is beckett authentication reliable

your probaly paying a big premium for them now becuase of pawn stars but thats who it is. Now that Beckett Media is the 3rd major player in the autograph authentication business along with PSA/DNA and JSA, who is the best one?

In addition to the certification label, all BAS-certified items are issued either a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) or Letter of Authenticity (LOA) featuring the same alphanumeric certification number. 2. Report an Issue  |  That could tell you right there if he signed it as president. Get the verification of your sports/non-sports Autographs, Memorabilia done in just one click. Why not post an image of the ball and see what people think of the quality? There is a $5 fee for COA replacements and $10 for LOA replacements. Whether it is a vintage or modern autograph, sports, entertainment or historical, our experts have vast knowledge of all types of autographs. Tweet


Some sellers take a while to respond, or are away, so unless it's been a couple of days, I wouldn't be concerned about that. A. I'm assuming this is the new Beckett with white sticker? 4 Comments

A. 5 Likes, by Steve Cyrkin, Admin Thanks, Thanks for the quick reply. Thank you, Steve, for your candor. I'm brand new to the site so I'm not sure if this has been discussed before or not. Yes, Beckett Authentication will replace your lost or misplaced certificate/letter of authenticity. Report an Issue  | 

My question is if Beckett Authentication is a reliable C.O.A. Any and all opinions would be really appreciated. A. Beckett Authentication Services does not offer guaranteed turnaround times; however, we strive to complete each order submitted for authentication within 20 business days. He was the lead authenticator for PSA/DNA until he left to start Beckett. Boy, this is a toughie, Garrett. Beckett's Pricing structure is pretty much in line with the other companies. Please keep in mind, during national trade conventions and holidays turnaround time may exceed 20 business days because of office closures. © 2020 Powers Sports Memorabilia.

I Would Say They Are Credible I Have Been To A Few Autograph Events Where Beckett Was Used And Didnt See A Difference Between Them Jsa And Psa At A Signing Event. But let’s define best as: increasing the value of your autograph once authenticated, highly respected among autograph collectors, cheapest pricing, quickest turnaround, and great customer service. Using a custom inner sleeve made specifically to the dimensions of your item, checks, cuts, index cards, postcards, photographs, and documents can all fit securely inside of our holder. Beckett Authentication Services autograph experts analyze the ink, structure of the autograph and, when necessary, reference our database of exemplars to make a side-by-side comparison of the signature in order to give their opinion on the authenticity of the signature. All rights reserved. Facebook. You can indicate where you would like the certification sticker placed by utilizing the “label placement” checkbox on the submission form. Beckett Authentication Service . He's my all time favorite, Hey Mike - that's me selling you the ball! Can I choose where the tamper-evident certification sticker is placed? Beckett Authentication Services and CBCS comics have partnered to become the only third-party authentication and grading company to offer autograph authentication and comic book grading in one service! Once a signature is deemed authentic, a half-inch oval tamper-evident label, with the alphanumeric BAS Certification number, is applied to the item. Our experts have unmatched years of experience in the field of autograph authentication and are the most trusted and knowledgeable in the industry. Services Offered. You have the choice whether you would like the tamper-evident certification sticker placed on the item or the Letter of Authenticity (LOA). 0 Likes, by Steve Cyrkin, Admin Yes. To save on shipping fees, we recommend bringing your items for authentication at an event near you where we are offering onsite autograph authentication. 0 Comments

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