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He claims that the people who have done his program have gotten into the seal teams. 734-834-7944 Jake Zweig is entering his second year with the Cardinals coaching staff working with special teams and outside linebackers. If you would have seen all the raw footage, you would have seen more of my leadership and teamwork skills in action. Answers back from Jake Zweig of Top Shot. Speaker: Jake Zweig, University of Illinois The American Football Coaches Association is excited to announce Jake Zweig as a featured speaker at the 2019 AFCA Convention in San Antonio, Texas! Episode number Title Location Competitor Air date 01: Volcano Nightmare: Iceland: Jake Zweig: December 8, 2013 02: Embrace the Suck: Gulf of Mexico: Terry Schappert: December 15, 2013 03: Green Hell: Braulio Carrillo national park, Costa Rica: Matt Graham: December 22, 2013 04: Conquering Alaska: I wouldn’t say that it was a demeaning experience...I thought it was a shooting show that would be fun...just not the case. All of the elimination style shows are like that…Survivor, The Contender, etc. Jake loves competition. People fail … I wont go into details, as its a long story, but we'll just say that I have always been interested in SEALs but coincidentally ended up with the army. Answers back from Jake Zweig of Top Shot. People fail … I left the show because it wasn’t the competition I expected it to be when I started. Ayoub El Khazzani boarded the train concealing an AK-47 automatic rifle and 300 rounds of ammunition. I'll moderate so keep it fairly clean! Lt. Jake Zweig US Navy SEAL Ret. Navy Seals are known to be extremely team orientated why were you unable to build that relationship with your teammates? Roger WildermuthMy question for Mr. Zweig would be based upon a statement he made in another interview (http://bleacherreport.com/articles/867730-untitled); “When the Commandant wanted to see it (his custom BLACK class ring) I told him I had lost it because as soon as I got it I sent it home to Washington because I knew there would be hell to pay for it, so no one ever saw until after I was out of the academy “. The former Navy SEAL has brought the standards of excellence in training, toughness, focus and teamwork to the Cardinals. As the first Navy Seal on top shot you represent every frogman out there. Episodes Season 1. Did you feel overqualified? The crew is safe and no pollution has been reported. See below, some of the questions posted were redundant so I went with the original question (usually). In combat, as a Navy SEAL officer behind enemy lines it would have been 1000x times worse. Period. Motivational leader, expert in dealing with risk-taking behavior amongst youth, and innovator, Jake Zweig has brought the standards of excellence in training, toughness, teamwork and focus from his former world as a Navy SEAL commando to college football. Good question, because you do not get paid. Had nothing to do with my performance in the last challenge. Great question!!!! This verdict culminates a trial that began in August 2017 involving a total of 475 suspects. Jake Zweig, a former Navy SEAL, is currently a university Linebacker and Special Teams coach. Blog » Former Navy SEAL, Jake Zweig On Dominating LIFE, Pursuing Excellence & Being Relentless. I emailed Jake Zweig and he sent me a .pdf of his program. Jake Zweig Program. My question would be; "Sir, why did you demean yourself by agreeing to be on a show such as this?". Starting in 2017, prosecutors said she used encrypted applications to communicate with a terrorist group based in Syria. Zweig utilizes proven motivational techniques and sincere mentorship to develop his players into tomorrow’s leaders. I can neither confirm nor deny the comments above. I guess if I had to ask this man a question, I’d like to know what would possess a person to ever want to be part of a show like this and be subject to pure stupidity and public humiliation? Zweig is a results-driven leader who has brought the standards of excellence in teamwork, focus, and toughness from his former world as a Navy SEAL to college football. Meeeee The drama centered around this season’s drama queen, Jake Zweig, a 39-year-old college football coach and former Navy SEAL. “It was like being the only black in a Harley Davidson gang, as out of place as you can be,” said retired Lt. Jake Zweig of his short, tumultuous stay in the SEALs. “It was horrendous.” The SEALs have acknowledged “pockets of racial insensitivity” and have appointed a minority recruitment chief with authority to veto bigoted candidates. If I had to do it again I would because of the exposure but I would have had a different take on it. After gaining his Naval surface warfare qualification six months later, Jake entered SEAL Team 8, where he deployed to the Mediterranean. U.S. special operations units have always prided themselves on how difficult it is to become a member of their ranks. by Zach Even - Esh 4 Comments. The team functioned well....you have to see beyond the TEAM because it made no sense for me to take my whole team of winners to Green team. Jake, Do you believe your behavior on Top Shot was what was expected of a former officer in the U.S. military? Host Colby Donaldson went out of his way NOT to provide any details about the incident. New soldiers at Fort Sill were the first to graduate Army Basic Combat Training wearing the service's new Army Greens. It's been a while since I've had someone on the other end of the mic for a STRONG Life Podcast. However, because it’s edited, they only include the footage that shows me as an aggressive Type A dude, because that’s what makes for good television. Air Force 1st Lt. Kenneth "Kage" Allen was killed. Live Interview today at 5pm Eastern, Over 300 Jailed for Life in Turkey's 2016 Coup Trial, Prosecutors: Former Soldier Provided Support to Terrorist Group, Explosion Rocks Greek-Operated Tanker in Saudi Port, Paris Train Gunman Tells Trial He Was Looking for US Soldiers, First Soldiers Graduate Basic Training in WWII Throwback Uniform, Pilot Error Led to Fatal F-15 Crash in North Sea, Air Force Report Says, Army’s Sci-Fi Infantry Goggles Change the Mechanics of Shooting, Soldiers Say, Air Force Special Ops Must 'Ruthlessly' Cut Legacy Systems, 3-Star General Says, For Now, US Troops Won't Be Required to Get New COVID-19 Vaccine, http://bleacherreport.com/articles/867730-untitled. He also has an MBA. Jake Zweig - Former US Navy Seal. I wanted to up my exposure for college coaching. Preparations are underway across the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs to receive doses of a COVID-19 vaccine.


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