how to talk to king paimon
Call upon Paimon by saying again “I call to this séance, Paimon.” When I tried to summon Paimon like that I got many many puffs of white smoke from the candle I was holding…that’s a possitive sign of divination for me which it means Paimon came. ~Michael Ford I would counter your post, Nova, with this: To the newer sorcerers and those interested in beginning work with demons- Keep to the basic rule of Respect. >Let’s put a pin on that: Like I said, he IS a demon. Supposedly his abode is in the northwest where he controls no fewer than two hundred legions of spirits, some from the Order of Angels while others from the Order of Powers. “Is also frequently written “Paymon”, and sometimes “Paimonia”. My intention is not to be rude but the associations you have for King Paimon, most of them are completely wrong. At the time I was a massive introvert. And flash, not flag. I’m going to go ahead and assume you are new to magick, and so reading about it will simply confuse you. Eventually, I decided that it must not have worked, and then forgot about it. In his Discovery of Witchcraft Scot uses the word librations instead of sacrifices, giving a partial nefarious air to operations involving Paimon. Connolly An interesting thing to note is that the wording of the Goetia seems to imply that he is the most powerful Spirit, who has a huge number of functions. This time I tried some thicker incense, and no mirror. Paimon is not Azazel, as some writings claim. Oh, I’m not a hater at all and sorry if I came across that way. He rules over 200 legions, meaning of all the Goetic Spirits, he rules the highest number. He giveth Dignity, and confirmeth the same. He giveth good Familiars, and such as can teach all Arts. What you have posted here does not align with my work with Paimon at all. Is he really jealous? This Spirit can teach all Arts and Sciences, and other secret things. Nonetheless, I do have a connection to this particular Spirit. Just because it worked out between me and him, does not mean this can be used as a stereotype for every encounter between and Spirit and Magician. He can be invoked to bind others. Prior to his fall, Paimon was in the angelic order of dominations. But that just may be because the person was Indian. Paimon is a Goetic King. Required fields are marked *. I’ve had an energy worker look at my art of Paimon and say that “binding” was a sensation they got. This Middle Pillar, known as the Mahalingam in the East, if that which upholds the world, and connects the Root of Creation to the Crown. I wanted to see just how much I could strip away from the Grimoire ritual and still have it work. Paimon is also my patron, who is very much like a father to me. Tarot Card: 6 of Pentacles Those are grimoires that are supposed to come from King Solomon and his temple. Planet: Sun Smarter than the generic hater, who fights for the sake of fighting. Reading the comments made me realise i shouldn’t get too hung uo on technicalities but embrace the conection.


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