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I just didn’t want to be there and felt it was taking a toll on my life. I failed.”. Terms of Use | Yet he returns to the sense that this is ephemeral, that “It won’t go on forever.” Sitting on a brown leather couch, he reflects: “My standard has always been probably [a] delusional fantasy of what I believe I’m capable of. “I get up around 4:30, I’m in the office at 6 or 6:30 in the morning, and I leave at 9 at night” — just like those assistants, who maintain the same hours. I had people’s livelihoods in my hands. “A lot of the lucky things that happened for me early in my life really couldn’t happen now,” he says. It spoke to her, and that’s why she was fighting for it. “When I was a baby producer, people like [late producer] Don Simpson [were] incredibly helpful to me, [and] Jeffrey Katzenberg, when he was at Paramount. Was it his own decision to leave Fox? There’s the executive who drew Rudin’s wrath by turning away some of the producer’s guests at a premiere, prompting Rudin to write, “The only thing separating my hands from your neck is the fact that there are 3,000 miles between us.” That’s not to mention the occasion during the late 1990s when Rudin was on the phone with this reporter, calling me “a pathological liar” while not quite telling the truth himself. That began “with Miramax, and Miramax couldn’t make a deal. He’s also famous, however, for his volcanic temper and almost compulsive need to control; one associate says he recently e-mailed her 1,400 times over a nine-day period. “There was an opening [with Whitehead, and Rudin went for an interview],” he says. His Sources Of Income, Salary, And Career, Legendary Comedian And Actor Jerry Stiller Dies At 92: His Career, Personal Life, And Net Worth, Princess Love Files For Divorce From Ray J Four Months After Welcoming a Baby, Carly Steel Gets Engaged To Beau Jacob Andreou In Front Of Eiffel Tower, Lyssa Chapman's Relationship With Girlfriend Leiana Evensen, Why Lyssa Chapman "Baby Lyssa" Divorced Her First Husband Brahman Galanti, Georgia Groome Gives Birth, Welcomes First Child, a Baby Girl, With Rupert Grint. I got very hooked on it.”, In his teens, he started working unpaid for Broadway producer Kermit Bloomgarden and then for producer Robert Whitehead. All rights reserved. “He sat in [my] conference room and took very copious notes over many hours,” he says. Other than the obligatory posters of past films that line his hallway, the only distinguishing thing about it is the code Rudin punches to enter his space. He was heading production by the almost unheard-of age of 26. In the late ’80s, he signed a deal with Paramount, where he remained for 15 years, largely while the studio was run by Sherry Lansing. A lo largo de su trayectoria profesional ha ganado un Premio Emmy,un Premio Grammy, un Premio Óscar y un Premio Tony. “No one leaves those jobs on their own,” he quips. True, there are reports that his former employee, Pascal, would snap him up for Sony if the Disney deal expires; but Pascal belongs to a filmmaker-friendly breed of executive that’s diminishing at the speed of light. We had months of meetings and conversations. True, Rudin occasionally gets away in the summer to a beach house in Quogue on Long Island, N.Y.; but otherwise, work consumes his every minute. How does one reconcile these different Rudins? It’s lunchtime, late October, and we’re sitting in an unpretentious Italian restaurant buried in the heart of New York’s theater district. They spoke to all “the usual suspects” but, like Sony, preferred to go with an unknown. After all this, Rudin and Fincher still had to find the right actress to play the lead, Lisbeth Salander. [1]​ Además ha sido candidato a los Premios BAFTA. Probably some version of both. “ ‘You can come to New York and read it in my office.’ ”, Schrage did, Rudin believes, on at least two occasions. | Cookie Settings, Jennifer S. Altman/Contour by Getty Images. Rudin, 52, bearded and somewhat rumpled in loose-fitting jeans and a casual blue sweater, has agreed to participate in his first magazine profile in years — perhaps because he has not one but two films in Oscar contention this year: The Social Network and the Coen brothers’ True Grit. John Barlow is best known as a partner of renowned American film producer Scott Rudin. I don’t know if those opportunities exist now.”. The hacking stuff — the pure, anarchic, f*** off, anti-authoritarian thing that’s at the center of him — [he was] very helpful in making us understand [that].”, He adds, “One of my favorite lines in the movie came from Schrage, which is, ‘Creation myths need a devil,’ which I think is the best defense of Zuckerberg in the entire film.”, Rudin tried to meet the 26-year-old Zuckerberg “for a long time, and he refused. But you’d never guess from his easy laughter and unaffected openness. I feel sanguine about the things I know I can achieve and the things I know I won’t be able to. Though there is not much of information about him Scott's fan will always support and adore him. At Miramax, occasionally in association with other studios, Rudin made some of his most memorable movies including There Will Be Blood and No Country for Old Men, which won him an Oscar, solidifying his reputation not only as a maker of commercial films but also as Hollywood’s most effective producer of original and challenging material. Unlike most books, which are presented to Rudin before they’re even published, he didn’t know anything of Girl until he found his partner of 12 years, Barlow, immersed in it. Ross turned down repeated requests to comment for this story — hardly a ringing endorsement. It also gave him a discretionary fund of $3 million to buy whatever material caught his eye. Fundamentally asocial.”, Alone, except for a younger brother (now a doctor), Rudin plunged into theater. His need to have the movie, I thought, trumped what was best for the movie. He also notes that he’s “not that social.” “I don’t particularly have a wide social circle,” he says. Are they true, false or exaggerated? A moment later, he admits there may have been two or three pushed out of his company, though not necessarily by him. You can love whoever you want religion, cast, and even the sex doesn't make a difference anymore. Rudin sparked to the underlying material, a book proposal for Ben Mezrich’s The Accidental Billionaires, when an agent sent it to him. I mean, it closed with 30 people — ?senior management at Sony, myself, the Swedish publishers, the Swedish producers, representatives of the family — 30 people in a room for four days straight to get the papers signed.”. Scott Rudin nació el 14 de julio de 1958 en Nueva York, Estados Unidos. When he renewed his pact in 1995, the rich terms became the stuff of legend. Hollywood has constantly upheld gay individuals. After that initial phase in New York, where he quickly became a casting director, he moved to Los Angeles at 21 to work for another famously volatile producer, Edgar Scherick, then joined producer Larry Gordon before following Gordon to 20th Century Fox as an executive. Stephen Galloway And with that comes an obligation to engage with the world and say something about it. I measure my value against, have I done the best job I think I can do? Asked how many assistants he has fired this year — he’s notorious for plowing through dozens at a time — he answers none. He says he was unaware that two other producers were attached. The Hollywood Reporter is part of MRC Media and Info, a division of MRC. Rudin and Sony joined forces again. Everyone had to come back to the table.”, He adds, “We spent another seven or eight months putting it together, and they were unbelievable. Scott, apart from being a media person he hasn't revealed much of facts about his boyfriend. I didn’t want to be a drag on the process, and I didn’t want to be fighting with him anymore.”, The movie ended up grossing $109 million worldwide and winning a best actress Oscar for Winslet. “He was reading at our house, and I said, ‘Do you want to go get some lunch?’ And he said, ‘Yes — in a week!’ ”, “We started what was almost two years of trying to get [them],” Rudin says. Insiders say he has met with Ross but offer no more details. We’re in his office now, a space whose extraordinary blandness seems at odds with Rudin’s personality. Now he was eager to release their new movie in late 2008, giving it time to compete for the Oscars. “There are two Scott Rudins,” says a longtime colleague who asks not to be identified. So I probably made a mistake doing it. Se crio en Baldwin, Long Island. “There was an enormous amount written about Zuckerberg, but no one had ever really described what it is he does,” Rudin reflects. One of the hottest couples of Hollywood is Scott Rudin and John Barlow. “I don’t think I am now. All knew that turning a website’s creation into a compelling film wouldn’t be easy; its path to the screen illustrates just how effective Rudin can be.


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