hmas australia crew lists

D. Heald R55561 POFC I. F. Smith R57028 POME K. T. Cox R58172 LME W. A. Palmer HMAS Sydney (II) crew - Portrait of the crew in full uniform after a successful mission in the Mediterranean Image courtesy of the Australian War Memorial (P00795.001) Captain Burnett - Took command of HMAS Sydney (II) on 14 May 1941 HMAS Sydney (II) - A celebratory march through Perth, Western Australia R62509 MEJ. Rayment, RAN R42003 CEAP R. M. Moule HMAS Australia (II) was one of two 10,000 ton County Class heavy cruisers ordered by the Australian Government as part of a five year naval development program begun in 1924 and completed in 1929.. She was built to the Kent Class design of County Class cruisers, her sister ships being HMAS Canberra and HM Ships Kent, Berwick, Cornwall, Cumberland and Suffolk. O’Doherty R57904 LEMWR A. W. Saunders R59596 ERA2 D. H. Laurie Awarded for this deployment. R63612 ABUW T. F. Jehn R57540 ME K. J. Davenport Electrical Sub-Lieutenant R B. Dudley, RAN R53145 ERAI W. F. Wernert


By 21 October 1944, the Allied fleet was assembled in the anchorage off the island of Leyte. A. Williams R5821.7 ABWM D.D Clark R94794 AI3UW W. C. S. Eaglesham

R58744 LME D. G. Denning R64874 ABUC M. R Ryan There were two destroyers, Warramunga and Arunta, the frigate HMAS Gascoyne and a survey vessel.

R57687 ABRP T. T. Morris I have been unable to take into account the effect of a swell in migration to Australia from the UK in the years This is the best I could come up with, apologies for the length. R93759 ROS C. C. Walker R64005 RO C. L. Miller R55820 EAWI M. B. Vasek, R56548 POEWR J. R63314 ROS R N. Puxty R36844 CME 0.

R64516 EMWR R. C. Hyde R52436 CEAW T. E. Ludwick

Lieutenant D. N. Peterson, RAN R56886 ABWM D. M. Thomson R56753 POQMG B. J. Morton R65534 ORDUC J. Barker R58488 LEMWE R. L. Clement Aherne R65155 ROS T. B. Nugent R54954 POEWE A. I. Kazuberus

Billing R58941 ME J. R. Williams, R49634 CSAW N. J.

R93504 LSFC H. D. Frost R42913 ERA3 S.J. The ship also had a final deployment in Australian Waters prior to the Decommissioning in November. Couch R59972 EMP R. J. Williamson R57843 LME J. Fanker H. Rawson Acting Sub-Lieutenant R.H. Old, RAN, R41700 CPOCOX C. R. Luckey R38672 MECH1 C. H. Francis R57739 ABUW H. J. R54409 POQMG B. W. Todd, R93079 LSUC P. A. Bannon R94149 EMWE A. J. Wilson R58210 LME A. K. Bowra R57268 ABQMG M. T. Phillips R62210 EMWR K. A. J. McFarlane-Peacock R58309 LME J. Fennell R62850 EMPJ.

R58077 LEMWR T.J. London R66551 ORDUW R..T. W. Bell R5728() LSQMG D. E. Watson R64762 EMWR T. E. Cerrard R57827 LSQMG K. F. Bertoli R57060 ABFC D. F Leonard R58766 ME B. F. Hopkins R62438 EMWE P. C. Bull R94269 ROS J. J. Maclachlan R57883 ME B. C. B. Manning This was a responsibility that the RN had accepted some while before. Holmes R52682 ABRP C. D. Evans R57450 ABFC R. D. Evans R54122 POME C. B. Brown

R62919 LME J. F. Sinclair R57826 ERA2 R. R. Bellay R56657 ABUC D. R. Young, R95080 ORDUW F. C. Anderson

Shanks Lieutenant Commander D.G.

R55958 LTO L. J. Rodgers, R59853 ROS P. K. Alman R95014 EMP G. D. Pattic R28062 CPORP J. F. Saunders W.Johnson R58744 LME D. G.Denning R62454 EMWE F. C. Jensen R28489 CPORPJ. R95889 ORDCO C. R. Houlgrave

The National Archives of Australia has records about members of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) who served as crew aboard RAN ships. R56869 POFC A. C. Skinner Lieutenant Commander R A Wood, RAN R35127 CPOFC E. W. Rose, R57019 PORP G.J. R59535 LEMP B. R. Back R65385 ME B. R42329 NS1 C. W. Metcalf R56912 LSWM G. D. Brown R63534 LEMWR M. A. Fisher R63344 TO C. T. Thornton, R95828 ORDCO A. E. Cailister A. Denmar R54038 POCK W. J. R. Warncke, R54052 LWTR R. K. Allen R65544 ORDQMG H. J. R94602 ME2 D. B. Connolly A. Wickham R62501 CK D. M. Clements give any indication of the national origin of the personnel listed. Lieutenant D. W. Daish, RAN

Surgeon Lieutenant G.R. R52385 PORP R. A. Ferguson

R57495 LCK W. Dyksma R51596 POQMG F. Summerton R57257 PORP D.D.. Marsen R62666 STD J. C. Lord R54352 MECH1 W. B. Fisher

R54307 POSN A. Tentori R57162 ABFC C. J. R50192 CME. R58776 LSPT R. J. Maguire R42652 ERA2 R. 11. R57232 LSTD C. L. A. Deacon R65546 ORDCO P. J. Durran B. Chisoim R94707 MEJ.

R58850 ME E. R. Buttress R93748 LSTD D. L. Stone R62214 LEMP M. G. Olden R63049 ABQMGJ.

R59952 ABRP C. T. Thomas R63606 LSAN R. J. Schultz

R59969 ABRP W. White

0. T. Raymond

R42401 SAC2 C. A. Benporath Artificers (Engine room, Ordnance, Electrical (?)) RAN

R42340 SAP2 N. A. R94762 ME2 J. Sculley HMAS CANBERRA (1) D 33 from the 9th of July 1928 until she was sunk in action off Savo Island on the 9th of August 1942. R66560 ORDRP J. Cias R42280 ME P. A. O’Loghlin R39881 POME R. H. Edwards R65490 RO M. B. Kennedy

R93817 ABWM K. F. Dobbie R59190 SAN R. Duesing R57834 ABFC M. A. Cairns

Lieutenant M. R C. Furlong, RAN Bartlett R64100 CK I. P. Grimes R54981 LME R.J. Sewell

R48454 POEP W. 3. R57608 CY D. Q. Ryan, R62191 LTO R Gooch R42042 CEWR B. J. Jacobs A. Davey R63307 AI3QMC J. R. Parker R58418 LSQMG J. C. Aitken

C. Thompson R94020 ABRP W. A. Godenzie R93368 LEMP R Williams, R65460 EMP R H. Barnes R63301 RO C. R. Oakes R59152 LME E.J. R62354 CK P. J. R93715 LRO J. M. Murphy R54352 MECHI W. B. Fischer R59152 ME E.J. R58288 ABFC T. J. Williams P57131 POUC B. J. Cameron

Miscellaneous (medical, schoolmaster, cooks, stewards, storekeepers, writers) 80 half and half RN or RAN.

R58553 ME D. J. Dodd R64293 ABCD S. C. Howarth Acting Sub-Lieutenant D.B Cotsell, RAN Policy R58957 LFMWR P. M. Collins R53927 POE WE A. C. Spencer R57861 ME K. R. Fox R93196 TO G. W. Evans R93073 LAPHOT B.R. R57752 PORP C. A. Halliwell R41758 LSRP J. L. Quinn Lieutenant S. L. Masterton, RAN R42450 SAC2 D. W. Kellett

R58257 LME D. Y. Moore racially Anglo-Saxon British or British stock. R42342 SAPI B. H. Tonkin, R42652 EAR2 R. H. Birch

Lieutenant Commander J. D. Young, RAN K. Dixon, RAN Stringer, R31804 CERA A. R54969 MECH2 R. McDiarmid Lieutenant Commander D.T. R93489 LEMWR E. Creslin Lieutenant Commander I. F. Holmes, RAN R64095 RO K. M. Dyson R58345 LSQMG A. T. Simons This totals around 400 crew members being RAN. R66589 ORDRP S.J. Lieutenant Commander D. P. Weil, RAN


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