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At the end of the episode Elijah is looking Davina's sketches which seem to suggest that something evil is coming. Shocked by his father, no longer dead, standing before him, Elijah struggled to fight back while Mikael attacked him with the white oak stake. Also at the time, Elijah underestimated them and showed hubris, believing himself unbeatable. She apologizes and they almost kiss but Elijah turns his head away. Elijah then invites Damon to a dinner party at 'The Originals Mansion'. This upsets Hayley. Klaus refused and prepared to kill himself but Hope knocked him out with magic. He let Hayley have Francesca. I put full blame on the writers for what they did and made my own ending up in my head! They drove the white oak into each other's hearts at the same moment, and both began to desiccate before flames danced across their faces and they burned to ash, ending their long lives together. Elijah wanted to pursue Marcel so he could find out who he really was.

They decided it was time to run from the castle, in fear that Mikael would be coming.

Later that year, Elijah is seen by both Rebekah and Genevieve, Rebekah asks if she is interested in Elijah but she confirms she is interested in Klaus, Rebekah then begins to talk of her older brother Kol who is also a bad boy and she would like him to. The road to redemption is long and winding, but worthy. Hayley took their bodies in coffins out of New Orleans, awaiting the time when she could awaken them again. They talk about the wolves trying to help out with the situation with Dahlia. Elijah was suddenly ambushed by Marcel, who was in New York with Rebekah, and wanted to keep the siblings separated to keep the dark magic at bay. She declared whoever held the charter at midnight would be declared the new leader of The Strix.

Haley was then gone most of the time. He is known for speaking his mind and having a fierce temper, which he possibly inherited from his father though unlike Mikael, Elijah is capable of controlling it. Elijah told Tristan they would drop him in the sea where he would drown in darkness for eternity. Elijah in general is a very emotionally hardened character and has difficulty at times handling and accepting certain emotions. Elijah is in his niece's nursery brooding. To prove it, Elijah admitted that he had murdered Tatia and hid that secret for a thousand years. Initially believing it might be his family again, they soon discovered it was a strange taking pictures of Antoinette. When Elijah questioned why Klaus spared Marcel even with a blade that could kill him, Klaus explained that killing Marcel would have given the Hollow what it wanted. Freya tells Elijah that when she was a child she used to touch Esther's stomach while she was pregnant with him. Sophie further tries to blackmail Elijah and reveals that if Sophie dies, so do Hayley and her child. After The Hybrid Curse is broken and Klaus is delivered to the brink of death, Elijah walks up to his brother. He and Klaus discuss Davina that she must be sacrificed, Marcel then comes and punches Klaus and tells him, he's not touching her. He tells Hayley he needs some of Hope's blood. He received a call from Angelica Barker, who Rebekah was supposed to take the body of, but he discovered she wasn't there. Cami asks him when he will undagger Klaus. Elijah tries to talk some sense into his brother but fails. In 1492, Elijah met a woman named Katerina Petrova who was the first doppelgänger of Tatia. Elijah recognized that tone of voice Klaus had and knew Klaus was planning something. Elijah was first introduced when two vampires named Rose and Trevor called a person on Elijah's inner circle in the hope that he would come to meet them and pardon them because they were tired of constantly running from the Originals. Yeah he said how he felt confused ab the whole situation, I was just disappointed in the writers honestly. Elijah takes Celeste and the cure from Hayley. Elijah is a handsome man who stands about 5'11" in height, and has a thin but muscular body. Once their guests had arrived, Elijah dropped all pretenses and told them he was aware of the alliance between Tristan and Lucien. He takes Hayley with him to where Thierry told them she was and they found Rebekah laying in a circle spell, which they could not enter. Marcel tells him he needs to think like Klaus. And she wants them to work together to help kill Dahlia. He's performed this feat with ease numerous times on-screen, including when he killed, Elijah presents himself to everyone under the guise of an historian by the name of Elijah Smith. As they all drink the potion. In Wheel Inside the Wheel, Esther continued to torment and torture Elijah, slitting his throat with a mysterious blade.

Marcel tearfully told them that they did everything they asked yet they still sacrificed an innocent girl. Hope is Elijah's niece, and he loves her very much. The amnesiac Elijah also has a strong dislike for the life he previous had as he tells Klaus that "Elijah Mikaelson" wasted his life trying to redeem Klaus and lacked any lasting happiness. Hayley appeared, killing Aya to avenge Jackson, much to Elijah's surprise. Reluctantly, Hayley kisses the blood off of her finger to complete her transition. He realizes she had turned off her humanity and sees her as a vampire for the first time.
Vincent seemed to be successful in curing her, telling the Mikaelsons the best way to thank him was to leave New Orleans. Esther than made him see visions of being freed by Hayley, giving him hope when there really was none. They see more explosives and they vamp speed out with Jackson before it explodes. Elijah says "Allow me." He believed he could have convinced Marcel to back down but Elijah defended his actions, telling him that it was the only way to protect them all. After she requests him to give her the cure for the vampirism, Elijah agrees, provided that she go a whole day without her vampire abilities. Elijah and Alaric are the characters who have died most on the show. In the opening of Girl in New Orleans, Davina is seen pulling the dagger out of Elijah's chest, but shoving it back in the moment Marcel enters the room, demonstrating that she is still searching for a way to destroy the Original. Antoinette didn't think Elijah should get involved with anything involving his family but Elijah swore he'd protect his new family, accepting the task of defending Roman from Klaus. In Red Door, with Elijah still as her captive, Esther used her magic to make Elijah relive memories from his past that he had long since buried. Elijah called Rebekah, and told her that neither of them is good without that child, Rebekah then asked when he would stop searching for Klaus' redemption. Significant sires

Klaus starts to doubt Elijah's value in his mission to reclaim his throne from Marcel so he stabs him with the White Oak Ash Dagger, neutralizing him. The Strix all converged on Lucien at once but even that wasn't enough. After making Rebekah swear to keep this promise, he sends her out of the mind induced dream state. This is evident when after losing his family because of Klaus, he turns his sadness and pain into revenge against his half-brother. Hayley tells him they plan to keep her hostage  until the next full moon, Elijah tells Hayley that it would take an army, he is believes the cure to be another trick by Celeste. Marcel then asked Elijah if he would mentor the first vampire of his new community, Gia, hoping that Elijah would do better with her than he had with him as a boy. He didn't want to say goodbye and Elijah agreed, pulling out the white oak stake and snapping it in half.

However, during the day before the full moon when Elijah was preparing a dinner for Hayley in the bayou, he was confronted by professional poachers working for Kingmaker Land Development, saying that they were clearing out the wolf infestation in the bayou. Then, their mother took her leave, knowing that they'd see things her way eventually. He attended the gala with Hayley who was struck by how all of The Strix were staring at Elijah when he entered, recognizing the patriarch of their sireline. Camille was stunned by how good Elijah was at answering trivia questions, having lived through many of them but accidentally spilled a drink on him.

"You might need to use all your vampire strength."

Prior to leaving, Freya had asked Elijah if he would give her away at her wedding to Keelin. Elijah chastised Aurora's madness and her blaming him for her and Klaus' breakup. Without his memories and thus free from his burden of "always and forever", Elijah had a more laid back personality, being far less formal and pompous, as well as being more capable of being happy, as he is enjoying his new life with Antoinette after choosing to leave the past behind. Elijah appears and stops Klaus from killing Damon and then demands the location of their mother or Elena dies. My brother was my greatest ally. he tells her the wound is healed, the fever is broken but for some strange reason he has sharp and lingering sensation in his back. At the feast Elijah is seen talking to Hayley when a group of musicians walk in. Elijah hears his siblings reasons for wanting the cure. Elijah and the others gave a few last words for Finn before throwing his ashes into the Mississippi River. She had never forgiven him for abandoning The Strix and hated him for centuries. Elijah and Lucien met in an empty concert hall where Elijah chastised Lucien for being Aurora's errand boy.
He left after telling Elijah to trust his own decision, and to make a life somewhere else. He discovered a vehicle full of werewolf corpses, worrying that Hayley was among them. Hair color

Elijah, Klaus and Hayley talk about their next plan.

In Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire, Elijah was left at the vacation house with Hope, still suffering from the violent flashes of his past. In the next couple of episodes Elijah tries to help Hayley through her transformation and how she grieves with losing her child. He also made sure to take care of Hayley every full moon and bring Hope to her. Marcel left with the charter, telling Elijah and Aya to catch him if they could by midnight, otherwise, based on the rules they set, he would be in charge of The Strix. So if she uses her magic.

Monique informs him the riddle is a message from Celeste. They fucked up Elijah Mikealson the moment he killed Marcel. Elijah then finds Klaus and this time, holds Klaus by the throat and tells him that he won't not walk away from this and threatens Klaus that he'll never let go of his brother, even if he has to beat some humanity into him like their father used to do. He's visited by a man, unknown to him as Klaus. In The Departed, Elijah shows up at Elena's house and surprises her with his return.


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