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Our only obstacle is within us. Therefore, Hoodie is not a proxy. The names "Hoodie" and 'Masky" were eventually accepted by THAC as canon. Looking into her eyes under the covers of my bunk, I understood that what I saw was lunacy. They were all there that day, standing on the makeshift stage. We would want what the adults wanted: college, a career, a house in the suburbs; all the things needed to complete our plastic dreams. Status The ‘water’ is an undrinkable mud bath. All of you! I began raving. Burning, like molten lava, coursed through my veins and pain touched every molecule of my body. I’ve always had a thing about eyes. She raised a finger and waved it at me. And now, as a full-grown adult, I still occasionally have this dream and it remains unchanged and no less scary. Working in the field as hard as she did had endowed her with muscles I could only dream of at my age. Dr. She gently opened her eyes and smiled. His first appearance is at the beginning of the series in multiple tapes where it is shown that he is the main character for Marble Hornets, but is consistently annoyed and confused by Alex's attitude. We arrived at the farm the next morning and I could feel power emanating from Maya. Agitated, embarrassed, confused, I simply nodded, feeling my eyes begin to sting with tears. Tiny white and blue lines, like veins, connected the butterflies on the map. If You’re Armed and at the Glenmont Metro, Please Shoot Me, My Father Punished Me When I Talked to Ghosts. When I got out of my car to take a look at the other side, I soon found that there was no other side of the road. “Why are you doing this to me?”, “Shut up. However, I’d been left with a life-long, ultra-sensitivity to light. If I don’t wear them, it feels like an ice pick being jabbed into my eyes. Marble Hornets. We’d be happy to refer you to a neurologist, if you’d like.”, “But I was here,” I cried, confused. But she held me tight, her grip reminding me of Sydney. Was this some kind of mass prank or protest? When she turned fourteen her father was worried about her distant attitude and her cold nature. And finally, we believe your hallucinations have nothing to do with your eyes, but rather, and most likely, it’s a neurological issue. I spent three months visiting that eye specialist every other day and, before it was over, I’d lost seventy percent of the vision in my right eye, and my left eye was beginning to follow suit. At first, the doctor gave me these awful blue-tinted glasses which I was to wear all the time; inside and out. She did not say one word to me while we waited for Dr. She turned and sprinted to the building. The boy lacked any normal appearance, anyone could blandly see that something was wrong with him. Black, gaping holes where his eyes should be and blood dripping thickly down his cheeks! Share to. I’m done waiting. Some say blue, and some say brown! The nickname Hoodie was fan-made since the character was originally just addressed as "the hooded figure". And not only was it happening over and over, it started to happen with more frequency. They stand in the middle of the mud oases. I knew if I went back, all I would find would be the dried up puddles of my parents and the bones of my sister. Hoody Next up, Ticci Toby. I nodded and she hugged me. There was only one tunnel left and I would be on the more backstreet roads. I had a great deal of respect for her fervent passion. “Sydney was your friend?”, I looked at her. Credit: Eric Scott (Official Website • Twitter). I followed directions, used the sticky goop as it was prescribed, and went about my business. The only weird thing about him were his pupils, which were heavily dilated, like … I constantly spun around expecting the plastic men, with their faces devoid of life, to be there waiting. Her eyes were a dark, steely gray and she was as pleasant as can be. “Feel better?” asked Maya. They’ll let their guard down.”, My regret morphed into fear and Sydney saw the apprehension in my face. We were children and did not understand the world. I remember being regularly annoyed at having to explain I was not wearing them as a fashion statement. It’s a black hoodie, with a white lining. “Charlie and I will guide you. Pale skin sprinkled with tiny freckles. Unfortunately, after that visit, everyone I saw – every single person – was missing their eyes! As soon as the words came out, regret filled the core of me. Some peeps say yellow, and some say green. But with us, it meant that the plastic men noticed you. She grabbed my shoulder and spun me around. The pain subsided a little. Some of us fall, but we keep fighting for our future. Once you get to the other side, bust your way through and you’ll be right at the edge of the woods. And then, he turns around and, still laughing, I see he’s gouged out his eyes with the stick! It receded like the waves of the ocean. I believe the work just occupied our time while they waited until we reached the age they could turn us. Children, who like me had escaped the plastic men and connected to one another in a way lost to humanity. “This is crazy. He’s wearing a striped shirt, and blue-jean overalls. Tiny twelve-year-old Tobey, with his red hair and pale face peppered with freckles, resisted. Golden ballet slippers glistened against her pale skin, the laces as brilliant as sunshine. “Do you know what’s happened?” she asked. Neither has had control of their shifts, do not show any ability to remember what has happened, and Tim specifically does everything both as Masky and as himself to stop The Operator the best he can. I guess it was because she scared me a little. “Hello,” I whispered, trying not to startle her. I followed, keeping my vision focused on the crack at the corner like a well-shot arrow. But that was far from the end of it. Slowly, we compressed the circle of flames, herding the plastic men into the center of the field. Before she could lift up again, they were on her, kicking and stomping. I had enough horrific images to last me a lifetime. “Let Charlie speak for himself,” Sydney interrupted. “Where are everyone’s eyes?”, I melted down, right there in front of a gathering crowd of people with no eyes. “We should go tonight. Creepypasta Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. But no matter how much I tried, I could not see past the hallucination. Light poured from behind them dousing their emotionless faces in shadows. We would turn into plastic and melt away, like our parents. Hell, I don’t even know if they ate food at all. We have no record of your visit. A map of the world lay on the table. I went up to examine one and found the water to be far too muddy and stagnant to drink. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. But, what’s happening center-screen is terribly, awfully clear. She patted the ground and I collapsed next to her. Her dress, a spiral of blue, red and yellow radiated in the bleakness that surrounded her. If not for the circumstances, I would have been ecstatic. Shadows of darkness crept at every corner. It pleased us.”, Maya beamed with pride. He seemed moderately pale, but nothing out of the ordinary. Large bound volumes, suspended one on top the other, lined the black walls. A color that wasn’t black. When we’d finally beaten the infection, my vision began to return on its own. I approached her, stepping quietly. I knew I was acting crazy! Type Of Pasta I still see them. Tobey’s body came off the ground, slowly at first, and then shot up into the rafters, stopping a foot below the ceiling. In Entry #51, Brian innocently wanders about and gets several thought-provoking shots of himself wandering a burned down building that Alex plans to claim is Brian's characters old burned down school. I squeezed my eyes shut, feeling my heart race and my stomach roll. The main antagonist of Marble Hornets is The Operator, a similar character to Slender Man with several fundamental aspects altered. I just tried to ignore it. Well, in my dream, that’s how I see it. Tobey had hurt them. With a nod of his head, the plastic man turned away and Tobey fell to the gasps of the crowd. “Yes, they did. I looked behind me to see if Sydney was close. Marked. He’s the only redhead in this entire place. This one was different, though. Part of me believed that adults still survived somewhere and that the Army or someone had a plan to destroy the plastic men; I just needed to find them. Start running and don’t look back. Then, they came. She kissed me. I started walking toward it, knowing that I would run into civilization soon. The laughter, along with the endless empty eye sockets, was more than I could take. He flipped his arm, sending her flying into the wall. They probably just misjudged his age and thought he was ready for the change.”. Sydney said there were places like ours all over the world and that soon we would all disappear. It covered the grass in large circular patches, stretching like tarps thrown over a baseball field. Goals But I was wrong. The plastic men do not want more of us. She raised our arms above our heads and I felt power, electric and geothermal, surge through me. They’ll take us, they’ll turn us.”, She smiled again and touched my cheek. Dusty motes drifted in the artificial light as the plastic man tightened the noose around his thin neck. But we have to leave so you can get older. I know I wanted to go with her, but I never thought I would have the courage. When she lifted up, I saw the bone sticking out of her arm. He grew up to be brave, but he left himself open to plastic dreams and they converted him. “Are they going to kill him?” asked Ronald. “Yes,” I said, wondering why she used the word ‘claim’ in her question. I explained the incidents, beginning with my last visit due to the pink eye, and ended with, “…and now, here I am again, trying to figure out what’s happening.”.


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