hoi4 japan land doctrine
Takes time to build up planning bonus or to entrench. The realm rejoices as Paradox Interactive announces the launch of Crusader Kings III, the latest entry in the publisher’s grand strategy role-playing game franchise. This lets you hit hard for low manpower consumption. Big entrenchments, lots of time to prepare an attack, to make a slow push before halting again. Rather than launching a grand assault across the entire front, it can be much more effective to concentrate the strike on only one, or a few, points of the enemy line and achieve a breakthrough there. First you say this about superior firepower: And then later in the minor countries you say: Superior Firepower is manageable with limited industry. Left side mass assault is for nations with lots of manpower, bad supply and tanks(USSR and maybe built up china). Fighting over a large front involves coordinating the efforts of multiple units over long distances: At an operational level, rather than tactical. Even invalids and cripples must be drafted, there can be no such thing as a civilian. Almost all bonuses go to tanks, making you dependent on them. Well your infantry are now even better! The two tables separate army and overall bonuses from division unit bonuses. What infantery doctrine for Japan and why ? It does fine in both offense and defense, but excels in neither. If poring more infantry into the same division leads to you filling only 60 combat width while your opponent manages to fill 80 combat width with the same number of battalions, you do not gain any advantage. 40 width changes how combat works at a fundamental level over 20. Still useful for nations with a strong industry. It combines elements of Mass Assault with Grand Battle Plan (+5 entrenchment, +10% planning bonus and a breakthrough bonus on most units including infantry) and Mobile Warfare (The second highest organization bonus to tanks after Mobile Warfare, a high-damage offensive tactic with a movement speed bonus in Relentless Assault, a lowered loss or organization when moving at the very end of the tree as well as access to the Backhand Blow tactic). However you lose out on the Breakthrough tactic which I consider to be very good. The general quality of your troops remain lower than with those of the other land doctrines. It also helps when advancing into low-supply territory where the supply lines need a little time before providing sufficient supply. Which of these two is correct or am I missing something here? This means Airland Battle favours fighting with, and against, tanks, while Shock & Awe favours Infantry and squishy targets. Army-wide breakthrough bonus gives offensive capabilities. Thread starter Vill4geidi0t; Start date May 20, 2019; Menu Crusader Kings III Available Now! It is generally an Infantry and Manpower focused Doctrine. If any doctrine can sacrifice their artillery for say AT guns its superior firepower. Land doctrine is a technology group that allows a nation to specialize the way its army conducts ... Italy, Japan, and Poland. Disadvantages. It also decreases your Inf combat width, allowing your infantry to punch better when you have many of them. Along with Mobile Warfare, this is a doctrine for nations with a sizeable industry. Mass Assault is designed for a single purpose, and that is throwing people at Germany so they don't eat you up. Especially the Infiltration branch is very weak on tactics. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Mass Charge is the weakest offensive tactic out there and only nets you an advantage if you have troops to fill 120 combat width and your opponent does not. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. This can also help once you have a massive number of troops on a narrow front. With its newfound power, Japan sought to make up for its lack of resources by securing them overseas, through invading neighboring nations, starting with its invasion of Korea in 1895, the First Sino-Japanese War in 1894-1895, where Japan conquered Taiwan. Motorized Infantry, Motorized Artillery/AA/AT, Amphibious Infantry, Mechanized Infantry: Motorized Infantry, Mechanized Infantry, Amphibious Infantry: Mechanized Infantry, Motorized Infantry, Amphibious Infantry. There exists some comments online that describe Grand Battle Plan as the jack-of-all-trades, master of none. Only Mobile Warfare offers higher organization for motorized infantry. If you like tanks and mot/mec, Mobile warfare is a good choice. © Valve Corporation. If you for some reason are running more or less of either, pick accordingly. personally i believe the best land doctrine is based on how you wage war. Click to expand... Germany shouldn't go MW, I think someone did the math and the buffs they receive on this don't matter too much as tanks already have enough breakthrough that … It also provides the second best Org bonus, as well well-balanced bonuses to to breakthrough, defense and soft attack for all divisions. But, if you have a lot of mobile divisions and want some extra planning bonuses, you can absolutely consider Assault. More modern equipment offers better combat stats, but requires also more industrial capacity to produce the same amount of equipment. The +1 bonus to recon support companies integrates really well with the rest of the land doctrine because support companies are already boosted and your generals have a lot of tactics to choose from. Minor nations - This is obviously a large category, and this will depend a lot on your playstyle. Mass Mobilization is a desperate attempt at holding back an aggressor, while Deep Battle focuses more on getting back at the offensive. Superior firepower buffs everything except artillery. Blitzkrieg refers to the strategy of fast moving Armored forces supported by Mobile Infantry and air support breaking through enemy lines to disorganize and encircle them. While Mobile Infantry isn't as effective in combat, it is cheaper and can be used in greater numbers, so it could be an alternative strategy for Germany, or be used by a less industrially powerful nation. The first doctrine research has a base time to research of 191 days. The Mass Mobilization path is shorter than the others; this is because it's more of a series of stopgap measures for nations in dire straits than a real doctrine, and encourages nations to swap out of it when/if their military technological and industrial situation improves. Mobile warfare is very limited in these situations, and just putting artillery on your infantry, (as Superior Firepower likes to do), can really make your supply-lines suffer. Jul 30, 2018 @ 4:41pm I use Grand Battle Plan for everyone besides the US+Germany usually switch to GBP with USSR after my industry gets better .. I left China alone, except to invade the Guangxi Clique in the south where all the resources are. Superior firepower is just mathematically superior (going right and right again). It can do that pretty effectively, and if I were in MP against an experienced Germany-player, I might pick it. For quite some time I've taken the time to study the various land doctrines and I have studied what opinions and guides posted online that I could find.


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