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The characters and sets were still in place, but now they composed their own stories. If this is the case, then he has done more damage then good. This same message comes up on her other website, glamiscalling.org, where the message appears saying that if you are having problems understanding their coded language, reach out to Luxembourg Cathedral on node 9 of the Forgotten Frequency. © 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. The archived webpage is verified by an archive that can be found in Wayback machine. This was the strike where President Trump launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at Damascus. Hardly a coincidence, in my opinion. Electrified invalid carriages piloted by Hell’s Angels grannies with a sense of fierce entitlement used him for target practice. One quote has been making its way around, allegedly from Russian President Vladimir Putin, in which he says “I fear only three things in this world: Lady Belenoff, Illness and death, in that order.” Unfortunately I am unable to verify if this is an actual quote by Putin, but this the power Lady Belenoff is supposed to hold. One that is protected, requiring you to be registered (have a wordpress account) and have approval by the site's administrators to view it. On Westminster Bridge, close to the original ford, we are processed into another reality. reply [deleted] 1 up, 8m, 1 reply. We know the royals have kidnapped children, hell, the Queen of England has been found guilty due to the disappearance of 10 young children from a residential school in Canada! The review was left after a list of pictures of the restaurants victims so graciously added. This was probably also done to discourage some users from searching. There is even a twitter account dedicated to both Karina and the restaurant. After 50 years Iain Sinclair has lost his compulsion to write about the city. With no intention of giving it up. One person the site references is Tiamet Marbani. And an urgent call demanding acknowledgement. It turned out to be a young Asian man who greeted me with a friendly salute. He made a post on his website on January 13th covering this exact topic. On the promenade, buffeted by the downdraft from a caravan of sealed lorries escaping the port, I was stopped by a black tablet, lettered in gold like a freshly restored gravestone, and set “In memory of 58 young people from China who died near here on 18th June 2000. Tapping white teeth with a black Biro, he suggested a properly supervised class in how to make a circuit of London Fields. Surely, someone who butchered and ate his victims, especially if they are blind, someone somewhere would have reported on it. The current Pope, Pope Francis, is a Jesuit. The idea, that richest, most powerful are eating people seems quite believable to me. Jethro Nyakunu DBA - candidate at Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University. I don't disbelieve that this sort of thing happens with the upper echelon of the elite. Outpourings of public emotion are reserved for horrible media catastrophes: outrages on London bridges, underfunded and irresponsibly provided tower blocks that become crematorium chimneys, stealing the lives of the unregistered who live alongside stuccoed ghost terraces occupied by rumours of remote speculators. There are no new pictures of the women. They advertise the staff on the website, who are supposed to be some high profile people, yet it is near impossible to find any of them. There are both truths and falsehoods that need to be flushed out. He had been commissioned by the council to carry out a survey on how many steps we old folk managed in a day. I replayed these Hackney vectors – fire cave, bundle of occupied rags huddled against the wall, swish of the peloton – when I left town for Dover. The Belenof twitter account is fake I think (see how they follow and are followed by...my guess is they changed the header after getting follows or targeted people using follow back software). Gulls screamed in derision. A lung-scouring inhalation leaving needles in the nose. No website, no previous business or clientele. Then there is also the question what is Node 9 of Forgotten Frequency? Some managed to bypass this (whether by hacking in or getting the admins approval is unclear) and archived the page. They are inoculated against empathy. I think the use of the name Luxembourg Cathedral is symbolic though. Ill prepared for many aspects of a city polarised by satellite developments, east and west, around the two Westfield retail colonies (street food from every nation), I was open to any invitation to take to the road. By the events that occur around their assets. The sanded floor of a dark cave. The Blakean furnace roars with no reference to the status struggles, nudges and shunts of the morning towpath. On May 13th, 2019, a, There are many more examples of posts being released on this site that then come true, including the victory of Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, the launching of the SpaceX and the resignation of Theresa May, the British Prime Minister. For me, this was the biggest red flag that this website, this restaurant could be fake was when I looked at the IP address. Andrew drifted across London Bridge, the site of the next attack, while I meandered, through reflex City passages loud with early evening drinkers, to Shoreditch and home.


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