how to calculate mean score for likert scale in excel

The chi square test is an approach to the analysis of the data in this way. Calculating the mean in Excel for a survey administered ONE TIME is done by the following steps: a. Regardless of how old we are, we never stop learning. 0000009487 00000 n 0000069007 00000 n Likert scales, frequently used in survey research, measure respondents' attitudes by asking how strongly they agree or disagree with a set of questions or statements. 0000004392 00000 n This is not a valid method for analyzing Likert scale data, which are ordinal in nature.

.&9u�D�`x��ɥ!�p�e��O�ϹŭdZZeL"�h\���.�i�@�cc�Z�}�S�z�� [��u2ᾼ��Ʀ����>�v ["�����((���Q, $ di�hA%%%c�T�D �(.��$�HK�X�Я�%��>2�01p�^0�d� �r��4�q�"��L�L��{��2����\�`'s�� C�=��)�S-n20h2�3X���*��0�b5�\ ) T�Ϡ For example, if “agree” was the most frequent response to an item, the mode would be the numerical value assigned to that response. Remember there are many positions of analysis. endstream endobj 1422 0 obj<>/Size 1393/Type/XRef>>stream Suppose, for example, we ask respondents how much they agree or disagree with ten actions taken by Congress. The truth is that the Likert scale does not tell us this. Start analyzing data from the Likert scale with descriptive statistics. Also called Weighted Average. 0000006935 00000 n 0000010138 00000 n We might code the responses as follows: strongly agree = 1, agree = 2, undecided = 3, disagree = 4, and strongly disagree = 5. 0000001639 00000 n 0000002088 00000 n 0000003883 00000 n We can't say how high as we can do with interval data, which will tell you the distance between two points.

Many such techniques exist, and the most appropriate one will depend on the exact nature of your study. Hall has a Doctor of Philosophy in political economy and is a former college instructor of economics and political science. 0000002986 00000 n 0000008850 00000 n Place the cursor in the box where you want the mean score to appear (see below (X) for example). A common mistake is to calculate a numerical average, or mean value of the coded responses. startxref The response categories are strongly agree, agree, unsure/undecided, disagree, and strongly disagree. There are many methods available, and the best depends on the nature of the study and the questions they're trying to answer.
Data from a survey using a Likert scale may seem easy to analyze, but there are important issues to be considered by a data analyst. I m a learner and doing a correlational research on job satisfaction and attitude of teachers,for job satisfaction I have used a likert scale.In this scale there are 8 factors of job satisfaction and there are fixed number of statements for each factor like factor A has 7 statements.Also the scale has 52 statements.Before data analysis can I use mean score of each participant i.e. %PDF-1.4 %����

%%EOF 1393 31 It only tells us that people with more answers are more in line with the party's positions than those with the lowers number of answers. 0000001930 00000 n Analysis of variance is one approach. 0 What Does it Mean when you Dream your Partner Leaves you?
Likert scales vary in the number of points on the scale. A typical scale might consist of the following response categories: strongly agree, agree, undecided, disagree, and strongly disagree. If you want to read similar articles to How to use the Likert scale in statistical analysis, we recommend you visit our University degrees category. This is quite educative and helpful resource. This makes the survey's results much easier to interpret for the analyst (not to mention the audience, for your presentation or report). 0000011839 00000 n Exercise caution in this step. 0000012851 00000 n You can also visualize the distribution of responses (percentage of people who agree or disagree, etc.) Although it may be tempting, resist the urge to take numerical answers and calculate an average. Depict the range of responses visually with bar charts that display the number and percentage of respondents who expressed agreement, disagreement, etc., with each position covered in your survey. See disclaimer. Add an answer "strongly agree" (5) to two "disagree" (2) answers, which would give an average of 4 but, what does this number mean? Classroom is the educational resource for people of all ages. You can enter these data on an Excel spreadsheet for analysis. Each position is a question of the survey, and the scale will use the following answers: strongly disagree = 1, disagree= 2, neutral= 3, agree=4, strongly agree =5. 0000004865 00000 n

Remember to differentiate between ordinal and interval data because both types require different analytical approaches. If the data is ordinal, we can say that a score is higher than another. 0000003265 00000 n Factor analysis, which tries to explain responses as a function of underlying factors, is also used frequently. Suppose that our data include these responses: Anglos, African American and Hispanic respondents, so it could analyze the responses among the three groups of respondents with the Kruskal Wallis variance. © 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. His work has appeared in "Brookings Papers on Education Policy," "Population and Development" and various Texas newspapers. Add an answer "strongly agree" (5) to two "disagree" (2) answers, which would give an … It is often used to measure the attitudes of respondents, asking them to what extent they agree or disagree with a particular question or statement. in a graph, a bar graph or one bar for each response category. This offers further analysis. 0000061608 00000 n 0000004943 00000 n Dreaming About an Ex and Their New Partner, The Origin of Philosophy: The Transition from Myth to Logos, How Does Meatless Monday Help The Environment, Types of Metric Feet in Poetry with Examples, The Difference between Conscious and Subconscious Mind. For the example in Step 1, you could analyze responses with the respondent’s gender as an independent variable, examining the difference in responses between male and female survey participants. 0000006698 00000 n x�b```b``����� ^� �� l�,'��/cͳ�g`` ��T��� Consider your investigation questions to determine the best analysis method for your study. Suppose in our example we wanted to analyze the responses to the questions on foreign policy positions with ethnicity as an independent variable. 0000004615 00000 n 0000061508 00000 n Summarize your Likert scale data using descriptive statistics. One popular method is to analyze the responses using analysis of variance techniques such as the Mann Whitney test or the Kruskal Wallis test. Fortunately, there are other measures of central tendency that can be used in addition to the average. The Likert scale is commonly used in survey research. Explore the data further with inferential statistical techniques.


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