblings. I don't mean any offense to anyone. He’s not destitute. I do consider any 19 year old to be in need of further maturing, I don't care who it is. Thank you! He looks and sounds far too young to be a husband and father! ga('ads.send', { media-tech companies with hubs around the world. Free shipping on registry orders over $99. Welcome to Dean Smith and Katie Bates's Wedding Website! If you are still in town, we'd love to see you there. No one had mentioned a courtship yet so maybe that isn’t in the cards for them right now or ever. However, what I told my own kids was that if it's true love, it can be patient and wait a few years until secondary education is finished and careers are in place. }); And Josie and Kelton were married at 19 and I think they are doing great! Because this young man is just beginning his education. What difference does it make when someone finds their perfect match? How many people in college are in a relationship? Different people are ready at different ages. Jul 5, 2020 - Explore Djbalexander's board "Katie Bates" on Pinterest. }. Far from it. if(document.querySelector("#ads")){ My parents were married at 20 at the height of WWII, just before Dad was shipped overseas. Browse top items and order online. Looking at how easily Travis gelled with the family, Gil and Kelly Bates were also happy to see him. The Bringing Up Bates family will be growing.Katie Bates, who is 19 years old, is officially courting. Most young people these days don't even get this far in to knowing someone before they are already pregnant and not married. eventCategory: event.slot.getSlotElementId(), Sign up today and enjoy exclusive savings at both our brands. Probably the op is worried because in this family a relationship means almost always marriage. 'Bringing Up Bates' airs on Thursdays at 9 pm ET on UP. He’s been traveling the US and singing since he was a young boy. Yes. They dated but didn’t work out. Everyone's life path will look different, and that's ok. I have a U.S. shipping address. I have been happily married to my husband for 40 years and I married two weeks after graduating high school! window.googletag.pubads().addEventListener('slotRenderEnded', function(event) { They seem like a well matched couple. View gifts to purchase from the Canadian Gift Registry. You might want to rethink where you're getting your information. Online, in-store and completely free. Katie Bates is sweetly terrific as Sophie Sheridan, the daughter in search of her father. Travis Clark and Katie Bates . I hope they take their time with the next step. Create a Registry on the U.S. site. Find out when your online purchase will arrive. Why can't you be in a relationship at 19? Does he have plans for the future that include education or job training? Surprisingly, Katie decided to take part as well. 6:38- Nope, abortion rates have been declining for years and are at their lowest point since 1973. How in the world can you tell that from a picture? He's a young looking 19-year old. The next task that the family was asked to do was perform the Charleston dance. Not sure why 19 is considered young and jana duggar is considered old. },false) Different people are ready at different ages. My priorities changed and evolved over the years and I didn't get married until I was 35. How old should a person be? She further hinted that there might be a possibility of courtship on the way but nothing was discussed. It's a normal part of life. } reporters on a platform technologically tailored to meet the needs of the modern reader. Katie was excited to welcome Travis for the party and thought it would be a good way for him to interact with the rest of the family. Can someone explain? Gosh, He is so young! Time 6:36AM Tues 3/10/20I dont want to say rude Travis looks like he is 16 not 19. See more ideas about Katie bates, Bates, Bates family. eventCategory: event.slot.getSlotElementId(), eventAction: 'click_ads' I don't know why "fans" feel compelled to impose their personal values and opinions on this family. I do hope people would stop judging them simply because of age. The divorce rate among young adults is the highest of all age groups. Happy Birthday Travis! 7:42 - Trace broke up with his girlfriend. 115.5k Followers, 68 Following, 61 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Katie Bates (@kgbates2000) If you have an entertainment scoop or a story for us, please reach out to us on (323) 421-7515. window.googletag.cmd.push(function() { I think all the guys the Bates girls married or courting they all have alot of similarities...they are all good looking guys and the women are beautiful...I just love the show. 9:44, exactly. Financial security is the only criteria for marriage? Travis did not hesitate to be part of this dance and enjoyed it. I just always appreciated her perspective on marriage and that sometimes we do things because of our naivity, we're under pressure, or out of just plain fear. Whoever got lucky and obtained the winner card received a chance to choose from a collection of things that were laid out as awards. document.querySelector("#adunit").addEventListener('click',function(){ Since Travis is only 19 and Katie is still in school they obviously cannot. At least with these young people marriage always comes before pregnancy. Really? HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRAVIS Marilyn,Joan and Marion, MO- I'm not sure if age matters... My husband and I were out of college, employed, and 27 when we got married. Katie Bates and Austin May Wedding Registry Shower Date: Sunday, September 13, 2020, Booneville Church of Christ Wedding Date: Saturday, October 10, 2020, Pickett Place, Florence, Alabama As long as they take it slow and are just getting to know each other and spend time together, they aren’t too young. While it's not the only criteria for a successful marriage, it is critically important. Just in the getting to know you stage. If you are using a screen reader and are having problems using this website, please call (00+1) 630.369.4464 for assistance. Happy birthday Travis, he looks like he could be a child of Gil and Kelly,he looks a bit like both. If I had married the first boyfriend I ever had, I know for certain it would not have worked out. },false) What a lovely couple! Our aim is to post all points of view, but we do not post anything that is profane, insulting, derogatory, or in poor taste. However, because they've announced a courtship, it's not a stretch to predict that they'll be engaged by summer and married by the time they're 20.


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