how many miles will a tdi engine last
This DIY works for Audi and VW across the board depending on year. Just find a car that suits your needs and buy it, like the author did here. I hope you will return the comment regarding my short story thriller on Cheyenne Mitchell "The Doorway". At around 150k miles, the fuel injector tips wear out resulting in smoke and reduced fuel economy and the injector pump may start leaking. I prefer 4 doors and I like to haul stuff. I love it! It comes naturally to me. TheRightWord (author) from Sunny California on November 11, 2014: @ Dan, it has been a long time since I did this calc, but I think I compared a 2001 Subaru, 1993 Volvo wagon, 2003 Mazda 3, 2003 Toyota Corolla, 2003 Nissan Sentra, 1983 Mercedes 300D, 2003 Toyota Tundra, and a few others. Two items to check are computer-imposed "limp mode" and the MAF sensor. As a family car, a Ferrari could never compete with a safe 4WD, but as a gift for a man who has spent decades working hard and driving kids around, what could be better than a beautiful red Ferrari? Could you buy a cheap used limo and make money renting it out? The engine starts getting very noisy due to lack of oil pressure, then the engine seizes up. The oil pump is to blame, causing thousands of dollars of engine damage, particularly on … First and foremost, I demand a certain reliability out of my vehicle. The timing belt is a toothed, reinforced rubber belt that joins the top end of the engine with the bottom end. Rechecking the forums to verify my thoughts it appears others think of this as a reliable part when not abused. I started by narrowing my choices. If you’re the original owner of the car, you know your maintenance history but if you’re a second or third owner, you likely don’t have those service records. For these reasons, I will stick with VW! The oil pump on 2.0L TDI engines have been a point of contention for years. When it comes to car, I would like someone to tell me what's good...LOL. I think civics are one of the most common cars I work on at my shop. For example, the Turbocharger is good for 100 to 150k miles. Regular oil changes using high-grade oil will help prevent early turbo failure and can ensure a long turbo life well into the high mileage category. What problems should you be on the lookout for? During my research I found that Golf models are far more reliable than Jetta and Beetle. But the Golf is a cute car with sporty dynamics, and the TDI makes it one of the most economical things on the road. That said, it is NOT something you have to stay up at night worrying about AT ALL. You will not understand the big big difference of the VW reliability against the Japanese until you experience it. There are literally hundreds of cars available. Don’t rust as Honda did in SW MO. Question: I enjoyed your article and appreciate your thorough research. The formula is Miles you drive / MPG * $per gallon. Ride this way for the excitement of reading and voting!!! A list of some of the most commonly used terms and phrases in America's most popular motorsport, NASCAR. Its hard to know for sure without knowing your habits, maintenance schedule, knowledge, and skill level. Someone brand new to VWs may go into a dealer and pay $1k+ for a timing belt replacement, but no one with any experience would do so. Turned down $10,000 last year for it! Would you be willing to share your vehicle analysis spreadsheet? Wife lugged it consistently so replaced turbo and injectors. VW dealers don't necessarily know how to take care of these cars. I am a research-a-holic so it didn't bother me to spend the necessary time narrowing down my choices and doing multiple test drives. What do you think about the new hybrids and electric cars hitting the market? I've had friends ask me to analyze for them. Thanks for the passive encouragement. You’ve long heard about the long-term reliability of Volkswagen models of all kinds, particularly the Golf and Jetta. In particular VW's MAF and O2 sensors are notorious for repeatedly failing and requiring premature. Is that just the cost of regular gas? Conservative driving during the engine's warm-up phase will help reduce wear while the parts are getting their tolerances right. Thought I needed a new transmission until I overhauled the valve body. The timing belt issue is NOT specific to VW. Volkswagen gives an estimated 100,000-mile mark on all their cars. And if you depend on VW dealerships to perform the repairs, plus the added premium of diesel fuel over high octane gas, the long term cost savings will erode. I knew I wanted a smaller car. If you’re getting knocking or rattling noise from your 2.0L TDI, stop driving it until you get the problem addressed. Trouble free is trouble free and I love my Hondas and Acuras for that. I got my first car before I even turned 16. For some strange reason, the instrument panel LED display erratically goes on and off; that means the clock and odometer sometimes stay on. The engine hood lift support needed replacement. (ref The Globe and Mail) While diesel engines typically last longer they are more costly to repair. You’ll save hundreds on labor down the road if the water pump springs a leak as it’s driven by the timing belt. I drive roughly 15-20,000 miles a year. When I was analyzing data, I considered the average life expectancy of the vehicles on my short list, using 250,000 miles as my benchmark, repair ratings and fuel economy. A diesel engine can easily manage 500,000 km and still have room to keep going and going. The main reason I purchased the VW Golf TDI is that with the diesel engine, life expectancy is 50-80% longer. I too am a big fan of the Golf TDI's but I've never gotten the courage to get one. You can use any $$ amount, just keep it consistent throughout your figures for each vehicle. This is everything I've experience with a TDI Jetta with 230k miles. It is however not an entirely common problem of these cars. That includes a new torque converter, starter motor & labor to remove the transmission. We did it in his driveway for ~$1K worth of parts. - Matt. No comparison, the quality of the plastics and rubbers and all materials is absolutely superior and that accounts for the big reliability difference. Besides battery problems, solenoids are probably the most common cause of failure in a golf cart. I calculated that a vehicle that averages 22 mpg, driving 20,000 miles a year, with an average fuel cost of $3.44 per gallon will cost $3127 in fuel alone! With proper maintenance VW TDIs routinely last well past 200k miles. 02 Jetta 367,000 miles original clutch, pump. VWs (not just diesels) have very over-engineered cooling systems that require special coolant too. I actually sat down and made a spreadsheet of my vehicle options—both new and used cars. Transmission fluid needs to be kept clean to prevent internal wear on transmission parts and to avoid debris from blocking passages and causing solenoids to stick. Google your vehicle and see if there is a common problem that you can prevent. How much does a new or used limo cost to buy? Also the FAQ on their site is encyclopedic and is a MUST READ for all new TDI owners. Many of these vehicles experienced massive engine failure around 70,000 miles due to bearing failure, a lack of lubricant, overheating, and various other issues. That goes doubly for DSG transmissions. I originally wanted a station wagon but found at the time, that there were few choices in reliable, inexpensive wagons on the market. Could it be for the same reasons? This article will detail my struggles with the German car. Sort of as an afterthought I decided to look at Volkswagen Jetta and Golf. The ring gear welding to the torque converter. Those are your problems not design problems. I try to write what would have been helpful during my fact finding mission.


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